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Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!
Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!
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Late Pledge, UK Games Expo and Origins, some cool things happening here.

Posted by Board&Dice (Creator)

Hello Agents!

As you already know, we have decided to add all Late Pledge orders to our campaign reached a goal, to be able to unlock Plastic Insert for Core Box+ pledge.

Since the last update, we have to manage to raise additional $100, so maybe it's not the best quantity, but every $ counts. But we think that without your help we won't be able to do that fast... So we have a great request for you, Agents! Please share info about Late Pledge, whatever you can, spread the news and please share this link:

Any help will be on the value of plastic insert here ;)

As we know, Spiele-Offensive crew is preparing Blight Chronicles project on Spieleschmiede for the next week (launch). So we will fight there to reach German release ASAP. Of course, we will inform you guys about the exact launch date as soon as we know it.

Next thing we want to share is that we will visit UK Games Expo next week! And we are so excited for this convention!

It will be our third time at the Expo, and we love this event, there are so many great people there, which we want to meet again!

Of course, we will have demo table for Blight Chronicles there, so everyone will be able to check it out. But what more we are preparing some cool stuff for UKGE2018 - always new premiere ;)

This time it will be 5 Minute Chase - our brand new, real-time game:

More details about the game, you can find here - in our web store: 

Of course, it's in pre-order right now, so If you will be interested in getting it and picking it up at UK Games Expo - there is such a possibility (UK Games Expo pick up an option for all expo attendees). We have also prepared UK Games Expo pre-order, where you can find our games with additional discounts!

If you are interested, please check this link:

And please use this coupon: UKGEpreorder2018

It will decrease the value of 5 Minute Chase, INBETWEEN, Pocket Mars, SUPERHOT for additional 10% discount. The coupon will be active up to 31st May (23:59 CET)

PLEASE also remember that you don't need to visit UKGE to use this code! If you are interested in 5 Minute Chase, we can deliver it to you - our logistics will operate during Expo as well :)

Of course, please remember that you can check other section in our store and select UK Games Expo pick-up option. Check or example our "Recommended" section:

And here we have a little surprise for our US Backers!

If you are planning to visit Origins, and you are interested in pre-ordering our products, please use also the same code: UKGEpreorder2018, Please select UK Games Expo pick-up option and in notes please write: "I want to pick up my order at Origins"

And that will be all - we will have your order with us during the Game Fair!

And about Page Quest - first, free episode for you guys

We are waiting for Kickstarter to close all payment collecting, to close the final Backers list. I think it should happen max next week, so at this time you will receive a link to the first episode directly via Kickstarter message (as a Social Media Goal content).

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    1. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @James - yep, we are sharing our Booth with four different companies, but you will find us at 1-K2. when you enter the hall, you will step on Board&Dice street :) go along this street, and you will see us :)

    2. James Duffy

      I see why I struggled to find you. Someone has made a lovely annotated map of the site but seems you're sharing with NSKN games and they were the only ones who ended up listed on the annotated map. You are stand 1-K2 in the bottom left corner of the map, in case anyone else is looking.

    3. James Duffy

      Amazing, I wondered if you would be there. My friend and I are there Fri and Sat and will definitely come find you.

    4. CK Lai on

      Ok. Thanks!

    5. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Olly- Great! See you there. You will find us very easily :) when you will step through the main entrance, you will reach Board&Dice Street :) go ahead, and you will see us at the end of this street :)
      And no, you don't need to set an appointment - it there will be many people to play Blight, we will book the table for hours.

    6. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      Do I need an appointment to "see" a demo of Agent?

    7. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      I'll be sure to pop by your stand on the 1st June. I'll be at the UK Games Expo.

    8. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @CK Lai - yes, there will be such an option. But please wait with this to the release of Pledge Manager, because in Late Pledge options we don't have correlations with KS Backers for now.

    9. CK Lai on

      Can I upgrade my pledge from a PnP to a full pledge?

    10. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Winfried Mayr - I think not so soon ;) Because first we need to unlock Pledge Manager and that will take some time for us ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Winfried Mayr

      As soon as you announce the plastic insert a lot of people will upgrade their pledge to operative :)