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LIBERATOR is a short film/presentation pilot starring Lou Ferrigno as a disgraced ex-superhero with one last chance at redemption.
LIBERATOR is a short film/presentation pilot starring Lou Ferrigno as a disgraced ex-superhero with one last chance at redemption.
110 backers pledged $24,650 to help bring this project to life.

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LIBERATOR at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo

Hi folks! Just wanted to invite everyone to a wham-bam double dose of LIBERATOR!

We are stoked and honored to be selected by Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo and the producers of WITH GREAT POWER: THE STAN LEE STORY to screen LIBERATOR twice on Comikaze weekend 9/15 + 16 in LA. How awesome is that?

The first showing is Saturday night 9/15 at 7 PM. We are opening for WITH GREAT POWER at a special screening at the Downtown Independent Theater, with special guests Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno! In addition, there will be a panel discussion afterwards featuring the filmmakers of both movies. Tickets are $10. Get 'em quick because this will sell out! 

The second showing is at Comikaze Expo itself, which is basically the new San Diego Comic-Con--but for Los Angeles (at the LA Convention Center). LIBERATOR is screening at 5PM Sunday 9/16 in the Screening Room, followed by a cast & filmmaker panel... maybe with special guests :) Admission is $20 and gets you in to all the events all day long. They are expecting 50,000 people! And heck yes, you can come in costume :)

To get your tickets, please go to! And if you are a Kickstarter Liberator who contributed $35 or more to our campaign, you'll find your name listed on our cast & crew page as well as in the movie. Lastly, I know we have been remiss in sending out any rewards yet. Allow me to explain. We haven't actually finished Liberator yet. Yes, I know it's been over a year, but that's how it goes in the world of independent filmmaking. We did actually premiere last month at Holly Shorts (to exceptional response and reviews) with a temp sound mix. We will have our final sound mix locked by Tuesday and LIBERATOR will at long last be done.

But bear in mind that it may be a while still before we send out any DVDs. We are very sensitive to getting pirated. My last short film wound up on the torrent sites before we could even screen anywhere and it killed us. So we are playing it very close to the vest with LIBERATOR. I apologize for the delays and I know it kind of sucks, but we will make good.

So thanks a million times over for your support and please come on out to our double decker whammy of Liberator 9/15 and 16 in Los Angeles. Hopefully others will see the potential in this for a feature film or series, which is our ultimate goal.

And remember, especially as we head into this election season... truth is worth fighting for.

Jim Cirile, Exec Producer

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The Liberator almost ready to fly

Hi, folks! It's been a while. And just what have we been up to? Well, finishing LIBERATOR of course! And yes, it IS taking forever. Mostly this is due to visual effects work. But we should be done with all the VFX by the end of January and then we begin sound mix and scoring. Please know that we are taking the time to get it right. And once we have this puppy done, at long last we will send out those rewards! (We have not forgotten you guys.)

Now for some other great news. Lou Ferrigno is appearing on "Celebrity Apprentice" this coming season. In addition, he just signed to voice The Hulk in the "The Avengers." This is a double-blast of amazing news for Lou, but also for us, because it means 2012 is going to be the year of LOU. And LIBERATOR will be in an excellent position to take advantage of all that publicity. To that end, we've brought aboard a publicist who brings with him amazing connections. We hope to have news as to our world premiere (which should indeed make a splash) within a few months.

Last but not least, our new website should be ready to launch Feb 1. We'll have a ton of media up there, including a new trailer, art, behind the scenes and more!

So thanks everyone for hanging in. If you haven't yet, please visit our facebook page and "like" us there ( Let the Liberation commence.

Jim Cirile

Executive Producer

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"Liberator" Reshoots

Greetings, fellow Liberators! I bring you good tidings and even better news. Thanks to all of your help, we completed our reshoot/pick-up shots last weekend. And Director Aaron Pope and I couldn't be happier. See, we had to make a lot of concessions for time and money the first time out. With the rockin' new stuff we were able to add to the mix, this thing has now gone nuclear. 

So now instead of Lou Ferrigno wiping out a handful of guards, he takes on dozens. Instead of him simply escaping from a holding area, steel blast doors slam down all around him, locking him in a gas chamber. We've added new stunts and special effects and greatly amped up the "you won't like him when he's angry" factor. Best of all, we were really able to bring it with the flying sequences. We hired Branam Enterprises, leader in flying effects for over 35 years, to make the Liberator soar. Amazingly, this was the first time Lou Ferrigno had ever flown, and he was delighted.

Below is a short behind the scenes video compilation from our reshoot. Hope you enjoy it! Also below please find some new images I think you guys will dig -- Lou's first flight (in socks!) and the radiant Tara Cardinal ("Gaia") showing Lou how it's done -- check out the look on his face. Also below is an early poster concept (photo by Russell Griffin) and a real treat -- a magazine cover we unearthed from 1993, depicting Liberator and Volt in their heyday. Of course, this was before the Panagua Incident. RIP, Volt.

Now, back to finishing the movie. Every day feels like Christmas, because Aaron and I wake up every morning to a shiny new VFX shot under the tree, courtesy of VFX Producer Christian Spencer and VFX artist extraordinaire Mario Pulver. It's all coming together nicely. Can't wait to hear Tim Wynn's music!

Coming soon - our new website (in the meantime please 'like' us on facebook: and much much more!

By the way, for all of you waiting on imdb credit, imdb's policy is they do not post short films until that film has screened at a recognized festival. Therefore as soon as we have our first festival screening, we'll be up on imdb.

Thanks again, everyone, for your support. The Liberation has only just begun!

Jim Cirile

Executive Producer, LIBERATOR

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Reshoot/Pickup shots weekend + Raffle Winners!

Greetings, fellow Liberators!

As many of you know, we offered a special reward for a lucky three of you who pledged $26 or more -- a chance to be in the movie. Well, we have quasi-locked down the dates of our reshoot/pickup shots weekend:

September 10+11, 2011

Saturday the 10th will be our pickup shots at Central City Studio in downtown LA, and Sunday will be our flying shots day on a green screen stage. The 3 raffle winners will appear in fatigues as Greyclaw military contractors in the film, and you will have your asses handed to you in creative ways -- such as, Lou Ferrigno hurls a fire extinguisher at you and then shoots it in mid-air, blowing you to bits. Fun!

51 of you donated the $26 or more to qualify, but of course there can be only three. We used's random number generator to select our three Greyclaws (and five back-ups.) So without further ado, here are our winners:

Joshua Stone, Sherry Lloyd, Jason Genser

Congrats, guys! Please contact us ASAP and let us know if you will be free that Saturday from 8 AM to 8 PM to appear in our movie. There's no pay, but there will be food, such as it is.

Now here are our five back-ups. In the event any of our top three cannot make it, we will go down the list of back-ups in this order:

Bryan Foerster, Emma Rush, Stephen Vale, Edwin Quinones, Robert Troch

So if you guys could drop us a line regarding your availability as well, that would be great.

As for the rest of the rewards, well, it'll be a while until the movie is finished, but certain rewards (like the chunk of street) we should be able to get out in the next 4-6 weeks. We'll keep you posted right here as it all progresses.

Thanks again, everyone!

Jim C.

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