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The American College Dance Festival is an incredible and rewarding experience for dance majors, and you can help us get there! Read more

Fresno, CA Dance
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The American College Dance Festival is an incredible and rewarding experience for dance majors, and you can help us get there!

Fresno, CA Dance
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What is the Contemporary Dance Ensemble?

The Contemporary Dance Ensemble (CDE) is Fresno State’s resident dance company. Also known as Dance 163, CDE is an engaging performance and learning course in which students can experience both the thrills and responsibilities of professional work in a performing arts situation. It includes performing and working on campus and in the greater Fresno community. Like theatre, music, and art; dance is a mirror that reflects the local environment, cultural values, and the artistic vitality of the community in which it resides.

What is the American College Dance Festival?

The American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA) exists to support and affirm dance in higher education through regional conferences, the adjudication process, and national festivals. The educational mission of the Association is to foster creative potential, to honor multiple approaches to scholarly and creative research and activity, to promote excellence in choreography and/or performance, and to give presence and value to diversity in dance. The Association acts as a national membership service organization to strengthen the educational network for students and faculty within the academic dance community.

The American College Dance Festival (ACDF) is one of the Theatre Arts Dance Option’s major events. It provides a venue for students to engage in three days of performances, workshops, panels, and master classes taught by world class instructors from around the country. The conference provides a unique opportunity for students to have their dance works adjudicated by a panel of nationally recognized dance professionals in an open and constructive forum. Culminating with the presentation of pieces selected for their exemplary artistic quality, the conferences are the primary means for college and university dance programs to perform outside their own academic setting and be exposed to the diversity of the national college dance world.

Why should you help?

If this Kickstarter is funded, 11 students will be able to attend this year’s American College Dance Festival at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona from March 12 to March 16, 2014. At the festival, they will be performing two pieces for adjudication: one created by guest choreographer and Fresno State alumnus Rogelio Lopez and the other by current Fresno State student Katherine Dorn. All 11 students will participate in classes, workshops, seminars, and performances with other college dance students from throughout the country.

Your money will fund the airline tickets and hotel rooms for the eleven members of the Contemporary Dance Ensemble.


"The experience is more than worth the cost. I gained so much confidence, skill, and wisdom as a dancer and a person from participating at ACDF." -Jessica Arnold, Dancer, Contemporary Dance Ensemble 2012-2014

"ACDF is an essential experience for any Theatre Arts-Dancer." -Leesha Melson, Dancer, Contemporary Dance Ensemble 2010-2014

Risks and challenges

There are no risks or challenges involved in the completion of this project once it has been funded.

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