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Page Quest SEASON 1: Mythical Artifacts is the biggest SOLO, PnP, Adventure where you can find deep story and challenging gameplay.
Page Quest SEASON 1: Mythical Artifacts is the biggest SOLO, PnP, Adventure where you can find deep story and challenging gameplay.
1,191 backers pledged $24,701 to help bring this project to life.

Page Quest - FUNDED - so we have first story briefcase for you!

Posted by Board&Dice (Creator)

Hello everyone!

It’s an amazing new day and we want to begin it with a first quick update! We’ve started the project 16 hours ago and we’re successfully reached 109%

This is an amazing result and this was an intense time for us, we were up late answering all the questions and finalizing all the stuff necessary for the first briefcase!

And speaking about the first briefcase - we’ve discussed in the office by length about it and the decision has been made, we want to deliver it to everyone (not only to backers). Since we want to involve even more people to explore the world full of mythical artifacts with us and get them to join A.R.P.A. as soon as possible to break even more milestones and unlock more stretch goals. This is the reason we’re sharing the first briefcase with everyone.

Since we have already so many exclusives in the game some people told us that making the first briefcase open to everyone would involve even more people! Like we said from the beginning, we want to create something unique and involving even more people to join us in creation of this amazing board-game TV show is almost a natural move :) But keep in mind, this is a special situation and from now on, everything else will be exclusively delivered to the backers only.

So here it is - the link directing you to the files for the first briefcase! We hope you will enjoy the beginning of our journey presented in a story note with some detailed hints about the first artifact that our heroes will be looking for alongside with the background checks delivered from A.R.P.A.! 

So meet our heroes and pick your favorites because you will have to choose them soon! When the whole campaign will be finished!

The files above are in english version! But we’re working hard on completing the files for other languages, they will be updated inside the file as soon as they’re finished. We will let you know as soon as this has been done! 

Let us know in comments which of the brave heroes are you digging the most and where do you think our next episode will take us to!

Soon we will also start preparing for the travel with the social media golds. And if you help us share them we will have some extra equipment for you to take on your first adventures.

So stay tuned!


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    1. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Hello Aaron - can you say some more details? we are translating this in 4 languages so if you will find any mistake please share your opinion. Right now we have more than 1500 so we will be very grateful for your feedback

    2. Missing avatar

      Aaron Weatherford on

      The female characters back story is hilarious. Is this being translated from another language?

    3. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Dusty - of course, If you found anything more, please send it to us.

    4. BeardedAnomoly on

      Typo on page 2. "The jeep jumps of the road and ends up in a swamp." .. should be, "The jeep jumps OFF the road and ends up in a swamp." Do you want feedback on typos? Or no?