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Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!
Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!
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🏠B&D🤝NSKN🏠 It’s time to build something bigger together 🏗 Say hello to NEW Board&Dice 🏢🎉

Posted by Board&Dice (Creator)

Hello Agents!

We have promised you some business news this week...

We have some huge and exciting news for you: Board&Dice and NSKN Games are merging!

We are thrilled to finally announce this to everyone :)

We have both worked together on many fields, we are friends outside working hours and what’s probably most important – both companies have excellent and successful games in their portfolios. We want to move to the next level in the board games industry and we know we can do this together by joining our potentials under one refreshed Board&Dice brand 🎉

From now on every new game and reprint will be published with the new logo of our combined forces. You will also find new info, updates, plans about all NSKN games and old Board&Dice games here: Twitter: @boardanddice Instagram: @boardanddice Be sure to follow us there!

This is also a great opportunity to share our plans for 2019 and invite you to join us on our new adventure!

#2019 Adventure: ❄️INUIT 🌏World Shapers 🦋Dust in the Wings 🏔Sierra West 🔒Escape Tales 2 ⚗️???? ?????? (surprise from Daniele Tascini) 🗿Teotihuacan Expansion 🎲Dice Settlers Expansion 🚀A new BIG BOX game in Exodus universe (Kickstarter)

 In the same time, we would like to confirm that Blight Chronicles will be released as a Kickstarter Exclusive product.

Thank you guys, and please stay tuned for the next update with BackerKit.

Best regards,

Board&Dice team

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    1. Aonline

      Regarding would backers show you interest? How are you gauging that interest? I am interested in gameplay expansions but not accessories. Please consider the future of your game, a deckbuilder with no support is a death sentence. Congratulations in merging with local friends, NSKN does great work for the most part. I hope the new exodus game is not a new edition, would love to see something new for it.

    2. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Henk - Thank you very much for your opinion! We will talk that through in our team.

    3. Henk Allaert on

      Congratulations, this will secure your future.
      However, I'm not trilled with the news that this game will become a KS exclusive. To me, this really makes the chance a lot smaller for future expansions. I know you say it depends on backers, but it had much better chance to get an expansion if it were to go to retail.

    4. Nate Hasiak

      What's going on? This update looks like someone's 11 year old niece stole their tablet and made a post with it and not an actual post from a company that has anything important to say. I tuned out after the 30 useless emojis in the title.

    5. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Jess Turner: thank you :)

    6. Jess Turner

      I truly don’t understand the initial reactions of some previous backers. Maybe they haven’t backed anything from NSKN before? I have backed nearly all of their campaigns and have to say this is very good news! Yes it may be bumpy a bit while things get sorted out. But the future of the game is more solid now I believe.

      In absolutely no way would I ever expect the quality of Blight Chronicles to be diminished because of this merger. If anything the quality will only improve!

      Anyways, congrats on the merger and I wish all y’all the best!

    7. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @k-man-k: it only depends on the interest of you, our Backers, and how much you will be interested in that after fulfillment. Firstly we want to focus on that, and gather your opinions. We will be doing that often - first in the line will be the game board and game mat - we are planning update with which will be kind of ”hyde park” for your opinions - but first, we want to implement the comments we already received after publishing current project of game mat.
      Thank you a lot for asking.

    8. k-man-k on

      With this game becoming a Kickstarter exclusive, will you be supporting it with future content/expansions?

    9. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Dyne1319 - please read the comment below and other information we have published, before you will try to build theories which are very unfair, and at the same time untrue... Especially telling that merger will impact quality and new delays... Maybe I will tell you how merging company works: first you discuss the processes, projects, accept them, improve them, and after that you go with information to the public. What more there is no new management - still this is a project we are in charge, and we have a chance to do that properly. I can understand that you are upset, but let us show in actions how everything will look like. And as told, the dates you received this week are a final deadline (with all risks and security before included).
      Hope that gives a little bit more light for the whole process.
      If you have any more questions, I will answer them with pleasure.
      Best regards,
      Irek Huszcza - Board&Dice co-owner.

    10. Dyne1319

      And that's why we are waiting until OCT 2019. This is concerning since it means new management is coming in a things will change quality will be impacted im sure. Nothing good can come of this for us. It never does.

    11. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Terry Kolhoff - Minimal communication: yes, that was one of the reasons... So my apologies for that. But the primary purpose is not the merger, but several different things we have described in the last update. But I believe that consolidation focused us a lot and we gave a chance to deal with several parts (development) to "lower level" - and that did not work. Now we are back on the right track, and all the things we have described are happening.
      Thank you!

    12. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on

      So this is why the game is delayed. You been busy working on a merger of the two companies instead of finishing the game. No wonder things went so slow and with minimal communication or results.