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CA$ 655 pledged of CA$ 37,000 goal
By Les Major
CA$ 655 pledged of CA$ 37,000 goal

UPDATE #1 - Playing As Female Lantz And Art Talk

Female Lantz!

One of the most requested additions we've received is to include a female version of Lantz as well. Obviously we want our fans to be happy, so I'm proud to announce the inclusion of "Fem Lantz" as our first stretch goal! It's something we'd considered during our concept phases and changing our initial stretch goal to include her fits female Lantz into our budget. Below is a rough concept I personally created for the character and does not represent Rod Espinosa's final art for the game should we reach this goal.

More Polish To Final Game Art!

We've also heard some concerns that the cell shaded look just isn't what fans are looking for in a visual novel. This isn't an issue at all and I'm happy to announce that we're looking forward to a more airbrushed coloring style for the final game. Rod was very open about the options we had for coloring and the style fans are requesting is certainly something he is fine with doing. Just like his art on Adventure Finders we can give Soulless Wonder that sheen you're looking for. Thanks for your feedback! It's your opinions that help to shape what we're going to create!

Getting The Word Out There!

We are in desperate need of help to tell the world about Soulless Wonder! You are the main person who can do that. Obviously you already believe in us since you've supported our campaign or are at least reading through these updates. What we need is first and foremost to get on any video gaming sites that we can. If you can help us with that, awesome! Feel free to tell those you know and get this campaign exposure!

Every little bit helps though too. Are you a member of a reddit community? A Facebook group? Any place you think could help to share word about Soulless Wonder, please post it up there and get the link circulating! Soulless Wonder can be a success. We just need our core audience to be able to find it.So spread the word! We can do this!


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