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The first animated artistic short film by the legendary Japanese animation director of Cyborg 009, Keiichiro Kimura!
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This PayPal store will open its door AFTER the funding ends on Kickstarter. All the donations made via PayPal will also count towards the Stretch Goals. 


Project Outline

 The first animated short film by the 76-year-old legendary Japanese animator, Keiichiro Kimura. “GO! SAMURAI” is a sketch animation (素描動画 Sobyo-doga) where each and every frame will be hand-drawn in pencil by the legendary animator. It will consist of approximately 2000 frame works focused on a single samurai that fights for his life against 100 of his vicious enemies. It will be around 5 minutes duration (or longer depending on budget).

Why did we start this project?

We would like to produce a fully original action animated film that only Keiichiro Kimura could create. 

 "I've been working on sketch animations for years now. A collection of works on paper. Then to an animation." —Keiichiro Kimura

A one and only action film is what we wish for. Action of the characters and camera movements are all composed based on Kimura's expansive imagination instead of using actual references. We would like to amaze and impress people around the world with his energetic and exciting animation, and we would like you to become a part of it! 

What happens if an animator that's kept drawing for half a century produces a traditional animated short film using countless amount of experience and different ways of expressions?

Well, that's what we would like to find out :)

Why is it in black-and-white?

For this project, the final product will be left as it is in its sketched stage. It will be a traditional "hand-drawn animation." To reserve the artistic value of Kimura's composition, the sketches will not be cleaned up or traced, have in-betweens, or have it digitally colored by other professionals like in the usual process of animation. This is more of a personal artistic film than the usual commercial animation.

What we plan to do with the finished film:

Once the animation is finished, we are planning to send it into a few international animated film festivals (e.g., Annecy, Ottawa, Zagreb). Also, if we succeed to make a "GO! SAMURAI" part II, we plan to combine the two animations into a DVD (approx. 10 min.) later.

Where your funding goes towards:

10% - Kickstarter/Amazon Payments 

30% - Rewards/Shipping & Handling/Translating Page

60% - Film Production/Music

Legendary animator, born on April 5, 1938.

Joined Toei Animation in 1961. He debuted as an animator with Samurai Kid, and then was the character designer/animation director for his next series, Rainbow Squadron Robin. His most famous classic work, Tiger Mask greatly influenced future animators and action anime. His daring action sequences and strong art still holds fans today. 

“I create the animated version of rock!”

With imagination, spirit, and age-defying vitality, he hopes to fill his audience with courage and excitement. He has greatly influenced the animation industry with his fierce artwork, dynamic, daring actions and his use of camera angles. It is no exaggeration to say that Keiichiro Kimura is the founder of modern Japanese action animation. 

Today, Mr. Kimura participates in the production of commercial animation for TV series and movies. 

He is an artist who responds to any requests with professionalism, yet manages to keep expressing his originality at the same time. 

Official Website: (Japanese only)

Funding in the commercial animation industry.

The Japanese animation industry is a different world than other animation industries overseas. 

Nowadays, in order to create an animation in Japan, a production committee (製作委員会 Seisaku-iinkai) is usually constructed for that series or movie. That production committee usually regulates and oversees the project's direction and funding. As you may know, making an animation or film costs a large sum of money. That's where the committee brings in a number of different companies together to collect funds in order to produce one animation. This committee is a partnership of companies to reduce the risks involved when the resulting work doesn't take off as planned or doesn't bring back in enough profits later. As a result, constructing this committee enables more animations to be produced with less financial risks but splitting the profits and rights between all of the partnered companies. However, because of this, you also won't see too many crazy animations out there anymore since they will be more commercialized for the common public viewers. 

This style of production may be a great way to get the work to succeed, but at the same time creating these committees produce a few of the reasons that limit the creators' freedom when creating their work. More companies involved equal more opinions and more limitation on what they could do or show within their work. Whether it may be too much violence, or nudity, or expression, or just for marketing purposes.

Since it would be difficult for a short animated film like this to receive funding as a commercial animation would, we thought that Kickstarter could help us out with that. If we could see how much people are willing to want to see this artistic short film, that would be the ultimate motivation for Kimura. The inspiration and motivation received from each and every backer would become the ultimate force for his pencil to move. At the same time, we believed that this would be the greatest platform to spread the name of the Japanese legend to the world.

The main character in "GO! SAMURAI" is a lone, wandering samurai named KEI. He doesn't have an objective. His motto is “Just keep moving forward”. Where he goes, enemies appear… 

To live is to fight. 

Go, samurai! Onward, KEI!

Executive Director/Animator: Keiichiro Kimura

Director/Editor: Takahiro Kimura

Specs: MP4 / 5 min. / 720x1280 / 16:9 / Stereo 

Language: No dialogue

Music: In process

Estimated Completion: April 2015

Animated TV series 

  • “Sally the Witch” (1966) Animation Director
  • “Speed Racer” (1967) Key Animator
  • “Cyborg 009” (1968) Animation Director/Character design/Opening animation
  • “Humanoid Monster Bem” (1968) Key Animator
  • “The Secrets of Akkochan” (1969) Animation Director
  • “Tiger Mask” (1969) Animation Director/Character design/Opening animation
  • “Attack No. 1” (1969) Key Animator/Opening animation
  • “Lupin the Third” (1971) Key Animator
  • “Dokaben” (1976) Animation Director
  • “The Ultraman” (1979) Key Animator
  • “Invincible Robo Trider G7” (1980) Animation Director
  • “Robot King Daioja” (1981) Animation Director
  • “Golden Warrior Gold Lightan” (1981) Animation Director
  • “Game Center Arashi” (1982) Animation Director

Animated Films

  • “Cyborg 009” (1966) Animation Director/Character design
  • “Cyborg 009: Monster Wars” (1967) Animation Director/Character design

*These are only a few examples of all films he's worked in.

Advisor/Language Support

AWESOME JAPAN Inc. was founded in November 2013 and operates mainly in Tokyo. It aims to spread the awesomeness of Japanese culture to the world. The team consists of members who lived outside of Japan for several years, and have an understanding of both Japanese and foreign cultures and languages. AWESOME JAPAN's passionate and faithful members will share awesome Japanese goods with you!


痛快チャンバラアニメーション「GO! SAMURAI」。これは、伝説の日本人アニメーター・木村圭市郎76歳が挑む、チャンバラシーンのみで展開されるアクション&スピード感満載のオリジナル短編作品です。 一人の侍が次々と襲いかかる百人の敵と闘う姿を、木村圭市郎の特徴である荒々しい素描、ダイナミックなアクション、奇抜なカメラワークでえがく、観て、体感する、新感覚アニメーションです。全フレームを木村によるモノクロの手描きドローイングのみで構成。作品時間約5分、作画枚数約2000枚となります。

「Go! Samurai」ストーリー   



1938年4月5日生まれ。 1961年、東映動画に入社。『アラビアンナイト シンドバッドの冒険』や『わんぱく王子の大蛇退治』の動画を経て、『少年忍者 風のフジ丸』で原画デビュー。続く『レインボー戦隊ロビン』で、早くもキャラクターデザイン、作画監督を担当。『タイガーマスク』での仕事は、後のアニメーターとアクションアニメに多大な影響を与え、大胆なアクションと力強い描線が、今もファンの間で語り草になっている。他の代表的な仕事は、劇場『サイボーグ009』、TV『サイボーグ009[第1シリーズ]』、『ピュンピュン丸』等々。











「GO! SAMURAI」は、木村圭市郎の完全なオリジナル作品です。








また、「GO! SAMURAI」第2弾が完成した際には、1と2を合わせた(計10分位)DVDを制作予定です。



  • 『紅三四郎』(1969)原画
  • 『もーれつア太郎』(1969)作画監督
  • 『タイガーマスク』(1969)キャラクターデザイン・作画監督・オープニング
  • 『アタックNo.1』(1969)原画・オープニング
  • 『ルパン三世』(1971)原画
  • 『赤胴鈴之助』(1972)作画監督
  • 『荒野の少年イサム』(1973)作画監督
  • 『空手バカ一代』(1973)作画監督・オープニング
  • 『小さなバイキングビッケ』(1974)作画監督
  • 『UFO戦士ダイアボロン』(1976)作画監督
  • 『ドカベン』(1976)作画監督
  • 『まんが日本絵巻』(1977)作画監督
  • 『魔女っ子チックル』(1978)作画監修
  • 『ザ・ウルトラマン』(1979)原画
  • 『無敵ロボ トライダーG7』(1980)作画監督
  • 『最強ロボ ダイオージャ』(1981)作画監督
  • 『黄金戦士ゴールドライタン』(1981)作画監督
  • 『ゲームセンターあらし』(1982)作画監督
  • 『ひみつのアッコちゃん』(1969)作画監督
  • 『妖怪人間べム』(1968)原画
  • 『佐武と市捕物控』(1968)作画監督
  • 『あかねちゃん』(1968)作画監督
  • 『サイボーグ009』(1968)キャラクターデザイン・作画監督・オープニング
  • 『ピュンピュン丸』(1967)キャラクターデザイン・作画監督・オープニング
  • 『マッハGoGoGo』(1967)原画
  • 『黄金バット』(1967)原画
  • 『魔法使いサリー』(1966)作画監督
  • 『レインボー戦隊ロビン』(1966)キャラクターデザイン・作画監督・オープニング
  • 『少年忍者風のフジ丸』(1964)原画


  • 『サイボーグ009』(1966)キャラクターデザイン・作画監督
  • 『サイボーグ009怪獣大戦争』(1967)キャラクターデザイン・作画監督


  • キックスターター・アマゾン:  10%
  • リワード・送料・ページの翻訳と運営:  30%
  • アニメーション制作費・音楽:  60%





形式:MP4 / 5 min. / 720x1280 / 16:9 / Stereo 






東京都台東区東上野2-18-7 共同ビル902
TEL:03-3836-1334 / FAX:03-3836-1334


Risks and challenges

Delays in production may occur since the production staff is very small. As well as delivery of rewards may be delayed depending on production of the film.

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    Have a meal with the legend! (Travel expenses not included)
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