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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Warhorse Studios Creator 3 days ago

      @artur platform choice will be possible later, we still negotiate with Microsoft and Sony.

    2. Artur Zielinski 3 days ago

      if i pre-ordered Knight (digital) does it mean i will be able to choose if i want PC or Xbox One version? Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Tuxee 3 days ago

      @August Sigov
      I got my money back (worked without any problems). Does a lot for the ease of mind. I can still buy it once it comes out for my platform (though I assume this will never happen).

    4. Missing avatar

      Billy 3 days ago

      Wait -- I only play Mac games, and backed this game to play on my Mac. And now the Mac version is canceled?

    5. Missing avatar

      August Sigov 3 days ago

      @Simon Janich
      I did not give money to CryTek though, so I will complain to the merchant who took my money. And let him throttle CryTek in courts if they decide to. Because, you know, that's how things work.

      So, for the record. I still expect my Linux support. I have not got my steam key, there is an abominable delay on this project and I do not trust the bearded guy a single bit. So it better be amazing and support Linux. Let me in fact say it again: Linux. Thanks.

    6. GuardianSoulBlade 3 days ago

      I cannot find "Fund > My Profile" to select PS4 as my backer reward on their website, please help!

    7. Missing avatar

      Simon Janich on November 25

      Guys, if you want to complain about the lack of Mac and Linux support, complain to CryTek.

      Back when the KC:D campaign was running, CryTek was solemnly promising to support Mac and Linux with the CryEngine in the (at that time) near future. Almost three years later, and CryTek hasn't delivered and probably never will.

      When working with a third-party engine, as Warhorse does, you are at the engine's developers' mercy. That's what's happened here.

    8. Missing avatar

      Neo on November 12

      Some news about Linux would be nice!

      Please use Vulkan API for Linux version. :)

    9. Evgueni Baldin on October 30

      What about Linux support?

    10. Missing avatar

      James Dinsdale on October 21

      I've just seen that they dropped linux support :( thats the only reason i signed up for this

    11. Missing avatar

      Dylan Greggersen on October 3

      @Stephen thanks for the help. I'm gonna get on that as soon as i can. I've been super excited for this game.

    12. Shlomo Weber on September 29

      When I funded the Kickstarter, I originally got the Soldier package with the physical box copy for ps3. I now want to switch it to PC, is there any way to do that??

    13. Aaron Smith on September 21

      So I created an account for the website but I never received an activation email. Weird thing is I am getting emails from the site and I have an account created for the forums.

    14. Stephen Dixon on September 18

      Here is the info from update 43 "There are two ways how to access Beta, either through Steam or by means of our Warhorse Launcher. Here is the how-to for our new backers and Knights:

      Please register on our website with your Kickstarter email
      Go to your profile
      Click on the Warhorse Launcher link to download it
      Install the Warhorse Launcher
      Enter your login and password
      Download the Beta
      Play the Beta :-)
      The backers registered on our website in the past months already have Steam keys in their profile. The code is still there for your reference. For the Early Alpha players, who already activated the Steam code, the Alpha will automatically update to Beta on Steam.

      To access the Beta now, please create an account on";

    15. Stephen Dixon on September 18

      @Dylan you may want to check in the past updates but I would try to login and or register an account on their website and you should be able to get your baron rewards through there. Once you've got an account on there you can message them through there as well.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dylan Greggersen on September 16

      So this is a touch overdue, but life got a bit hectic in the last couple years and I sort of forgot that I backed this. Anyway, I was wondering how I could contact someone to get my rewards for backing at the Baron level. I think I missed the survey and now I unfortunately haven't received anything. I was really looking forward to this when I first heard about it and was really hoping to get my hands on it quickly, so if I could get in contact with whoever can help me quickly that would be much appreciated.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andy Blondeel on September 16

      Will there be a framerate lock on this game when it's launched?
      Currently, the beta seems to be locked at 35 fps for me, and it's not very fluid.

    18. Missing avatar

      Christoph Haag on September 12

      Please be respectful and considerate.
      There's no official statement yet and the game is not released, so it hasn't been decided yet and it's not too late.

    19. Missing avatar

      blackout24 on September 11

      Definitely going to see how I can get my 30 € back. Not delivering on their Linux release promise now that CryEngine even has OFFICIAL Linux support built-in, lol. In October CryEngine even will support Vulkan.

    20. Missing avatar

      Joni Larsen-Haikarainen on September 11

      I backed this ONLY for the Linux Support.
      I want my money back NOW!

    21. Missing avatar

      John Williams on September 11

      Linux support is now "IF"?

      How do refunds work on here then?

    22. Missing avatar

      Neo on September 11

      This video looks like a huge scam from devs!

      From campaign description:

      > Planned platforms: PC, Xbox One*, PS4*, Mac, Linux

      > Release date: Q4, 2015 on PC, Mac and Linux


    23. Missing avatar

      Christoph Haag on September 11

      "We'll release on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.. then the rest 'we'll have to see'"…

    24. Missing avatar

      Michal Konečný on September 9

      This look like it's last time I backed game that promised linux support. The linux support was promised for beta and now beta is out a few months and the linux version is nowhere. Even the loader is written in C# and without mono it doesn't run on linux.

    25. Missing avatar

      Neo on September 9

      Yeah! We want to know more about status of Linux version. :)

    26. Tom Boyle on September 6

      I keep forgetting i backed this. I doubt thats the kind of reaction you want from people! Do you have any plans to provide regular updates here? I am aware you have a web site and i'm sure there's more information in the forums, but, here is where i come to find out about projects i have backed. Please let me know what your plans are with regards to regular updates on progress.


    27. Atamert Ölçgen on September 6

      I backed this project *because* it supported linux. What's the status of the linux port?

    28. Niels on September 5

      @Matthijs: It is not about delays, it is about the Linux version they promised and fell completely silent about.

    29. Missing avatar

      Uncontested on September 2

      The more I wait the more I get impatient... sigh.. lol.. I just want all my nifty Wenzel stuff already pleaseeee.

    30. Sean Poynter
      on August 27

      I backed because this was advertised as being built for linux. Is this still the case?

    31. Missing avatar

      Matthijs von Piekartz on August 23

      Honestly not sure what people are talking about here. It's too bad they didn't meet the release date of December 2015 but have you played the beta? I'd rather have a good game they are happy with then something that was rushed.

    32. Missing avatar

      Neo on August 18

      Hi! So can we expect a Linux version?

      Please test it on *buntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS.

    33. Missing avatar

      Solitary on August 14

      OK, this is getting pointless... time to get a refund. By the time this game will MAYBE get released for *nix systems it will cost less than the pledge for it. The game will not be coming to these platforms upon release date and the fact that you still haven't openly announced it to your backers is truly shameful and beyond me. 4 updates in 6 months and one E3 since beta release and not a single one about this issue, explaining your backers where is the problem. One must look and search through your forum to get even shred of information, kickstarter backers are being ignored. Shame on you!

    34. Missing avatar

      August Sigov on July 21

      I am happy to wait until 2017 if it has Linux support, VIVE support and is better than Bannerlord on release date. Otherwise it will be much disappoint, so hype many refundies.

    35. FR3D on July 18

      please please please make it ready for the htc vive !!!!!!!

      thank you very much ....

    36. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 on July 15

      So I just finally got around to actually messing around with the beta a bit and have a probably rather unusual question. How many plant species do you guys have in here? I'm impressed with the diversity of trees and shrubs rather than just "stock conifer" and "stock hardwood" like so many games have. The birch bark looks great, and it looks like I've found both immature and mature lobed oaks. I also can't tell for sure, but it looks like the dead leaves on the ground are at least partially based on what trees are nearby?

      Some questions though. Flora is already so much better than most games do, will there be mushrooms as well? It also looks like some of the trees and logs have moss texturing but it looks like its all the same, any plans to flesh out some more bryophyte textures? Also have noticed a conspicuous absence of lichen. Also looks like some of the water plants are either azolla or duckweed, but its somewhat hard to tell at the current texture size.

      And then it rained, and I ended up just geeking out over the fact that the ground remains wet after it rains.

      So I can already tell I will spend far too much time just wandering around enjoying the scenery.

    37. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Kryszczyński on July 15

      Any news about Linux support?

    38. Night1505 *VERY Good Competitor (sic)*
      on July 14

      @Bone on Bone - You should be able to manage your pledge via the website. I haven't visited in a while, so I'm not able to give you specific navigation, but here's the URL:

    39. Bone on Bone on July 14

      Currently sitting at the soldier pledge. Is there a way to upgrade to knight to play the beta? Probably been asked a thousand times or more by now, but I'm not following the conversation here.

    40. Missing avatar

      Anton Kurkin on June 16

      Community manager replied to me on their forums (it was fast). He said that they're still negotiating supported platforms and release details with their publisher (on E3) and hopefully we will have some news soon

    41. Missing avatar

      Anton Kurkin on June 16…
      So it's the last day of E3 2016
      No linux version is planned?

    42. Missing avatar

      Krom on June 15

      I'm puzzled that they still have not mentioned that the game will be delayed. See their interview linked a few posts below. That kind of non-communication is a bit worrying, I'd expect not having to search the web for that info... Also it's not cool to get that delay because of consoles, double that non-coolness if you are a linux user. Just saying... :|
      Still looking forward to the game, though.

    43. Wilson Grafstrom on June 15

      Email has changed on my Kickstarter account. I need another verification email for my beta-key. What should I do?

    44. Missing avatar

      Solitary on June 10

      So, to this day we still don't have any clear explanation about what happened with Linux version and where is the actual problem... we were told vague excuses and that we'll get the information soon and then we were told to wait for E3. E3? I think you have mistaken your backers for customers with preorders to make them wait for some open public announcement.

      Waiting months for something that was suppose to be handled in one day months prior beta release or at the very least the day of beta release by one of your developer that knows what technical problem there is and could easily explain it, is completely inexcusable. Only thing we get is some PR jester to tell over and over again that Linux beta is not currently possible... no shit, we haven't notice you did not release what you promised us. Where are the kickstarter updates that you are obligated to give us? You clearly don't want to tell us the reasons that much is certain, this whole charade and information embargo is deliberate on your part. Only question remains is whether you are just trying to hide your incompetency or if it's actual lies that are being protected.

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrew Thompson on June 5, 2016

      I registered and got the activation email, clicked on the link. I'm getting 'record not found' and now can't log in. What gives?

    46. MannyLaMancha on May 29, 2016

      Why am I having to find out about this game being delayed until 2017 on Rock Paper Shotgun, not this Kickstarter page?

    47. Evgueni Baldin on May 16, 2016

      What about Linux support?

    48. amigacooke on April 30, 2016

      Waiting for news on the OS X version.

    49. Alex Tscheche on April 29, 2016

      Linux?? *rofl*
      learning the hard way...

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