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Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!
Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!
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You’re an agent of Blight, a secret government project that carries out undercover missions with the highest precision. You’re out in the city when your phone vibrates. You take the call.

As you bring the phone to your ear it triggers the retinal projector in your right eye. You pretend to listen as the real message appears in the form of a hologram. Blight-sight allows for improved and secure communication. The message reads:

Hello agent, I am Monica from Blight and I will be your Handler for this mission, codename ‘Cloudless Sky’. Two hours ago we lost track of Dr. Andrews. We need one of our agents to go to the area where he was last seen. Blight is aware that your skills are still under development, and we wouldn’t normally risk sending a junior agent on a mission like this, but we have no choice because you’re the only one close enough to the facility. You need to evaluate the potential danger and, if necessary, rescue Andrews.

What is your response agent? Will you take that mission?

The choice is yours.

Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a solo deck-building game in which you are an Agent of Blight, one of the most secret government projects, specializing in infiltrating agents to complete precise tasks.

A briefing introduces the players to the setting and goals of the Mission. Each Mission is divided into several stages, each with a unique goal. At key points, the player gets to choose where to go next. The most important thing for a Blight Agent is to be invisible so be sure to keep the suspicion to a minimum. Full exposure means instant failure.

The Agent starts the game with the same deck each time, but as you face different obstacles your move set will change, and so will your gear. When dealing with an obstacle you’re faced with a choice: Do you knock it out without making too much noise, or eliminate it and take its gear?

Choose your stages well! Each has a different set of obstacles and goal, affected by choices you made in previous stages. They also allow you to collect different gear.

...but how does it work? Here's a full how to play the video by Gaming Rules! No spoilers included :)

Not enough intel to set out on a mission in our game? Have no fear! For those who like to be prepared for everything, we have a written DEMO manual that will guide you through every nook and cranny of the amazing game mechanics.

But don't forget about the mission book filled with an immersive story!

If you think you have what it takes to be a Blight operative, but you're still unsure of your abilities you may check if Blight is what you expect it to be by giving it a try with this PnP Files for the Demo version

Blight Chronicles is a game with an immersive story which is conveyed both by gameplay and the Mission book. The branching storyline means that you will be surprised often, and you never know the outcome of your decisions beforehand. Keep in mind, you’re in a dangerous environment and you can never be sure what lies behind the next corner!

We are big fans of deck builders and we wanted to put a little more meaning into this amazing mechanic. The deck building aspect in Blight Chronicles works as your own character creator throughout the entire multi-stage mission. You have many options when it comes to the way you choose to build your own deck, thus your own agent. Since every stage uses a different set of decks, things you chose to leave behind in previous stages might end up saving your life later on. You learn these things as you go, so keep them in mind when you fail and try again. Which brings us to another aspect...

This is a story driven game with set stages so once I’m finish it I am done, right? Well, the simple answer is NO. Even though the story is considerable in size, you will end up learning what lays ahead. But it’s not that easy. Since some of the obstacle groups are re-used in later stages, the enemy you eliminated earlier won’t be there by the time you return. It’s nearly impossible to have the same game session twice. Even then, when you choose to take the same path, the overall experience will be different, as the final mission is not set in stone (we won't say more, because we don't want to spoil too much). So even if you want to go through the same route again, you might end up in a different situation in the final stage. The game can be finished with different strategies but figuring out if and how this strategy would work for you is the essence of the game and adds lots of replayability.

A full session of Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker may take 2 hours depending on the course players take; in some cases, it might be even longer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to play it all in one go. Missions are divided into stages and when one is complete you have the choice to stop and continue at a later date. You can go through it like an action hero or spread it throughout the week.

The game was designed from the beginning as a system for future expansions and improvements. Our aim is to create a universe filled with different missions and opportunities to try your favorite agent(s), to bring you more immersive missions that will amaze you every time. Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is just a first step for us and we hope that with your help we will be able to make further steps. Some cards in this box were designed bearing future expansions in mind. Think of an LCG system with a full campaign right off the bat. We don’t want to make you wait so we’re giving you an entire campaign right away.

We’re hoping that you’re ready for what we have prepared for you, a big immersive game with many choices that will shape your own unique experience. After publishing a few games with solo modes and the success of PAGE QUEST, we came to the conclusion that solo board gaming deserves a big box game designed for that purpose only. We truly hope that you, as well as the board game world as a whole, are ready for that!





1. You are the priority!

We really value your support and want to show you that we care for all our fans and backers. Our goal is to make sure our backers will receive the game first. The game won’t be available in our web store until all copies are sent to each and every backer that filled their pledge on time through the Pledge Manager.

2. You’re helping to bring innovation into the Board Gaming Community!

With this project, we want to deliver a unique Solo game to our hobby. In our opinion, this game brings something new to the Solo gaming hobby and the board game community in general, with a big focus on storytelling and immersive gameplay. Thanks to your help it will be possible and you will receive a professionally printed game that will pull you inside this big universe that we’re creating for this Solo adventure.

3. Community: Your opinions matters! We value everything you have to say.

We’re looking forward to building a great Solo gaming community around Blight Chronicles, as well as our other Solo projects (like Page Quest). With this being said, we want to let you know that we’re here to listen to your opinions and ideas; we appreciate any kind of involvement you show towards our projects. We will do our best to answer every question in the comments or private messages! We also aim to create a unique atmosphere here, just like we did during all of our previous campaigns (Exoplanets, Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu, SUPERHOT The Card Game, Page Quest: Season 1). We’re hoping to build this project up in a way to make sure it will be talked about long after the Kickstarter campaign is over. This might give us signals to create new adventures for our Blight operatives!

4. You’re getting extra stuff for free!

Most stretch goals will expand the quality or the content of Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker and you will get that as an additional content for your pledge. In conclusion, each and every one of you will be taking a part in preparing this amazing mission, while adding some exciting content to it and bringing new agents to our unique Solo adventure.

Worldwide shipping time for economic, basic tracked postage to different destinations takes around 4-6 weeks.

European Union shipping time for courier package (full tracking) takes up to 1 week.

Please note that shipping will be paid after the Kickstarter campaign ends, from the Pledge Manager. Prices are final for all named pledge levels. But please remember that if you add more stuff in Pledge Manager, shipping prices might slightly change, depending on how many add-ons, games, or extra items you want to get (costs of shipping depends on the weight of elements you will add to your order in Pledge Manager).

Also if you want to visit us in our office, there will be a FREE option in Pledge Manager.

2018-05-09 UPDATE ABOUT SHIPPING: additional option, UPS Acces Point.

Our team is a group of crazy, creative, and very hard-working people with a lot of cool ideas. We have worked with Manuel since Spiel2015, and so far we are enjoying it greatly. What is more, we are planning even more projects together, so that shows how we appreciate this cooperation and Manuel's way of thinking and working. Besides, he is just as crazy as we are. ;) 

So far, we have published together Multiuniversum, Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu and SUPERHOT The Card Game, which are all available in worldwide distribution. It’s also important to say that all of these titles were very important for us and they have even become our best sellers. And now it’s time for Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker :)

Board & Dice Publishing, let’s call us the BaD Squad, is mostly run by four geeks fully engaged in games that we intend to publish.

For us, board games are something more than merely an idea for a business. Most of all, they are our great passion, which enables us to develop ourselves in several areas at the same time. Since we are a small Polish publishing firm, we can publish games that are to our liking and that we find interesting. That is, the ones we'd love to play ourselves.

So far, we have published: Beer Empire, Dice Brewing, Exoplanets, The Curse of The Black Dice, Multiuniversum and Multiuniversum: Project Cthulhu, SUPERHOT The Card Game, Pocket Mars, The Networks German Edition, INBETWEEN - and many more in plans and in development process: Page Quest Season 1, A4 Quest, The Awakening... What more to say - we will have some cool titles for you!

To make a long story short – we publish games that fascinate us. Such was the case with Beer Empire and Dice Brewing which reflected our love for brewing. Or with Exoplanets and Pocket Mars which mirrors our huge interest in the cosmos and the laws governing our universe. And SUPERHOT The Card Game and INBETWEEN for love to computer games and epic TV series.

The same situation is with Page Quest series and Blight Chronicles, we thought this idea was amazing from the beginning, with mechanics we fell for instantly and the crazy promise of turning this game into a great SERIES of intelligent, SOLO games. You should also know that we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 for the board game Exoplanets, and in the same year we also funded another of our games, The Curse of The Black Dice, on a Polish crowdfunding portal. In 2016 we funded Multiuniversum with Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu. In 2017 SUPERHOT The Card Game and in 2018 Page Quest: Season 1 (with A4 Quest printed edition).

The staff of Board&Dice consists of six positively crazed individuals. BaD crew core:

Risks and challenges

As Board&Dice we have experience in international sales and delivery of games to Europe, North America and Asian countries (distribution of Dice Brewing, Exoplanets, Multiuniversum – base game, and Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu, SUPERHOT The Card Game, Pocket Mars, Beer Empire and our new game INBETWEEN). What is more, we are selling other publishers' games worldwide, so we can assure you that after the period indicated in the campaign your backed games will be delivered to your hands. Most of the components have already been quoted and the suppliers have undertaken obligations with regard to delivery dates, so all deadlines presented in the campaign are real and compliant with our and our partnersʼ abilities.

First materials for Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker are already prepared, thanks to that we were able to prepare reviewers copies and test our mechanics with our test groups all over the world.

Additionally, weʼve already planned the logistics behind deliveries and have acquired several International Partners who allows us to deliver packages worldwide. On the other hand, Europe is the area in which weʼre successfully executing deliveries of games to our partners, shops or directly to players buying items from our web store on a daily basis.

This long description is our way to tell you that the campaign and game itself is well prepared and our team already spent several long months working on it.

If you have any questions for us or have any doubts then donʼt hesitate to contact us.

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