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Tiny, light, easy to use, optical performance comparable to professional desktop microscope, while affordable to every budget.
Tiny, light, easy to use, optical performance comparable to professional desktop microscope, while affordable to every budget.
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Hit 130K CA$ with our 2112 Great Backers!

Posted by QingYing E&T LLC (Creator)

Dear All,

Our campaign had another amazing day. WOW! We surpassed 130K CA$ with 2112 great backers, Oh, no it is 2120 now when I edit this update. Thank you so much for all your support. We can only do this because of you, many shared and posted our campaign on social media. It really means so much to us. In addition to a just "THANK YOU", we really wanted to have something additional to express our thanks to you.

So we just started a program at Kickbooster which is a great tool for creator like us want our campaign to be shared and also for the backers like you to support and share our campaign. Now with Kickbooster, when you help to share our campaign, in addition to our sincere thanks, you can get cash back!

Click the button below and follow the instructions. It's easy! You will get a referral link that you can share. Our first supporter has already earned $145. Congratulations! 

As I mentioned in last update, we also have a campaign iMICROSCOPE at Indiegogo, you may also share and earn cash back:

So, if you happen to be a booster, that's great. If not, no problem, just simply follow the link to share our campaign, then you will get cash back in addition to our sincere thanks!


Victor, QingYing Team

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