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This travel-friendly game is all you need to transport you and your friends to the brutal, visually stunning world of SUPERHOT!
This travel-friendly game is all you need to transport you and your friends to the brutal, visually stunning world of SUPERHOT!
5,177 backers pledged $117,344 to help bring this project to life.


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Part strategy, part shooter, and undeniably stylish, SUPERHOT is the bestselling independent FPS (First-person Shooter) in which time moves only when you move. After its Steam, Xbox One and VR releases, SUPERHOT is taking its unique game mechanics to the world of tabletop games. SUPERHOT THE CARD GAME was designed with love of the source material, and with meticulous attention to all the details that make SUPERHOT so amazing. The game will be produced in Poland using the highest quality materials, with assistance from our tried and true production partners.

The mechanics of this card game are based on a well-known and award-winning Print and Play game “Agent Decker”, also created by Manuel Correia

An ultra-portable deck of just 75 cards will be all you need to transport yourself and your friends into the visually stunning, beautifully brutal world of SUPERHOT.

Hand-crafted, micro-deckbuilding mechanics will immerse you in the ever-changing, visceral, and iconic fight sequences of SUPERHOT. Every turn and every move is an intense snapshot of lethal combat frozen in motion. Your decisions and your execution dictate the pace of the game. Daredevil maneuvers and risk-taking can reward you greatly or exact harsh punishment.

Every card you play advances the timeline. You shoot a guy’s head off. Enemies pour into the room. A shower of bullets fills the air. The clock is ticking.


What makes a good FPS? Well, we think it's the dynamic gameplay that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat with all of its sudden twists and turns. We think that SUPERHOT The Card Game has it all, and we think to truly understand the gameplay, you need to see it in action. Here's a quick video to give you a preview of some of SUPERHOT The Card Game's mechanics.





In this clever card game you will face a line of enemies moving your way. Make the most of your hand of cards, using items and your location to your advantage. In this intense puzzle of moves and plays, a dynamic strategy is key to survival. 

Take on the line of enemies. When you defeat a foe, their card will be added to your hand and made available for use on your next turn. Observe your surroundings, react, and create a set of events that will leave you alone standing.

The cards you play hasten or slow down movements of the enemy line. Depending on what cards are in front of you, the pace will change. That’s something you want to keep an eye on, especially when bullets start flying! 

Your deck and the enemy deck are the heart of the game. The cards cycle between them, and it is up to you to control this movement. Choose the cards you play strategically, as they will end up in the enemy deck, and remember that the cards you go through, end up in yours. Knowing when and what to play is the key. Learn to manipulate time, create sequences of moves, observe what’s in front of you, and what might appear…

Each play experience will pit you against 3 levels; in each of which you must defeat the security system by acquiring a particular combination of Goal Cards in order to push on. Every time you play the game it will challenge you with a different, randomly generated set of requirements for success. That means no two games will ever feel the same. You will have to adapt to an ever changing situation and play your hand just right to outsmart your adversary. Every round will be a fight for survival against the relentless system that wants to see you fail!

Did you think that was it? Definitely not! Get ready for a vast array of challenges that we've prepared for you. Each one of them comes with a unique badge and puts your abilities of planning and time management to the test. Try to get as many as you can and don't let the security system beat you!

 Here's what reviewers are saying about SUPERHOT: The Card Game!






Not enough intel to set out on a mission in our sizzling hot game? Have no fear! For those who like to be prepared for everything, we have a written manual that will guide you through every nook and cranny of the amazing game mechanics.


But will all this be enough to get you through the army of red dudes? Well, if you have your doubts go on and give it a try – play the SOLO mode on Tabletopia!






Play alone, or invite your friends and get SUPERHOT together

You can dive into SUPERHOT The Card Game in Single Player Mode the moment you open the box. It’s challenging, it’s dynamic and it’s rewarding. Scenarios chock-full of lethal puzzles and daredevil risk-taking will give your wits and focus a run for their money. The game will leave you exhilarated every time you prevail, completing a mercilessly difficult action sequence leaving you the last one standing. 

Once you’re done, you’re ready to play other modes, to teach your friends, and to spread the system!

Compete with a friend, as one of you takes control of the game system, to influence the ultraviolent world of SUPERHOT. Will a whole new array of tricks be enough to overwhelm, outsmart and utterly dominate a human opponent?

If you’re not the competitive type, try joining forces in a two-player cooperative mode. You'll have to work together every step of the way, as one poor decision could spell the end for your campaign.

Do you have one more to join in? Then play a three player mixed mode, and feel the deep, dark satisfaction of dominating two opponents at the same time. Three’s a crowd? Destroy them both, or work hand in hand with a mate to take down that sociopathic friend of yours, who would dedicate their time and focus to one thing only: to see you both crash and burn. 









Because it’s… 




1. Backers and their opinions are very important to us! 

Your involvement is very important to us, and we are here to listen to your opinions and ideas. We will try to answer each and every question in the comments or in a private message! We will also try to create a unique climate here, as was the case with our Exoplanets and Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu Kickstarter campaign.

2. You will be among the first 

You are our fan and backer, and we value your time and support, so we will do all that's humanly possible to ensure that you receive your game right after UK Games Expo 2017, before it will be available in North American or worldwide distributon.

3. You can receive special cards and all stretch goals for free! 

All stretch goals will be available in normal, but very limited distribution – we will sell them during conventions, on our web store or on special occasions. These elements won't be available in your local store.

4. You are helping us to reach worldwide market! 

Not only European, but worldwide! Thanks to you and your support, our games can reach players all over the world!



Our miniature is 10cm / 3.9 inch. scale! 




How big is our SPECIAL GAME MAT? Size: 60x35cm / 23.6x13.8 inch.

Our GAME MAT (FROM ADD-ONS) is made out of ECOLEATHER. It's 2mm thick, has beautiful leather structure, high quality details. What more it's water proof, very light and easy to transport!




If you are interested in getting even more SUPERHOT stuff, check out our add-ons we've prepared for you. If you see something you like, simply edit/increase your pledge by the required amount, and after the campaign select the appropriate items in the Pledge Manager.





Shipping time for worldwide destinations is about 4 weeks for economic tracked postage. 

Since all parcels will be sent from Poland, shipping costs for backers from this country will be half the normal price. 

Please note that shipping will be paid after the Kickstarter campaign ends, from the Pledge Manager. Prices are final for all named pledge levels. But please remember that if you add more stuff in Pledge Manager, shipping prices might slightly change, depending on how many add-ons, games or extra items you want to get. 

Estimated shipping costs for: 

USA - $6 - $8.5 (for single pledge)
Canada - $6.5 - $12 (for single pledge)
Poland - $3 - $4 (all pledges)
Europe - $5 - $10 (Katana) and $8.5 - $15 (Shotgun)

You can find the detailed costs here:


Also, if you come from a country with limited postal access, there might be an additional fee required. VAT tax for European Union is included in the price and because of no VAT tax regulations for countries outside of EU we are able to offer cheaper shipping prices.

Please also remember that you can pick up your pledge at one of the events we will attend this year AT NO SHIPPING COST. In 2017 we will be at - UK Games Expo, GenCon, and Spiel (Essen)!

If you have any questions - just send them to us!



Our team is young, creative, and very intelligent with a lot of cool ideas. We have worked with Manuel since Spiel2015 and so far we are enjoying it greatly. What is more, we are planning even more projects together, so that shows how we appreciate this cooperation and Manuel's way of thinking and working. Besides, he is just as crazy as we are ;)

So far, we have published Multiuniversum and Multiuniversum: Project Cthulhu designed by Manuel, and these two titles are our best sellers. And now it’s time for SUPERHOT The Card Game to join the fray :)

Board&Dice Publishing, let’s call us BaD Squad, is mostly run by three geeks fully engaged in games that we intend to publish.

For us, board games are something more than merely an idea for a business. Most of all, they are our great passion, which enables us to develop ourselves in several areas at the same time. Since we are a small Polish publishing firm we can publish games that are to our liking and that we find interesting. That is, the ones we'd love to play ourselves.

To make the long story short – we publish games that fascinate us. Such was the case with Beer Empire or Dice Brewing which reflected our love for brewing, or with Exoplanets which mirrors our huge interest in the cosmos and the laws governing our universe. And of course there is SUPERHOT The Card Game. We thought this idea was amazing from the beginning, with mechanics we fell for instantly and the crazy promise of turning the original SUPERHOT into a sick card game!

You should also know that it isn’t our first Crowdfunding campaign. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 for the board game Exoplanets, and in the same year we also funded another of our games, The Curse of The Black Dice, on a Polish crowdfunding portal. We've got experience in carrying out international projects, so we can assure you that the games will reach your hands without delays.

We are fully invested in every title we publish, not only in terms of promotion or production, but we also support authors in the optimization and perfection of their ideas.

The staff of Board&Dice consists of six positively crazed individuals. BaD crew core:

 Numbers, licensing, sales and executive director.

 Crazy creative soul in our team. Game hunter, designer and developer.

 He is working with publishers to make sure that games look best possible.

 This guy coordinates logistics and takes care of your games packaging.

Sale support, managing customer relations and responsible for the Pledge Manager configuration.

Translation bot. Whenever he translates a piece of text, there's a chance English will come out... and make sense sometimes.

This guy supports our technical stuff, and all the things that need his tech-magic.

Hexy Studio - A perfect combination of passion and energy of real artists with knowledge and experience of game industry veterans. We offer you integrated project solutions, from advertising and publishing to miniature production and game development.

Risks and challenges

As Board&Dice we have experience in international sales and delivery of games to Europe, North America and Asian countries (distribution of Dice Brewing, Exoplanets, Multiuniversum – base game, and Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu). What is more, we are selling other publishers' games worldwide, so we can assure you that after the period indicated in the campaign your Backed games will be delivered to your hands. Some of the components are already in our warehouses, some have been quoted and the suppliers have undertaken obligations with regard to delivery dates, so all deadlines presented in the campaign are real and compliant with our and our partnersʼ abilities.

SUPERHOT The Card Game is almost finished in gameplay and graphic design. It is also in testing phase here in Poland and with author's test groups in Germany.

SUPERHOT The Card Game was scrutinised by very demanding and experienced bloggers and testers who have publicly spoken about it in various media (weʼre happy, because most of their opinions were very positive :) ). Thatʼs why we believe that SUPERHOT The Card Game is finished in every tiny detail and the only thing left is the production and delivery of purchased items.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, we decided that the game will be printed by one of our most important partners which has been operating on the international market for a long time and guarantees the proper engagement and support for us (he works with Portal Games as well).

Additionally, weʼve already planned the logistics behind deliveries and have acquired an International Partner who allows us to deliver packages worldwide. On the other hand, Europe is the area in which weʼre successfully executing deliveries of games to our partners, shops or directly to players buying items from our web store on a daily basis.

This long description is our way to tell you that the campaign and game itself is well prepared and weʼve already spent several long months working on it. SUPERHOT The Card Game was in our plans since last year.

If you have any questions for us or have any doubts then donʼt hesitate to contact us.

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    If you just want to be with us!

    Support SUPERHOT THE CARD GAME and we will send you an e-postcard with a beautiful illustration from the world of SUPERHOT, along with 2 high-resolution desktop wallpapers.

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    Baseball bat

    A minifigure for your collection! MSRP = $10 - You save $5 and will receive:

    Everything at the "PUNCH" level, as well as a unique SUPERHOT minifigure produced specifically for this Kickstarter campaign! (10cm/3.9" high)

    This pledge does not include shipping. You will be asked to pay for shipping in Pledge Manager after the campaign.

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    Standard Pledge (Game)

    MSRP = $20 - You save $5 and will receive:

    Everything at the "PUNCH" level.

    SUPERHOT THE CARD GAME and all unlocked stretch goals.

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    ALL IN!

    MSRP = $44 - You save $13 and will receive:

    Everything at the "BASEBALL BAT" level. (digital assets + minfigure)

    SUPERHOT THE CARD GAME and all unlocked stretch goals.

    AND the special SUPERHOT GAME MAT

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    The SUPERHOT bag with guns

    GROUP PLEDGE: 6 x SUPERHOT The Card Game!

    MSRP per copy = $20 - you save $39 when you buy 6!

    Everything at the "PUNCH" level.

    6 x SUPERHOT THE CARD GAME and all unlocked stretch goals at a great price.

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