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LIBERATOR is a short film/presentation pilot starring Lou Ferrigno as a disgraced ex-superhero with one last chance at redemption.
LIBERATOR is a short film/presentation pilot starring Lou Ferrigno as a disgraced ex-superhero with one last chance at redemption.
110 backers pledged $24,650 to help bring this project to life.

Down to the Wire!

Just 11 hours left as I write this. We have raised over 10 grand. That is pretty amazing. But will we hit our goal? Hey, we just had a $1000 donor step up minutes ago. The future is unwritten!

I want to thank the amazing Erika Rockwell, our social media consultant, who has grown our Twitter following from 0 to over 550 in under two weeks. And we have met some truly awesome people in doing so! The most amazing thing is the outpouring of heart from our fans and friends. We have a lot of people invested in this film, and not just financially. Folks care. Our fight has become their fight. Guys like Edwin Quinones and Bryan Hardbarger and Jaci Cannon and Janice Kay and so many others - folks who see what we're trying to do and have stepped up to say, "Cool. We're down with this." From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you.


Jim Cirile


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    1. PM Vincenza Dante on August 10, 2011

      Jim: this is fantastic!! Lucia's photo rocks!This project is gaining momentum and I am rooting for you all the way. Ride the wave!

    2. Erika Grace Rockwell on August 10, 2011


      On this last morning of fund raising with many anxious souls waiting to see the outcome, and stomachs full of butterflies and/or knots, I'd like to take a moment share (as Jim did so GRACIOUSLY for many of us earlier. Thank you, Jim!).

      To ALL our backers, Tweeters, FB friends, supportive friends and family, those who ground their teeth as yet another LIB post would pop up on FB, the cast, crew, writers aka Direct or and Executive Producer (Aaron and Jim) and our subsequent 2nd in command Producer, Jim's mom, the lovely Marie Cirile-Spagnuolo (a writer in her own, er, right) and our magickal faerie Dragon Slayer, Ali, who I happen to know makes our Executive Producer "tick". I have been blessed to be a part of this modern, real-word superhero project, a story that WILL be told as it's desperately needed to be for us all to recapture that hope we need for our personal lives as well as our country. I can emphatically state that my endeavors for LIB have been because of this story, yes, but also because of Jim himself. If you've had the privilege of knowing him, you'd find Lou isn't the only superhero on that set. Jim is too. He's constantly there for his friends rain or shine, even when it's not easy or is inconvenient. He makes us laugh riotously (sorry London O_o), and stands to tell the truth regardless of its popularity. For all these reasons, when you contribute to LIBERATOR, you're getting a superhero story in more ways than not just one, but in more ways that about FIFTY. Let's bring this project not just to 18K (which is the BARE minimum to pay staff, pay Kickstarter, and for 1 day of shooting + special effects). Let's bring this beyond--just like heroic tales ought to be brought. So, what "say you" LIBERATORS? How does 25K sound to you? That would take us beyond to be able to circuit this come early 2012, and would get it visible so we could see it carry on forward as a feature film as WELL as a continual series (which all of us #MichaelDorn #PetaWilson #LouFerrigno and #EdAsner fans would be THRILLED to have, huh? Absolutely).

      That's a wrap, so they say on set. And know if you're unable to pledge ANYthing, it's your intent which matters and we see that. So you're ALL "LIBERATORS" in our eyes.

      Many thanks from me and the entire LIBERATOR team,
      LIB's Social Media Consultant (And yes, Goon)

      TO PLEDGE, PLEASE GO TO: (Pssst! We thank you in advance!!!)

    3. Jaci Cannon on August 10, 2011

      So a few hours left to go and we are all waiting patiently or some of us impatiently lol but whatever the outcome we all have enjoyed the ride and something this good always succeeds one way or another.