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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, May 10 2012 3:31 AM UTC +00:00
David MeisenholderBy David Meisenholder
First created
David MeisenholderBy David Meisenholder
First created
pledged of $75,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, May 10 2012 3:31 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Duarte on

      So, is this completely dead? :'-(

    2. Duarte on

      @David cool! :-D Can't wait!

    3. David Meisenholder Creator on

      We've totally redesigned SleekSpeak's looks and added a ton of functionality. We're currently getting quotes from a bunch of manufacturers so we can offer it to our backers at the lowest price. You should be seeing the next SleekSpeak drop on Kickstarter next month!

    4. Missing avatar

      ChristianH on

      Any news on a restart?

    5. Casey Armstrong on

      Agreed. Hopefully SleekSpeak can produce a smaller batch for the 250+ excited backers we have here.

    6. James Lancaster on

      It's sad that this is probably not going to get funded, but I will still buy one. I NEED THIS!!

    7. Eduardo Fenili on

      As an SF rider it's great to see fellow riders come up with a simple but great idea :) Outside of the riding aspect you should definitely pump up the fact that since we bike everywhere (parks a lot) that you always have a speaker ready to go when hanging out at Dolores :P haha.

      With 68 hours and $55k to go it seems we will fall short :( But I have passed word and hopefully you can get a small production through.


    8. Bill Harned on

      You guys need to do some more updates on the product so we can get this backed. Can you let us know if the speaker is waterproof or not.

    9. Missing avatar

      Marie on

      Update is AWESOME and I really want these speakers... if this does not get funded on Kickstarter, I still really want one! (or five!)

    10. Missing avatar

      Anna Xu on

      Just watched the updated video of SleekSpeak in traffic, and I love the new directionality of the speaker and the anodized aluminum body! If this does not get funded on Kickstarter, I am totally behind you if you decide to re-Kickstart the new prototype or if you are able to produce it somehow without Kickstarter. I want this speaker!

    11. Missing avatar

      ChristianH on

      A pledge between $149 and $349 would be great, I want to pledge more money than $149 but I do not need 5 SleekSpeaks.

    12. Matt Acosta on

      I am with the crowd on this one, if it doesn't get produced, I would love to purchase one if we can make it happen.. I emailed David, but it doesn't sound like he will produce if the money does not come through on Kickstarter..

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      I'll second everyone else and I wouldn't mind buying a few of these should the kickstarter not fund. I'd like to also speak about stocking these in a few shops in northern california that cater to the perfect crowd for the SleekSpeak.

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Krueger on

      Seconding Dan's question, as I would also like to buy one of these if the kickstarter doesn't hit the goal.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dan Mayer on

      With 9 days to go, I hope you guys find a late push, but will the product still be available in the event that funding isn't successful? I would still be interested in a purchase

    16. David Meisenholder Creator on

      @Bill Harned, Sorry to keep you waiting so long! It took a fair amount of redesign and testing to get the directionality our backers have been asking for, but it sounds amazing. SleekSpeak is showing our working prototypes at the Red Bull Ride n Style event today in San Francisco and I'll be able to post some video of that and the sound quality tomorrow.

    17. Bill Harned on

      @David Meisenholder, Any idea when you will get the update with video of the sleekspeak working. If you need a good camcorder just go to best buy and pick it up and return it when done. Starting to think your project is a flop and you all don't have the what it takes.

    18. Eric Fantich on

      Arg... I really want this to get backed. It needs a push people :D

    19. Joe Lambe on

      Just backed the project. Hope it reaches its' goal!

      David - +100 to this: "A lot of our backers have been asking for a video of SleekSpeak in action. I'll be posting an update with our lab tests and demonstration in traffic the week!" IMHO, the biggest challenge for prospective backers is there's no working prototype (i.e. sound) in the main video. I have confidence in you, but I can see why someone might be skeptical.

      @Justin - Amen to that idea, the Revo Lights got picked up all over the web, thanks to their catchy video and concept. I don't feel like the idea here is much different.

      I'm a busy man so don't have time for more than this comment, but here are a few great places to post this project if anyone is feeling charitable:

      Bike Snob NYC (you know the url)
      Any of the fixie specific blogs (e.g. tokyo fixed) would probably dig this design.
      Tweeting at BFD bike celebs like lance is a long shot, but a retweet could blow this up.
      SF/NYC bike coalition (a stretch but super active communities, esp. in SF)

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin birchfield on

      I think we need to post this url places, i backed it and i really hope others do so it reaches the goal!

    21. Bill Harned on

      Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to seeing how it comes out

    22. David Meisenholder Creator on

      I spent last week tuning the geometry around the speaker to make the output louder and more directional. A lot of our backers have been asking for a video of SleekSpeak in action. I'll be posting an update with our lab tests and demonstration in traffic the week!

    23. Bill Harned on

      @David Meisenholder, when will you get a video of the sound? I understand it takes time, very little for you guys to get it up. After going back and looking at other KS projects that are far behind the ship dates and other problems with projects I am starting to rethink what I pledge for. Thanks

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      Victor on

      Hey, what about international shipping? In fact the project description doesn't say a word about shipping...

    25. David Meisenholder Creator on

      Thanks for you input!
      I just added to the FAQs to answer some of your questions. To summarize:

      The battery is internal and charges via USB, right now the prototypes get 4 hours at full volume, but we are optimizing the electronics and cramming in more battery, so we expect to get 12 hours on the production units. There is a line-in for non-bluetooth devices.

      In my next update I'll post a video that gives an idea of how loud SleekSpeak can get!

      Thanks guys!

    26. Eric Friesen on

      Hey, I love the idea, and the product design. I think you need a bit more details though. If you aren't 100% sure on the final design that's ok just say so but say what way you are leaning right now.

      Some obvious questions people would have looking at the kickstarter page is:

      1) What kind of battery is in this thing?
      2) How long does the battery last at full volume?
      3) How do you recharge the battery?
      4) Any other features (line-in?)
      5) Can we get an actual video where the audio actually captures the SleekSpeak playing music. And maybe use the same video to capture a few other audio sources for comparison?

      Good luck!

    27. Jonathan Bobrow on

      I just got a court summons for wearing headphones in NYC while riding in the street. This will be a welcome addition to my handle bars :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Gil on

      This does seem like a good idea but seems to be losing backers. I wonder why it's not doing that well?

    29. Bill Harned on

      Great idea.. Looking forward to trying this. Good luck with the project.

    30. Emily Trott on

      Good Luck guys I hope you make it!

    31. Meg Wachter on

      Such a great alternative too the mooks that where headphones (i.e. dangerous) while riding!

    32. Missing avatar

      Marie on

      I am the one who bought this...with Marie's credit card.

    33. Missing avatar

      Marie on


    34. Missing avatar

      P00K13 on

      Now P00K13 can have hands free to eat PIZZA while biking!!!!!