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Reformation will be a definitive set of Matt Gray C64 games soundtrack remakes, produced by the acclaimed C64 musician himself.
Reformation will be a definitive set of Matt Gray C64 games soundtrack remakes, produced by the acclaimed C64 musician himself.
1,349 backers pledged £75,266 to help bring this project to life.

Day 3

Posted by Matt Gray (Creator)

Hello everyone,

It's the end of day 3 and we are edging closer to unlocking the New SID Stretch goal of £40k with just £5k of funding needed to get there.

Once again I'm extremely thankful for the continued flow of support and this huge opportunity to remake so many cool SID tracks for you all.

With the New SID Stretch in sight I thought it was a good time to remind everybody of the next TWO very reachable stretch goals.

And also some great news concerning a late addition to the available Rewards. Legendary artist Hugh Riley has kindly agreed to sign 10 copies of the Reformation CD and The Last Ninja 2 Remake CD AND a copy of Sam Dyer's brilliant Commodore 64 A Visual Compendium book that is available from

And I'll sign them all as well to help make a great Limited Edition Bundle. You can add in the 12" Vinyl and/or the T-Shirt if you so require,but those won't be signed. I'll be posting that great new reward on day 4 which is Wednesday 5th November at 1pm UK time. There will be just 10 bundles available so you'll need to be like lightning on the keys. It will cost £80 + Non UK Postage.

Thanks to all Early Bird backers by the way. That offer finished at 10.30 am Tues 4th Nov. The download codes will be distributed to the qualifying backers as soon as the campaign is completed,which includes collection of fees, which should be around the 16th of December give or take a day. Just in time for Christmas :)

Also one final thing. A few people wanted a Paypal option which falls outside of Kickstarter's remit. But now the project has funded Kickstarter have allowed me to have an option to accommodate anyone who can't pledge by any other means. If you go to the FAQs section which is all the way down the bottom of the project page then everything is explained there. But please use it as a last resort, it's easier for everyone if backers make their pledge through the Kickstarter site.

Have a great day everyone and thanks once again.

Best wishes



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    1. Matt Gray 3-time creator on

      Hi Giovanni - The six tracks I've selected are the ones I think I can do the best job on. But you never know how big this project could get. Just for now it would be very cool to get to the first stretch goal of £40k to enable the SIDs to happen. :)

    2. Giovanni Pecenco on

      Hi Matt!
      I saw the list of SID songs if we will come to 75,000 K , have you ever thought to insert also a track from Monty On The Run? I think that Rob Hubbard wrote very specials tunes for this game! Thanks for all!!

    3. Missing avatar

      John de Vugt on

      This just gets better and better. Awesome new reward btw. Now lets bring in John Twiddy to sign the CDs and the book so that the whole original Last Ninja 2 team has signed them :)

    4. Fredrik Jagenheim on

      Hoping for the 75k goal. I don't care if it takes another year, I want a new version of the Sanxion loader. ;)