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Page Quest SEASON 1: Mythical Artifacts is the biggest SOLO, PnP, Adventure where you can find deep story and challenging gameplay.
Page Quest SEASON 1: Mythical Artifacts is the biggest SOLO, PnP, Adventure where you can find deep story and challenging gameplay.
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Last day, Social Stretch Goal and Golden Geek Award nomination

Posted by Board&Dice (Creator)


We’re getting closer to the end of our mission! In less than 24 hours the project will be finished and we can already say, that this has been an amazing success and we’re happy with the results of this project! And all thanks to You and your support! 

You’ve reacted so positively on our unique campaign while being so active whole this time in the comment section - this showed us that our hobby can expand even more by accepting these kinds of fresh and amazing ideas. After all it thanks to You we break another goals that we had put along the way in this adventure called Page Quest: Season 1.

But there are few hours left and we can still unlock some more content! First of all we’re really close to upgrading our box of the printed version of A4 Quest.

We’ve finally unlocked our Social Stretch Goal! 

You have been so amazing that A.R.P.A. decided to put some extra stuff in the box that they have sent us from their headquarters! So here it is the box will contain not 1, but 4 additional equipments

  • 2-handed hatchet 
  • Food supplies 
  • Deciphered treasure map 
  • Sleeping darts

Each of these unique equipments will be more than helpful when you will be trying to face dangerous adventures! And will bring even more replayability to the game!

Another good news that we would love to share with you is the fact that A4 Quest has been nominated to the Golden Geek Award - the annual award granted by the users of So here it is we need your help one more time and hope you will gladly take on this task to head on the website and vote for A4 Quest in the Print&Play category! Here is an quick explanation how to do it:

  • Click this link:
  • Select the appropriate category button at the top of the page. 
  • Rank the games by clicking on the box and selecting the rank. 
  • Duplicate rankings are OK if you think the items are equivalent. 
  • Change a rank to N/A if you have no opinion on a game. 
  • 1 is Best.

Your votes are recorded immediately and may be changed up until the time voting closes.

You will find A4 Quest in Print & Play category


Once again thanks to each and everyone of you for deciding to join A.R.P.A. research team - and we did collect a huge team!

See you soon after the end of the project!

Oh right… one more thing… here’s the German briefcase for the german members! ==>CLICK HERE<===

Thanks guys!

A.R.P.A. Special Operations Group

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