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Update #19

WE DID IT!!!!!!

Thank you so much everyone! Generous souls and good people....I appreciate this. Send me you emails and addresses, if you haven't - you want your stuff right! Thank you. I will be posting the locations of where the painting will travel within 14 days....once amazon completes the back end process....but..maybe I will surprise you earlier than that! Live it well....Michele

Update #18

5 hours and counting.....Can we make $10,000?

(1) litho and (1) coaching session.....the money.....will go far!!! By the way all proceeds from book goes to IAHCSMM after costs.

Update #17

20 hours and counting....(1) litho left....(1) consulting session and a several books....

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Can we do it....max it out? Spread the word...the most pledged the more helped! Thank toy all so so much.....send your email address and/mail address, if needed. Spread the word....I know we can still get at least the litho pledged for and several books! Any companies out there....a coaching session might be great...the last I will ever do! Be well all.....and we are nearing the finish line in....what is possible in 20 hours??? Show the other those seeking to try something...let's get the most done!

Update #16 far do you believe a dollar can go?


We have just hours left to award just a few things away with this project.  To be precise $1850.00  this would give some one a limited edition signed litho or an intensive healthcare mangement coaching the way the very last I will ever do in my life, if that might persuade you more.  If you need more than hour...I will accomodate!   The very last chanc to get some tips that just might help you begin to lead your team...or a gift to someone you believe in....  We can do this!  (1) litho and (1) last Michele DeMeo coaching session taylored to your needs or for the person you are hoping it benefits!

Just a few hours...who else believes in me????  I will give the session my all...for the last time...I will make it worth ever dime of the cost!  Have a fabulous day and thank you everyone!

Update #15

(2) Days left! (1) litho left....(1) coaching session.....imagine....

Imagine what might be accomplished if the right person, in need of some coaching from someone wanting the world to be a better place...a safer place...a place where every patient in the US and world got to have instruments done well. Or coaching a manager who is brand experience....imagine....if you believe in my skills...consider a gift to someone that you believe in enough to know they will impact another, a team or even the world.

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    A PDF copy of my book The Beauty of a Slow Death.

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    A signed copy of the published book The Beauty of a Slow Dealth.

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    A signed copy of my The Beauty of a Slow Death and a signed photo of The Canvas

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    A signed copy of The Beauty of a Slow Death, signed print of the piece and a single location for a month to hang to the finished piece before it continues it's journey on to IAHCSMM's World Headquarters. You will be a part of the The Canvas' journey.

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    A signed copy of The Beauty of a Slow Death, A signed print of The Canvas, pick a location of your choice to hang the painting for a month and (1) hour of sterile processing, materials management, process improvement, QA, process mapping, coaching or just any topic or set of questions you have. Maybe you just need an ear or an idea from a woman that actually cares.

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