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Technology builds communities. Celebrate Bre Pettis from Makerbot's appearance on the Colbert Report. Help build a large Colbert head!

3D Printing has gone mainstream!  First an article in the Economist and now the Stephen Colbert Show on Comedy Central (  Thanks to Bre Pettis for a stellar interview and challenging everyone in the Maker Bot community to create new files based on two scans of Colbert's head.  Soon everyone will experience the power of 3D Printing!

Already familiar with 3D Printing and having one of the largest available build volumes in the industry, I want to finance the building of the largest single piece, hollow, wearable Stephen Colbert head.    Hopefully, I can present it to him on the show, demonstrating how powerful the 3D Printing community has become!

In order to finance the building of a large head, I will build 700 1/12th scale replicas at the same time (see project image).  A small souvenir Colbert head will be shipped to those who make a donation of $25 or more to the project, commemorating this great feat!

This is a new generation where plastic bags will be outlawed.  Children will loose the experience of being scolded for putting a plastic bag over their head, risking suffocation.  In the near future, our children will be told, "Little Timmy, Get Stephen Colbert's head off your head!  You're going to suffocate yourself!!!"  How great is technology???

Please stay tuned for project updates including additional rewards and a video!!!


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    A kitsch 1/12 scale Stephen Colbert head. Wear it on your finger (no risk of suffocation) or set it on your desk to remind yourself how cool you are! True, 3D Printing is for geeks...the cool kind that end up ruling the world!!! (shipping to US addresses included)

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    Just added thanks to the popularity of $100 pledges so far, I am offering a 1/8 scale head. Thank you to those who already pledged at this level and those that will in the future! Keep it coming!!!

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    Not quite a Rap star but got $1000 burning a hole in your pocket? Then this option is for you. Pledge your support at the $1000 level and get a 1/4 scale head more than 1/2 foot tall. After all, bigger is better :-)

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    A full size Stephen Colbert head for the true connoisseur. Wear it or make it a lamp, but if you can afford this then you must already have a trick Hollywood mansion and superb collection of exotic cars. Party at your place! (full size head is about 2.25 ft tall, 1.25 ft wide, and 1.75 ft deep)

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