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Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!
Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!
1,253 backers pledged $52,955 to help bring this project to life.

Last 44 hours for Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker and changes we want to add.

Posted by Board&Dice (Creator)

Hello Agents!

We are in the last 44 hours until the end of our project. We want to thank you all for your support and kind words; we receive during this project.

Thanks to this we have the power to work even more. Once more thank you for that.

As you already know, we like to hear the voice of our Backers. And this is why we have prepared two surprises for you.


We want to introduce Hideaki Takumi, 3rd character for Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker!

We want you to have a chance to try to play with next Agent, a little bit different than David and Zoe. And this is why we have decided to prepare a small add-on for you guys.

Hideaki excels at tackling the obstacles in the distance. He approaches them easier which makes him very dependable when it comes to taking down targets further away. But as the downside, his abilities aren't that effective when it comes to combining them.

How to add Hideaki to your pledge?

Please increase the value of the pledge by $5 (for Rookie and Operative pledges), and that's it.

Second surprise? Additional Stretch Goal!

We have decided to add one additional Stretch goal between current Sg no. 6 and 7.

New order for this Stretch Goals looks like this:

So as you can see, we did not cut anything, but we wanted to give you something extra between this last, long distance. 

Hope you guys will like what we are preparing here - we want to give you as much additional content as we can, making your pledge more and more 'attractive' for you.

And BTW, Agents, we reached above 1000 Backers - THANK YOU!

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    1. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Andy - Thank you!
      @Kai - we would like to do that, but we need to plan it after plastic insert - it's costly upgrade, and we had already added new Stretch goal yesterday, so it's getting kind of tightly,

    2. Missing avatar

      Kai Windmöller

      The first two agents have been upgraded with level up cards, will the third also get his share of level up cards?

    3. Andy Ravenna on

      Threw in another $5!

    4. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @sYntiq - all the answers are yes :)
      @P. Soirila - sure thing - we can understand that. So for a quick summary - all add-ons will be available in Pledge Manager, that we can ensure.

    5. sYntiq on

      Ok, upped my pledge for the third agent.

      Will the 55.000$ Stretch-Goal also cover the new Hideaki Takumi Cards? (And will the Add-Ons translated to German, too? - if it will be translated. :) )

    6. Missing avatar

      P. Soirila

      Right, but for us who really need to watch the spending, it gives a little extra time to think about what's worth the extra and what's not :)
      (I have been a part of campaigns where the pledge manager adds do count for the stretch goals too, so good to have that also cleared out as well)

    7. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @P. Soirila - sure - there will be such an option.
      @Gavin Robinson - and this is correct - increasing your pledge here brings us closer to another stretch goals and additional content for every Backer. Unfortunately, this won't happen in Pledge Manager.

    8. Gavin Robinson

      @P.Soirila I believe that you can. But if people up their pledge now, it'll bring us closer to unlocking more Stretch Goals. Something that won't happen after the campaign ends.

    9. Missing avatar

      P. Soirila

      The update says that to add the add-on you should raise your pledge amount, but you can add the add-ons in the pledge manager too, right?

    10. Missing avatar

      Piotr K. on

      Pledge increased! :)

    11. Gavin Robinson

      Pledge increased without hesitation. Best $5 I've spent :)

    12. Board&Dice 7-time creator on

      @Angela - We are happy that you like it :)

    13. Angela M.

      Finally a reason to raise my pledge :)