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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Warhorse Studios Signs Global Co-Publishing Deal for Kingdom Come: Deliverance with Publisher Deep Silver

Dear Warhorsians,  

we at Warhorse Studios are happy to announce a collaboration with Deep Silver, the publishing label of Koch Media, to publish Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Co-publishing combines the core strength of both companies. While Koch Media will use its worldwide distribution channels and partnerships to achieve best retail results, we stand behind the vision of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and retain freedom in the development of our game. We will keep our communication as open and honest as we did from day one of our Kickstarter campaign. 

In 2011 we set out on our quest to create a medieval RPG with no magic or dragons. Two years later it seemed like we hit a wall. The studio was on the edge of closure, but there was still hope. On January 22nd 2014 we started our Kickstarter Campaign and exactly 35,384 backers made our dream come true. On February 20th 2014 you “kick-started” the project and the real development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance started. Today over 30,000 new backers have joined and, together with your feedback, we are creating an outstanding game. 

With the exclusive co-publishing deal between us and Koch Media we have reached the next important milestone in releasing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This is a great opportunity to bring Kingdom Come: Deliverance to more players around the world. With Koch Media as a strong publishing partner, we will now have the chance to reach an even wider audience, while staying in charge of all creative and communication activity. Koch Media will publish the game physically and digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as the physical PC versions under its Deep Silver label. Warhorse Studios will remain solely responsible for worldwide PC digital distribution. Both digital and physical versions will share a common release date to be announced in the near future – the release date however remains in 2017. 

You, our Kickstarter Backer and the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Community won’t have to face any changes in the game, your backer rewards or assistance. Everything stays as it was and the promised rewards will be delivered in 2017, shortly after the game is released. 

Our communication channels will continue to work in the way you are used to and we will be answering all your messages and mails. 

We are convinced that sharing our passion and combining Warhorse Studios with Deep Silver’s professionalism will help us make the game even better. 

Best regards, 

Dan VavraWarhorse Studios

Daniel Vavra, Warhorse Studios
Daniel Vavra, Warhorse Studios


Can you recognize your face?


Kingdom Come: Deliverance was successfully funded on February 20th 2014.

You - 35.384 Backers - made our vision of a medieval realistic RPG come true. Among all rewards the EMPEROR Tier Backers (or higher) got the chance to send us their picture to become an in-game church painting. You helped us to stay alive – now we will make you immortal! 

Thank you again for your support!

Also want a unique reward? Then check and get a hand forged sword!

Weekly Torch with one of our game designer

Ondřej "Bít'a" Bittner was born in Prague and joined Warhorse Studios team shortly after the Kickstarter campaign in 2014. He is part of the design team and therefore he is responsible for writing the story for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, designing quests and writing dialogues. Meet the star of our ARMOR & RPG video. Do you have any additional questions regarding him and/or his work? 

Just ask here!

Weekly Torch with Ondrej Bittner
Weekly Torch with Ondrej Bittner


1) Where can we usually find you lurking in the holy halls of Warhorse?

Cursing at the coffee machine in the kitchen! That damn thing always wants to refill coffee beans, water or to clean up. If there is a robot uprising our coffee machine will be their leader.  

2) How did you hear about Warhorse? How did you join?

A friend of mine, who is studying history at Charles University heard about the game and checked up Warhorse website. Position were open for designers so we applied. Then I waited for a long time before I heard back from Warhorse. Then we talked in autumn 2013 and I joined the team shortly after kickstarter in 2014.  

3) Ever worked on videogames before?  

I actually never worked in a video game industry. The only experience with designing games root from my very old passion for pen and paper rpgs. Later I got into larping scene and created few larps. So when I heard about opportunity to work on a videogame I felt this is finally an option to do what I like and get paid for it.

Read the whole interview on our forums!

Live Stream Recording with Ondra 

Another opportunity to get to know Ondřej Bittner  is to watch the Live stream, where he played Kingdom Come: Deliverance with Tobias Stolz-Zwiling. Watch the live stream on our YouTube channel in case you missed it:

Thank you for your support!

Warhorse Studios

Introducing New Weapon Classes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance


One of the most common misconceptions about medieval combat is that armor could be easily pierced. You can often see knights in full plate armor that are easy targets for common medieval weapons. In the new “Weapons vs. Armor” update, Warhorse Studios demonstrates how armor holds up to weapons in reality and in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Choose the right weapon against the right armor.

Dealing damage in Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

Every weapon is good against different types of armor. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance this is reflected in three different stats. Every weapon in Kingdom Come: Deliverance deals: 

  • Blunt damage – Strong against “harder” armor types. 
  • Slash damage – Strong against “softer” armor types. 
  • Stab damage – Strong against chain mails and the like. 

All weapons have their own weight, which determines how fast you can wield it and how much stamina you’ll need to use it. Train your fighting skills or stamina to become an even better warrior. The RPG system supports you, but on the battlefield only your personal skill counts. 

Attack more than 30 damage zones or protect yourself with up to four layers in 16 armor slots of your inventory. Choose from a variety of fencing combos to outsmart your opponent even if the odds are against you. But be careful, your weapon won’t last forever if you don’t take care of it properly.

New Weaponry

Kingdom Come: Deliverance presents most of the common weapons of the early 15th Century. Among others you can choose between short swords, bastard swords, axes, maces and more - all in different quality and combat aptitude. Warhorse Studios presents two new weapon classes; both which are useful and deadly if wielded in the right situation. 

  • Halberds: Strong midrange weapon that can keep your opponent at a distance. Strong slashes and deadly stabs make this weapon a strong tool in combat. But using it in narrow corridors or areas with less space will affect your fighting style and mobility. If you’re near a wall or roof, you won’t be able to fully utilize Halberds other than stabbing your opponent. 
  • Daggers: Deadly weapons that are only useful in stealth approaches. Instantly kill your enemy, if you manage to get close to him. If your opponent spots you however, you won’t be able to use your dagger as a melee weapon. 

Stealth System 

While in stealth mode, you need to be noiseless and invisible to execute deadly strikes. Visibility and noise are stats given by the armor and clothes you are wearing. If you give up protective but loud/visible armor, you can eventually get close enough to your opponent. The RPG system supports your stealth skill with new levels and perks, but killing is not always the best option. Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers a variety of different quest approaches to be successful. Try to reach your goals inconspicuously, try to knock someone out rather than killing him – this might open a new way to solve quests and might change the overall situation. 

Warhorse Studios Weekly Torch

Jakub “Kuba” Holik is the Lead Environment Artist at Warhorse Studios. Born on 12.7.1986 in Czech Republic, he joined the Studio in 2013 and after two years became the head of the department. He and his team are responsible for the 3D visuals of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Lighting effects, weather effects and the beautiful landscape of Kingdom Come: Deliverance are just few great features already implemented into the game. 

1) Where can we usually find you lurking in the holy halls of Warhorse?

In its darkest dungeon. 

2) How did you hear about Warhorse? How/When did you join? 

The year was 2012. Early spring, leaves just started to appear on the trees. I was full of hopes and ideals. I heard about some Czech studio developing a great looking game. At that time I was looking for a better job and was working on my portfolio quite a lot so I felt confident enough to apply. Three weeks after sending the letter I got response and received a test. Did that and waited. After two months I received an answer that they might be able to employ me in another three months. I was already employed elsewhere by then. It was fun. 

3) Describe your position. What is it about being a 3D Lead Artist? 

I am supposed to be the Lead environment artist and a support/tech artist to some degree. It’s about the pain of forgetting one’s artistic skills and becoming a (not really) glorified assistant. 

See the entire interview with Kuba here! And if you have any additional questions regarding him and/or his work? Just ask here

Thank you for your support! 

Warhorse Team

Beta Access to Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In case you want to taste the things to come, technology Beta of Kingdom Come: Deliverance for Windows is available for eligible backers through our official website: Beta Access includes a part of the game’s main storyline, multiple quests, combat systems, weaponry and the first large-scale battle.

Introducing armor layer system in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Dear backers, 


We at Warhorse Studios are happy to present new insides of the development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In our new video we delve into the extensive RPG System, the sophisticated armor layering system and introduces the item quality and survival elements. 


RPG System

Shape your character and level your skills. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open world RPG and allows you to freely choose your playstyle: a diplomatic way using your speech skills, a sneaky way using your stealth skills, or a violent way with your weapon ready. You will only become better by actively using your skills or by visiting different trainers. But be careful, everything you do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance will affect your reputation and you’ll have to face the consequences.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Arena Fight
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Arena Fight

 Armor layer system

Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers you a 16 slot armor layering system (+4 weapon slots) which allows you to fully customize your character.

  • 6 body slots (cloth, chainmail, plate, sleeves, gloves, coat/hood)
  • 4 leg slots (trousers, chainmail, armor, boots)
  • 4 head slots (coif, chainmail, helmet, necklace)
  • 2 jewelry slots (ring, spur)

(Weapon slots contain: weapon, shield, bow, arrow)

Layer different types of armor over each other to prepare for the next battle. From a soft linen shirt to massive full plate armor, every material is good against different types of attacks such as slashes, stabs, and blunt hits. Combine different materials to use their benefits and negate their weak spots.

A sophisticated physical collision system calculates the exact position of each strike. Due to the collision system, armor pieces only protect particular spots on your body, but the more hits you get the more your armor is weakened. Keeping armor clean and in good shape is crucial; dirty, bloody or destroyed armor has a direct influence on the effectiveness, your appearance and your reputation. This could result in quests becoming easier or harder, trades cheaper or more expensive, or people might greet you warmly or attack you on sight. A wisely chosen piece of armor might make the difference between survival and death. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Broken Helmet
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Broken Helmet

To get even more in-depth look at the technology behind our clothing system, please take a look at Tomas Barak’s speech from last years Game Developers Conference: 

Survival and item quality 

Your weapons and armor can be destroyed, which will drastically decrease its quality and effectiveness. Bring your armor to the local smith or use a grind stone to keep your gear in good condition.

Wounds can only be treated with medicine, bandages, food and sleep. But food can spoil so choose wisely what to bring on your next quest. A lack of food or sleep will harm you and affect your overall vitality, combat strength and can eventually lead to death. 

Beta Access to Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

As you already know, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta Access is available for everyone supporting the game through our official website: 

Thank you for your support! 

Warhorse Studios

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