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Two expansions for The Resistance in one Kickstarter Edition
7,058 backers pledged $171,254 to help bring this project to life.
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The retail versions of Hostile Intent and Hidden Agenda will be available in stores by late November.


The Resistance gets even bigger with a special edition expansion that combines the two upcoming Resistance expansions (Hidden Agenda & Hostile Intent) and includes promo items that won't be included in the retail versions.  One box - eight new ways to play!

New "You are Awesome" rewards added - CLICK HERE or HERE for details.

Avalon & 1st edition compatibility questions? - CLICK HERE for answers.

Indie Boards and Cards is very excited to announce these exciting expansions for all the fans of our hugely successful game: The Resistance.  The expansions include several different module rules that can be mixed and matched, so the permutations of how you can play is practically limitless.. A copy of Resistance is required to play these expansion modules.

New to The Resistance?

The Resistance was Indie Boards and Cards' first break through success when released in 2010.   The game is now available in over 20 different languages and enjoyed around the world.  The best way to experience understand this simple, but immensely enjoyablegame of deception and deduction is to watch it in play.  Wil Wheaton's TableTop episode featuring The Resistance is an excellent way to experience this game for the first (or thousandth time):

You will be able to add The Resistance to your rewards after the project ends.  More details can be found in the "add-on" section below.

Hostile Intent

Both the retail and kickstarter editions of Hostile Intent will include the Hunter, Inquisitor and Reverser modules:

Hunter Module: The battle between resistance and imperial has become more intense.  It is no longer enough to target facilities in missions - the target has become personal as both sides look to neutralize their opponent's leaders.  In this module both the resistance and spies must identify a specific individual among the opposing team to win.  Hunters introduces many new game concepts that bring a whole new level of deduction and deceit into The Resistance.

Reverser Module: Reversers have the ability to change the results of any mission – in the hands of the resistance this can make a doomed mission succeed, or turn certain victory into defeat. A very interesting and potentially chaotic twist that is certain to change your meta game forever.

Inquisitor Module: The Inquisitor is an optional player ability first seen in Avalon. The player with the Inquisitor will be able to look at the affiliation of another player and is a simple way to ensure every game is full of interest twists and turns as the Inquisitor uncovers the truth (at least their version of the truth).

Hidden Agenda

Both the retail and kickstarter editions of Hidden Agenda will include the Assassin, Defector and Trapper modules:

Assassin Module:  Every since we announced The Resistance: Avalon the request has been to take the exciting new roles from Avalon and make them available for The Resistance.  We are very excited to now make that available - the Assassin module of Hidden Agenda contains all the Avalon roles, rethemed and renamed to fit into The Resistance Universe.

Defector Module: Two variants in one, the Defectors were included as part of the Avalon promos.  In one variant, the Defectors can switch allegiance during the game - ensuring that players are never quite certain who to trust.  In the second variant version the two Defectors know each other - ensuring that the accusations of deceit begin from the very opening of the game.

Trapper Module: Every proposed Mission Team includes an extra person that won't go on the mission.  The leader will isolate a team member and watch their every move - making sure they can't make the mission fail. If you are a spy on the Mission Team, you’ll never know if you will cause a mission to fail or simply be giving your identity away. But resistance members will have to approve some missions knowing that a spy is on them and trust that the leader chooses to isolate the spy.

Kickstarter Edition Promos:

Not included in either the retail versions of Hostile Intent or Hidden Agenda are the Rogue Agent and Sergeant Modules.

Rogue Agent Module: Rogue Agents march to a different drum, whether Spy or Resistance they have their own victory conditions and would rather win by themselves than see their side victorious. Rogues are the first players in The Resistance that have a unique victory condition and are very interesting play option.

Sergeant Module:  First seen in the Avalon promo as Excalibur, the Sergeant is designated by the leader with ability to change mission results.  A very tricky proposition and sure to have everyone second guessing when to use, and when to just threaten with this ability.

What more than one?

Each pledge level has text that says "Add $x for each additional copy", increase your pledge amount by x to get a second copy of the Hidden Agenda & Hostile Intent Kickstarter Edition (yes, that does include the promo items). For example - if you are in the US and want 2 copies, select the $20 level and pledge $36.

Essen Pick up

Our plan is to have Hostile Intent & Hidden Agenda Kickstarter edition ready in time for Essen. It may be the case that we have games at Essen several weeks before the kickstarter backer copies are sent. It may also be the case that we are unable to get games to Essen in time. If you want Essen pick up - DO NOT PLEDGE FOR THIS PROJECT - all you have to do is sign up for our Essen email list by giving an email address: Shortly before Essen we will ask you what you would like to pre-order for Thursday pick up at Essen. All the specials & promo items will be available - your support is very valuable to Indie Boards and Cards and we look forward to seeing you again this year with lots of great new games.


As a special reward for kickstarter backers and as a result of the advances we’ve made in reducing shipping costs, we are able to offer great prices when adding some of our older titles when you pledge for Hostile Intent & Hidden Agenda Kickstarter Edition. After this project is closed, we will open Add-ons via paypal for backers. DO NOT ADD $ TO YOUR PLEDGE FOR ADD-ONS. Add-ons are for retail editions of the games listed below (no promos included) and will be sent with your rewards from this project (in November). All of these games are available right now at your local game store:

  • The Resistance
  • The Resistance: Avalon
  • Coup
  • Coup: Reformation (Coup Expansion) 
  • Flash Point Fire Rescue
  • Urban Structures (Flash Point Expansion)
  • 2nd Story (Flash Point Expansion)
  • Extreme Danger (Flash Point Expansion)
  • Dangerous Waters (Flash Point Expansion)
  • Veteran & Rescue Dog (Flash Point Expansion)
  • Snowdonia Jungfraubahn & Mt. Washington (Snowdonia Expansion)
  • Haggis

Why Kickstarter?

Three reasons really. First – I am very excited about this special edition of the expansion - I am only able to offer it (with all the extra costs that it has) if I get a minimum number of committed backers.  

Secondly, it is all about cashflow. The time between when I pay for games (now) and when I get paid for them is upwards of 7 months, and that is in the best of circumstances. That takes a lot of money sitting in inventory, a bad thing for a small company.

Thirdly, I really wanted to be able to get a lot of little extras made for the biggest fans of the game. Kickstarter really is a great platform to do that through.

What are Kickstarter Funds used for?

Your pledge dollars go directly into making the pledge rewards, and shipping them to you. We have invested in getting the project to this point where its ready, your support ensures that we have the cash to pay our printers to make the games - the most costly part of game production.

About Indie Boards and Cards

Indie Boards and Cards started in 2009 as an independent publisher of great game designs. In 2010 we released three games, all of which have been well received by critics and fans alike. Our biggest seller has been The Resistance - a game of secret identities, deception and deduction that is now or will soon be available in 20 languages around the world. In 2011 we released Flash point: Fire Rescue, which has also been very well received and now available (or soon to be) in 10 different languages.  In 2012 we released the humorous game of certain death - Gauntlet of Fools and in 2013 we added Coup and Snowdonia to our portfolio.   Be sure to look for all these great games wherever you shop. If your favorite game store doesn’t carry our games, please ask them to!

Risks and challenges

Indie Boards and Cards currently has two other projects that are due to be shipped in August 2014 (Coup Reformation & Dragon Slayer). Those games have already been produced and are on ship heading to distribution centers before being sent out to backers.

Indie Boards and Cards has successfully delivered a number of previous kickstarter projects to thousands of supporters. We expect that our previous experiences will enable us to also deliver this project on time. That said there are always complexities and considerations in a project of this scope that may cause delays. Indie Boards and Cards will use contract manufacturing to make this game, freight forwarders to get games through customs and 3rd parties like Amazon, the US Post Office and FEDEX to ship the games to you - we don't control everything and there are lots of opportunity for delay. Other conditions may also cause delays - earthquakes, alien invasions, asteroid attacks, zombie plague are but a few of the myriad of reasons we may not be able to deliver this project in a timely manner.

This is a first edition of the expansions - by pledging to this project you are agreeing to be an early adopter and the extra items that are included in this edition (that aren't in the retail version) are your rewards and incentives for being an early adopter. But even with multiple edits, and constant proofing there may be minor typos, or grammar usage that is annoying to you in your rewards or other little things that would have been nice to have avoided but don't affect how the game is played. Mistakes that materially affects game play will of course be addressed but sometimes there are are minor errors that might be distracting but do not affect game play that I can't justify correcting. So if minor errors get under your skin and make it itch then you probably don't want to be an early adopter and are better off waiting till you've had a chance to see the final product and then buy it in your local hobby store. Kickstarter is not for everyone and I leave it to you to decide if you should be getting in on a first edition of this expansion.

My pledge is that I will deliver what I said and have written this project page as concisely and clearly as I can. So please read everything on this page - every kickstarter project is unique, and the commitments I am making to you regarding this project are completely defined here.

A particular challenge to a project like this is negativity - I love your input, and really enjoy all the great suggestions that come from the large majority of our supporters. I can't include all the suggestions that I get, nor can I give you specific feedback other than noting that I do read all the comments and messages sent to me. So think before you post - threats, ultimatums and entitlement are unlikely to get you what you are asking for, and very likely that everyone else (myself included) will get less.

Refunds - things happen and sometimes you need to get your money back. If you ask (before it's been submitted for shipment to you) , I'll refund your pledge less 20% to cover the costs that I can't recoup and costs of processing that refund. So think before you pledge - you can of course always remove your pledge before the funding deadline - but don't expect to get a 100% refund just because you forgot to remove your pledge before the project end ;)

Changes - Images shown here are of the final art - however while it is not expected changes may be made before final production both to the art work and game contents. Variations in the production process and monitor calibration may cause alternations from the screen images to what appears in physical form.

Have an issue? Send me a note - and please don't support us if you aren't satisfied with what the project is returning to you. Nothing would make me happier than having 100% of my supporters be 100% satisfied with their pledge rewards!

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