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Tiny, light, easy to use, optical performance comparable to professional desktop microscope, while affordable to every budget.
Tiny, light, easy to use, optical performance comparable to professional desktop microscope, while affordable to every budget.
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We unlocked the first stretch goal!

Posted by QingYing E&T LLC (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

Thank you very much. It is awesome that we unlocked our first stretch goal.  

Let's head to the next stretch goal, and thank you for your great support.  

Thanks for your great support, 

Victor, QingYing Team

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Nanobag 2.0 and the Nanopack - The ultimate "carry everywhere" bags  

Our friends at TipTop Things just launched their new campaign and got 500% funded in the first 24 hours. These bags are ultra light, ultra strong and ultra portable. Finally it's convenient to always carry a bag in your pocket.

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A Minimal Pen That Will Last You a Lifetime  

A sleek, minimal, solid metal, American-made retractable pen designed to last a lifetime

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HighTrainer - Massage, Exercise & Stretch: Anytime, Anywhere  

HighTrainer is the first portable product that combines massaging, training and stretching. Save valuable time and massage your muscles while working or driving. Includes over 100 different exercises.  

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emit - World's first productivity smartwatch

Time is your most precious resource and yet you waste it away on things that don’t really matter. emit is the first smartwatch that is purely focused on productivity - It really helps change your behaviour with time! Designed by a team at Imperial College London with a sleek and minimal UI, emit influences you to use your time better by showing you countdowns to your most important tasks, events and goals. The watch keeps you on track with your timelines and makes sure you don’t procrastinate away. 

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The World’s 1st Mobile Pet Cam 

See, play, treat and talk to your pets anywhere, anytime. Peace of mind on wheels! 

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SoundWave - Illuminate Your Music

Experience your music like never before. Bring your playlist to life with a spectacular synchronised lightshow and soul-shaking sound.

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Suave: Where Luxury Meets Functionality

Keep your cards, cash, coins, key, memory card, SIM (and SIM pin) all in the finest Italian wallet.

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PentaOrbiform - mathematically perfect solid of constant width 

The PentaOrbiform is a little-known, unintuitive geometric shape, with fascinating mathematical properties. PentaOrbiforms were unwittingly used by Leonardo da Vinci in 1514! It is also quite fun to roll around.

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Falcon, World's First 8 inch 2-in-1 Laptop  

Meet Falcon, a portable, powerful, and functional 2-in-1, 8 inch laptop! With Intel® Pentium® Silver N5000 CPU, 8GB RAM, up to 256GB SSD storage and a IPS touch screen, Falcon could easily run your day-to-day software, playing games, and watching high definition videos. Compact yet powerful, just let the Falcon juice your day! 

Click HERE to get your Falcon from $399!  

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    1. QingYing E&T LLC 6-time creator on

      @Steven Landau, Yes the blade and needle will come for free, so no additional or extra payment is necessary. The same for stretch goal #2 once it is unlocked.

    2. Steven Landau

      I have a quick question. Does stretch goal #1 come free or do we need to add extra for it?