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After a school shooting, Mina and Steven--a bullying victim--escape into suburbia to face their feelings and fight for their freedom.


This is a story about the power of an individual to change the lives of others. This is the story of the struggle for the soul of 17 year-old, Steven Dorfen. We begin during a violent shooting at Clarksgrove High School. Steven has been the victim of horrific bullying since the eighth grade and is about to spiral into complete hopelessness, when he meets Mina Martin—an enigmatic,  and spiritually-awakened young lady. Mina illuminates for Steven all of the beauty that surrounds him and fights to help him rise above the harsh realities of his life.

Escaping the school, Mina and Steven sneak through suburbia. Hiding in woods, hopping trains, stealing cars, and sleeping on beaches, they do all they can to elude police and drink in their last drops of freedom. But as Steven begins his metamorphosis, a dangerous and psychotic friend named Jason Keeler reemerges to ruin his newfound happiness.


We explore the bullying and school violence epidemics in a very emotional and personal way, without “preaching.” Each of the three main characters, Mina, Steven and Jason, is a victim of a distinctly different kind of bullying. One of the powerful themes of the movie is how each character copes with bullying in their own individual way.

MINA is the victim of covert, passive-aggressive bullying. She is socially sabotaged, and proverbially stabbed in the back by people she once viewed as friends, for no other reason than her interests and talents are ‘different’ than theirs.

STEVEN is the victim of horrific physical bullying. He is physically attacked without provocation or warning, to the point of extreme mental and physical duress.

JASON is the victim of aggressive, psychological bullying. He is ignored, excluded and dismissed by his peers for no other discernible reason than that he is ‘different’ from them.


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The movie is 90% through production, and 50% through post-production. We have over 85 hours of footage logged thus far, which was shot on Long Island, NY and in New York City.

We recently exceeded our initial operating package and have temporarily stalled filmmaking operations in order to revitalize our budget. The money we hope to raise on Kickstarter would be used to shoot our remaining scenes in Summer 2012, finish primary editing, complete color correction and sound mixing, fund a small publicity campaign, improve our movie website and cover fees for festival submission.


This is an independent, dramatic narrative that follows two lonely souls from meager beginnings to infamous ends. Mina has been ostracized and misunderstood all her life, while Steven has suffered horrific bullying since the 8th grade.

Venturing Mina and Steven through a series of misguided attempts to understand their growing feelings for each other, we reveal their vast vulnerabilities and differing outlooks on life. We peer into a teenager's slow, disturbing descent into a killer state-of-mind and position it against a very spiritually powerful psyche to create some terrific combustion.

The plot hops and snakes through bittersweet moments, patches of humor and gut-wrenching conflicts, and concludes with an ending you won't see coming. All the while, the movie celebrates the beautiful scapes of Long Island, and the ephemeral but exuberant spirit of suburban youth.


We believe in big things, the ideas of forgiveness and acceptance and redemption and love. We believe in rising from the ashes. We believe in moments that come out of nowhere and change one's life. We believe in small things, too--smiling on a train or patting the paperboy on the back--and how they can set in motion something wondrous. We believe in the interconnectedness of people of all kinds. We believe in the mysticism of meloncholia, the catharsis in sadness, and the triumph of happiness. We believe in the power and beauty of youth. We believe in courage, and know it does not exist without fear. We believe in chasing down the elusive meaning of life. We believe in finding fulfillment. We believe in listening to the voice inside.

This is all to say we believe in Mina Martin, the person... and the movie.


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Thank you again for your time and consideration. We look forward to working with you, and know you'll be proud of the movie!

--Anthony Petrucci, Writer-Director, "Mina Martin"


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