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Reformation will be a definitive set of Matt Gray C64 games soundtrack remakes, produced by the acclaimed C64 musician himself.
Reformation will be a definitive set of Matt Gray C64 games soundtrack remakes, produced by the acclaimed C64 musician himself.
1,349 backers pledged £75,266 to help bring this project to life.

Story so far....

Posted by Matt Gray (Creator)

A very good evening to everyone.

I'm really over the moon with how the first day has gone with this project. Over £17k pledged so far and 70% funded within 5 hours of the launch. So a huge thank you to everyone who has pledged their hard earned money in support so far. I'm proud to have so many C64 SID fans out there.

Remember - don't forget to spread the word amongst all your friends on Facebook and Twitter, etc. There are some stretch goals in sight already !

I know some people are having some issues with not having Paypal available as an option. Just so everyone knows that is out of my hands, Kickstarter does not have it as an option. Someone did say there wasn't a debit card option,but there should be as I've used it on another project as a backer myself. Has anyone else had that problem?

The VIP level has sold out. Someone requested another higher pledge level for similar rewards but I'm not sure how that would go down with those of you who have already pledged at VIP level. As there are just 20 of those backers perhaps they could let me know if they would mind if a higher limited level with similar rewards was introduced? I would do this only once though.

And well done to Sam Dyer with his Amiga Compendium Book Project go over £100k. Amazing. Sam has been a diamond on the design front for my Kickstarter putting in some late nights creating some great graphics. A huge thanks to Sam.

Also thanks to Chris Abbott who is helping to manage activity and been a key player in getting this project to this stage.

I'll update again soon.

All the very best



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    1. Ingo Devooght on

      Hi Matt,
      I just got the mail announcing the new VIP+ level. I feel a little bit confused about:

      "All original VIP level backers will however hold priority in the inlay credits." But later: "Whilst this level is higher in pledge cost than the original VIP level, backers and/or upgraders from that level will be prioritised in the inlay credits."
      So when I'm staying at the VIP pledge I'm loosing my top 20 credit position?

      Also I am confused about the differences of VIP and VIP+. In VIP there is (like in lvl 5) a signed limited edition included. In VIP+ there is a a personal thank you credit additionally. Also the vinyl picture disc and a signed copy of the manuscripted in-game music (?) is included. Something else?

    2. Andreas Aronsson on

      Awesome :) But yeah, with how things look right now it's not as if you need to do anything in a hurry to attract backers, haha. Take it easy ;P

    3. ice00 on

      No problem for me (vip backer)

    4. Matt Gray 3-time creator on

      Andreas - I'll look into it tomorrow.

    5. Andreas Aronsson on

      I would love to have a digital-only version of the Level 3 tier :P I don't want or need physical media, a waste of resources! :x And I'm currently living in just a rented room, trying my best not to fill it with too much stuff...

    6. Matt Gray 3-time creator on

      John - Duly noted. The original VIP backers will be credited as such in the inlay in the order they pledged.

    7. Missing avatar

      John de Vugt on

      Here's another VIP backer. To be completely honest I have some mixed feelings about adding more VIP pledges. I don't want to be mr. Killjoy and more VIP pledges means it's easier to reach the goal. Although reaching the goal doesn't seem to be a problem ;) But like Alex stated it does take away a bit of exclusivity. Perhaps like Mayhem suggest the original 20 backers could be distinguished from the others in some way.

    8. Stuart Wilson on

      Another VIP backer here - I don't have a problem with it. the more we can get on board, the better! :)

    9. Mayhem on

      Another twenty VIP backer entries probably wouldn't be a problem (as I'm one of the twenty here too), and as said, it will bring the total of the super deluxe boxset to a round 300 units. Maybe reward or distinguish the original twenty backers by adding in the 12" LN2 vinyl for free, or something similar?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Power on

      Another VIP backer here. I have no problem with more VIP pledges being added. While it may reduce the exclusivity of the VIP pledge level a tiny bit, it will also bring everyone a step closer to the additional SID CD... and I want that one for sure! :-)

    11. Marco Jirasek

      Matt, as a "VIP" I just send you a Message about your Question to us.

    12. Glen McNamee on

      As 1/20 I wouldn't have an issue with that.

    13. Matt Gray 3-time creator on

      In fact another 20 would make the Limited Box Set restricted to 300 and no more.

    14. Rob Crowther

      Do some people have debit cards that don't have a 16 digit number, expiry date and CV1 code?

    15. Matt Gray 3-time creator on

      Yes it would be a small amount and the last time I could offer it. But I want to ok it with the 20 backers first.

    16. Glen McNamee on

      Perhaps you could have a small number of extra VIP pledges available?