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If funding is successful, these designs will be produced into a limited run of Bicycle Playing Cards. Only 2500 will be made!
If funding is successful, these designs will be produced into a limited run of Bicycle Playing Cards. Only 2500 will be made!
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Prototype Announcement

I wanted to explain something to all my backers and for those following this project. I was talking with the reps over at uspcc earlier today and one of them told me they are being slammed over there in the prototype department. If I would still like to do prototypes (1 deck, 1 uncut tuck case and 1 unsheet) it could take up four weeks for that alone.

Here is what I'm going to do. I am going to skip the prototypes and go right for the printing : D Personally this is great news. This means the decks will be produced in a matter of three weeks. Prototypes are only mock ups. They are digital prints and don't use printing plates. They are hand cut and not machine cut. So to make prototypes and making an actual Bicycle deck are two completely different processes. The only purpose they serve to give a 3d visual of the deck to come. Most companies order prototypes for marketing purposes (i.e. pictures, videos, promotions, trailers etc) 

So tomorrow I will be handing in the contract so I'll be put on schedule. Thoughts or concerns? Feel free to contact me at anytime. I'll try to respond back as fast as I can.

So excited! It's getting closer and closer to having this deck in your hands! : D


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    1. Don Boyer on April 26, 2012

      Even the best companies in the world are capable of making errors. Get the prototype and insure to your customers that you care about a high-grade, quality finished product. Spend the time to get it right instead of risking that something goes wrong and having to fix it after the fact.

    2. Sean Whelan 4-time creator on April 26, 2012

      Exactly how I see it Joseph. This is The United States Playing Card company. They know exactly what they are doing. If errors occur then they will fix it for free. If cards come shipped and have problems i have 90 days with them to ship it back for reprints : D

    3. Joseph M. Louis on April 26, 2012

      I say skip the prototype. USPCC is printing custom decks like mad at the moment. Ride the wave! As long as the proofs are as expected, it should be good to go.

    4. Peter Holthaus on April 26, 2012

      I agree to Dusty. Jumping to production without a prototype might be a bit of a letdown.
      You should consider carefully if they're up to creating real world stuff comparable to the pdf-example.

    5. Dusty White on April 25, 2012

      I don't mind the wait if a prototype ensures quality, but I understand about mock-ups and marketing (I used to me in manufacturing myself). Thanks for the update. I don't think a few extra days delay should be much of a problem.