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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

We will introduce a sword combat in the next Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tech Alpha update in June

We have been silent for a while, because we are working hard on the next Technology Alpha update, which will be presented at E3 in June. What are the main new features you can look forward to?

  • Combat: 1-on-1 combat with Long sword, featuring parrying, ripostes and combos
  • New location: introducing a new village and surrounding countryside
  • Travel: horse riding is now available
  • Quests: new quests featuring alchemy, lock picking or grave digging
  • Localization: in addition to English voice-overs you can now choose German or French subtitles

If you backed for Baron tier or higher, please register on our website to get the Steam code to download the Tech Alpha. If you need help, please follow the instructions on our website or email us. New update will be available in the second half of June.

You can take a look at the sword combat in this behind the scenes video from Daniel Vávra, but please remember it is still a work in progress from a basic testing build. The combat in game looks already much better :-)


We will also introduce the new location Merhojed village, which was presented on the new screenshots, released on our website:

Merhojed Surroundings
Merhojed Surroundings

To make the waiting little bit more bearable, we launched the eagerly awaited merchandise section on our website. Now you can play the Tech Alpha in nice Kingdom Come: Deliverance T-shirt or Warhorse Baseball Cap

Please remember we are not producers of the stuff, so we can't help you with the sizes, distribution or postage, on the other hand we welcome your feedback to design, quality or new product ideas on our Facebook or forum

Warhorse Caps
Warhorse Caps

For European backers we have one more surprise - exclusive Warhorse beer pack by Přátelský pivovar Malešov! The collector's set contains four different beer tastes - light Lager, very strong Lager, Stout Imperial and India Pale Ale. Each bottle is labeled with original artworks, created by our lead concept artist Miky Podprocký and Daniel Vávra. 

Unfortunately the delivery is limited to selected countries only, but hopefully our friends from will be able to widen the options soon.

Kingdom Come Collector's Beer Set
Kingdom Come Collector's Beer Set

Thank you once again for being with us and for your continuous support, which helped us to get among TOP15 most anticipated PC games on GameSpot!

Thank you!

Warhorse Studios

PS: Last but not least we would like to introduce you an isometric action RPG game Umbra created with CRYENGINE. If you would like to spend some time in hack'n'slash open world with randomly generated dungeos filled with monsters, it is the right time to pledge!

Lock picking and voice overs in Tech Alpha 0.3


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tech Alpha update 0.3 introduces new quests, temporary voice overs (without face animations for now), basic perception, UI and map fixes and lock-picking mini-game.

Technology Alpha is available to backers with Baron Tier or higher, who pledged both on Kickstarter or on our website. Watch Daniel Vavra talking about lock picking on YouTube:

The next Tech Alpha update 0.4 will be introduced on gaming conference E3 and will contain bunch of new quests, new location next to Samopesh village, stealth, horse riding and the sword combat.  

Backers with the Knight Tier or higher can look forward to the end of the year 2015, which will bring Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta version to their desktops. We would also like to make the Beta available to newcomers over Steam, so we can get feedback from more players.

Full version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released later then announced in Kickstarter campaign. We have made a great progress in 2014 as you can see in the last video update, we doubled our staff, moved to new offices, built a motion capture studio, released technology alpha, finished the quests documentation, made bigger map, implemented AI, prepared assets for new locations, tested the console versions, made first original music tracks and much more.


Although we make great progress every month, there is still a lot of work ahead of us. We feel obliged to our backers to deliver the game with promised stretch goals in the best quality, thus we have decided to postpone the release date to summer 2016. We believe that our backers will support our decision to spend more time with polishing the game and its features. We are looking forward to your feedback from playing Tech Alpha 0.3.  

Thank you for your support!

Warhorse Studios

PS: We would like to help our fellow Czech developers with their hard-core RPG game Dungeons of Aledorn. Please check their campaign!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - One Year after Kickstarter!


Never forget 20.02. – Why? Because it’s the date when everything started!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance got its final go with a big FUNDED! on Kickstarter! Thank you very much for making this project happen and for being such a supportive and awesome Community. Because of every single one of you we are where we are and can celebrate this first anniversary!

Get your copy of a technology alpha version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance now at!


Have you finished Alchemy quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Early Alpha?


Check out our Let's play of the first part of Alchemy quest from the Early Alpha 0.2 of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with our lead game designer Dan Vávra!

Did you already finish the quest? So who is responsible for Jerry's sickness?

We are looking forward to your feedback on our forums!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance early alpha updated with alchemy quest by Dan Vávra!


For all backers with Baron tier or higher there is an alpha update of Kingdom Come: Deliverance just in time for Christmas! In this update you can try the alchemy minigame and a special quest from Daniel Vávra, the lead designer of Warhorse Studios. How was the alchemy minigame prepared, explains Jakub Guman in our last video news:

Please login with your Kickstarter email to KCD websiteto get the Steam code in your profile. To read more about the alpha access please continue to

Marry Christmas and happy New Year from Warhorse Studios! We are looking forward to the year 2015 with the support from all of you, our backers! Thank you!

Christmas in Samopše, 1403
Christmas in Samopše, 1403