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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
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    1. Warhorse Studios Creator on May 9

      To Chris: We don't know yet, but there will be space for backer's credits for sure. Please fill your name in your profile on our website, thanks!

    2. selune
      on May 8


      With MacOS support now dropped, will I instead be able to get a key for XOne on release (Soldier digital)?

    3. Christopher Mills on May 7

      In the rewards for Illuminatus and Saint, it says that those tiers get their names in the opening credits. Do any of the tiers give backers their names in a special thanks section of the end credits?

    4. Warhorse Studios Creator on April 24

      Fabian: Seem that you are already registered, please contact us at, we will replay. Thank you!

    5. Missing avatar

      Fabian Mecking on April 24

      I got an email that i should register on your website so that you'd have my Information on where to send the reward but it just won't work.
      It just tells me "wrong parameters"...
      Also sent an email but didnt get a response
      Help pls

    6. Franzoni Carlo on April 14

      confirm a completed game Italian language???

      Into FAQ:
      What language versions do you plan?
      We’re creating the game in English and with English voiceovers. We would like to make French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the game as well.

      Our past experience also suggests there will be a Polish, Russian and Czech version of the game, not necessarily with voiceovers, though.

    7. Mat Fleck on April 7

      @Luke: This is tough. All the best to you.

    8. Luke Watson on April 6

      I was so excited to see the finished product when I backed this 3 years ago. Now I'm in a position where I know I won't get to, having lost a fight with cancer.

      I hope it turns out to be as good as it looks and everyone has fun with it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jed Levin on April 6

      When is the physical game now expected to ship?

    10. Atamert Ölçgen on March 31

      Due to the ambiguity of Linux support I requested a refund. The team handled it professionally and promptly. Just go to the forums and search, the process is easy to discover. When the game is released on Steam for Linux I will be buying it there. Looking forward.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Reynolds on March 25

      It is a big disappointment that Warhorse has dropped Linux as a launch platform. I'll be keeping my pledge, but I want the devs to know that for some backers, Linux was a deciding factor in supporting this project, not just a bullet point to casually thrown off the feature list as the release date approaches.

      Developing software is hard, keeping deadlines is hard, but I hope a lot of hard thought went into deciding to put Linux support onto the chopping block.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thierry on March 22

      Please could you update us ? It's been nearly 4 monthes without any news... :-(

    13. Dalibor Milicic on March 21

      The game died i think

    14. Warhorse Studios Creator on March 20

      Please register on our website to get the access in your profile, here is how:
      Please remember, that you have to have Knight tier or higher to get the Beta.
      Thank you for support!

    15. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on March 18

      How do i get my key ? I got an email saying to register on your site. So I registered on your bloody site but it wants me to pay $$$$$$$ to get a bloody key. There is no option on that stupid insane website to get kickstarter reward.

    16. Missing avatar

      Anders Dahlqvist on March 16

      I keep clicking around on the site but I cannot for the life of me find the beta download or any launcher. Where do I find it?

    17. Craig Broughton on March 16

      How do I download the Launcher? I can't find it anywhere on my profile, and I haven't received any Steam keys.

    18. FR3D on March 16

      HTC VIVE !!
      HTC VIVE !!

    19. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Brown on March 9

      Also interested in PS4 copy. My PC died some time ago, and so PS4 is the only way I'd be able to play.

    20. amigacooke on March 8

      The ease of getting a refund if you were a Linux/macOS backer suggested that Warhorse at least had a strong suspicion that this was going to happen.

      Small market size is no excuse, that was known before the KickStarter was pitched. Shame on Warhorse for a string of misinformation to backers whose money was no different to anyone else.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jon Rossi on March 5

      How do I go about getting my pledge changed for PS4 & not PC. many thanks

    22. Missing avatar

      Uncontested on February 13

      3 Years since funding... hope we're almost to launch... Beta hasn't been updated in over 8 months now..

    23. Missing avatar

      Josef Vítek on January 30

      Dear all, please turn with all the requests regarding the tier upgrades to Thanks, your Warhorse Studios team :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Hexton on January 29

      Doubt it's possible, but I thought I would ask anyway, would it be possible to upgrade to backing the Earl Physical Collectors Edition?

    25. Stephen Dixon on January 23

      @flavius you need to log in to your account at and in your account you have the option to choose what platform you want.

    26. Flavius Goicea on January 19

      I pledged at the 15 pound digital level, will I be able to get a PS4 copy, if so how?

    27. Missing avatar

      Edara's Truth on January 11


      I keep getting emails saying I need to update my profile for in-game rewards, though I have already updated my account to the full extent (including images for the in game mural).

      Also, I was reviewing my backer tier and as an Emperor class, our hand forged swords were supposed to have personalized inscriptions while the later added tier with sword would come with a default inscription. Why was I told that I would not be able to personalize my inscription?

      At the Emperor tier we are also to receive two copies of the game (digital and hard copy). I would like two different versions; one for PC windows and one for PS4, though I haven't seen an option for that. Looking forward to the answers.

    28. MK on January 4

      @Krom and other Linux guys who want a refund:
      Come on. Just install Windows on your machine and thats it.
      As if they were supposed to please 0.1% of the people.
      Did you ever ship any software that complex? I takes amounts of money and work to make this happen.

      I think all backers should be in the spirit to let them finish the promised game as in the initial kickstarter.
      Stretch goals are just stretch goals and are also prone to changes. So .... done blame them or say it is scam etc.
      A PITCH is still a PITCH and not words for you mum swearing to buy you a game when she comes back from work.

      and to Krom: you are an a**

    29. Missing avatar

      Krom on December 22

      @abaddon1: thank you for the quote, I somehow missed that part.

      Okay, refund then. Plus another broken promise on kickstarter in my books.

      Please, pretty please with suggar on top, DON'T pitch for something you don't even remotely know you can deliver. That's scam and it happens a lot on kickstarter. You obviously never even tried to do a linux build, so that's a clear scam in my eyes, no other way to put it.

    30. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 on December 16

      Here's the comment they posted in the update on it...
      "Warhorse Studios Creator 2 days ago
      We have no specific information for Linux/Mac unfortunately, even the analysis of the engine would take several months to have complete info about the possibility to release the game on those platforms. We don't have the time right now. Sorry about that!"

      So yeah, looks like it hasn't been looked at too much in development. Though I do understand why it ended up happening. Mac OS and Linux gaming communities aren't terribly large, and the Kickstarter (if I'm remembering correctly) was to gauge support to encourage their wealthy investor to keep paying to support the creation of the game. Wouldn't be surprising if the person putting up the big money would have been more than a little worried about the prospect of not being able to recoup development money trying to get it on OS X and Linux, especially with the high cost of development and relatively low community size.

    31. Missing avatar

      Krom on December 15

      Reading the comments below me..."honesty" went down the drain in my eyes when I had to read an interview of them on an external website, where they say the development is delayed because of them adding consoles. Show me the update here on kickstarter, where they mention one thing or the other. That's not what I call being honest. And then, the pitched linux support was dropped and the non-pitched consoles were added. Makes me sad. Really was looking forward to the release of this game, but meh, another disappointment on kickstarter. :(

      @simon janich: "CRYENGINE is supported on the Ubuntu 14 64bit Linux distribution." Maybe I'm missing something? Yeah you don't work on your game for years and then suddenly hit the "Build all for Linux" button - that's not going to work and everyone pitching cross-plattform releases for should know that and plan accordingly right from the start - or simply do not pitch for such a platform.

      *sigh* disappointment is strong within me. :(

    32. Missing avatar

      Krom on December 15

      Before I go for my first refund ever: Has linux support been completely dropped? Or is it like "we will add it later" or more like "if the stars and planets align, there might be a linux version" (aka: never)?
      If there is no solid chance a linux version will be released, I'll go for the refund, otherwise I'll wait.
      I'm pretty upset about the lack of linux support either way...

    33. Missing avatar

      August Sigov on December 13

      Just got my refund without any issue. If anybody is unhappy with Linux support dropped - take note that devs seems to issue refund with no probs.

    34. Missing avatar

      volca on December 13

      I have to say I am quite sad about the drops of Linux/Mac platform support. This seems like the Divinity: Original Sin situation all over again. Does CryEngine even have stable linux build? Why didn't the devs consider the platforms as early as possible? Leaving things like porting to such a late date is alway a source of issues. There should've been a dedicated person doing the porting as soon as they started developing (As was the case with Dying Light, for example). It would help stability on other platforms as well - porting tends to reveal hidden bugs and problems.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tomas Fiala on December 13

      Yes, yes... linux support please.

    36. Evgueni Baldin on December 9

      What about Linux support? It is O'k if it is not. Than just simply make a refund.

    37. Andy Kennedy on December 9

      no big deal really i whanted the dog love dogs but yeah 3 1/2 hours of videos is way better than a dog and i really love videos.....not fuck videos bullshit

    38. Dekssan on December 8

      No big deal. The honesty itself it's something to admire and more valuable. I'm sure that the rest of the game will be mind blowing experience. I don't mind some mini game and companion.

    39. Matthew Ash
      on December 8

      From all the kickstarter projects I've backed, I have to say I value their honesty and dedication to their product the most. Working in the industry myself I understand that at some point you need to cut features to meet sprint deadlines. So thank you for that video update, I'm not "too" bothered about the things you've had to cut or push back, and I'm very happy with the progress I've seen. I honestly can't wait to play your game and I wish the team all the best!

      Please make sure that AMD cards work better than what I saw on the alpha :)

    40. Missing avatar

      on December 8

      For anyone wondering, the official response I received from Warhorse Studios is that the features they listed in their recent update (Blacksmithing minigame, Companion dog, and Mac/Linux Support) are indeed cancelled. They may add these features at a later time, dependent on the success of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

      While I have to say I am a bit disappointed that they will not be including a big feature they touted since the start of the KS campaign (Blacksmithing mini-game), and they will not be including the £1,000,000 stretch goal (Dog companion), I do understand that decisions have to be made. Kickstarter Campaigns are always a gamble, and as far as this one goes, they do still seem to be pushing towards a release of some sort (for Windows platforms at least). This is much better than other campaigns I have backed, which are over a year in and the creators do not provide updates (looking at you Erasnep LLC, Keplero).

      Cheers, and may all your campaigns ship early!

      The official response:
      "We are very sorry that we were not able to hold on all promises that we made.
      It is possible that we will add this features later, but right now we can´t promise about it, it is too far ahead in the future and will also depend on the success of Kingdom Come Deliverance."

    41. Missing avatar

      August Sigov on December 8

      So now they cancelled Linux support and I will be requesting a refund. Question though: they had my money for 3 years, so is my refund going to be inflation adjusted or are they just scamming people in this way? 3 years! What an awesome investment!

    42. FR3D on December 3

      HTC VIVE !!
      HTC VIVE !!

    43. Hayley Rich on December 3

      I was wondering where its supposed to show my steam key as have had an account on for months and not found one, i can download your launcher but would love it on steam

    44. Warhorse Studios Creator on November 30

      @artur platform choice will be possible later, we still negotiate with Microsoft and Sony.

    45. Artur Zielinski on November 30

      if i pre-ordered Knight (digital) does it mean i will be able to choose if i want PC or Xbox One version? Thanks

    46. Missing avatar

      Tuxee on November 30

      @August Sigov
      I got my money back (worked without any problems). Does a lot for the ease of mind. I can still buy it once it comes out for my platform (though I assume this will never happen).

    47. Missing avatar

      Billy on November 30

      Wait -- I only play Mac games, and backed this game to play on my Mac. And now the Mac version is canceled?

    48. Missing avatar

      August Sigov on November 29

      @Simon Janich
      I did not give money to CryTek though, so I will complain to the merchant who took my money. And let him throttle CryTek in courts if they decide to. Because, you know, that's how things work.

      So, for the record. I still expect my Linux support. I have not got my steam key, there is an abominable delay on this project and I do not trust the bearded guy a single bit. So it better be amazing and support Linux. Let me in fact say it again: Linux. Thanks.

    49. GuardianSoulBlade on November 29

      I cannot find "Fund > My Profile" to select PS4 as my backer reward on their website, please help!

    50. Missing avatar

      Simon Janich on November 25, 2016

      Guys, if you want to complain about the lack of Mac and Linux support, complain to CryTek.

      Back when the KC:D campaign was running, CryTek was solemnly promising to support Mac and Linux with the CryEngine in the (at that time) near future. Almost three years later, and CryTek hasn't delivered and probably never will.

      When working with a third-party engine, as Warhorse does, you are at the engine's developers' mercy. That's what's happened here.

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