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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, April 23 2016 1:00 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $200,000pledged of $200,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, April 23 2016 1:00 AM UTC +00:00

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      Inochi Nagi on

      Still sad about this not being kickstarted :( I come to this page once in a while just to watch Sasahara-san's amazing kickstarter video again, though.

    2. Missing avatar

      WeirdTheGuy on

      Let us know about your next project. Your energy and passion is infectious!

    3. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Hope you can find some way to get this made still in the future or with another Kickstarter try as I would certainly back again, it looked really cool.

      I quite enjoyed the update videos and art designs.

    4. Jeff Centauri on

      This is a great project and it can be successful in funding. If you need help in marketing to get awareness of the project online, let me know. We need to get this circulated online and have a strong social media hook.

    5. Cordale Hayward on

      Really hope you guys some how get to see this through in the future. This project was looking to be really cool.

    6. Missing avatar

      menofvalor on

      I Still Dreaming to sit in the hot spring pool and watching the talking to each others.
      Hope you can find some sponsor and make this movie come true.
      Thank you.

      P.S. Kazuya Sasahara-San YOU ARE THE BEST!! (SALUTE!!)

    7. Teofilo Hurtado

      @Kazuya Sasahara: Thank you for your wonderful ideas and sense of humour. Next time we'll succeed, I'm sure!

    8. Kazuya Sasahara on

      Thanks a lot!!
      You encourage me very much!!
      But I'm sorry, this charenge is last charenge.

    9. Kazuya Sasahara on

      Thanks a lot! You encourage me.very much!!
      Thank you!!

    10. Kazuya Sasahara on

      @Shigeya Murai

    11. Motoko11 on

      39 hours to go for for goal. If this don't happen, please try again. I will back everytime. ^_^

    12. Mr.Monttu

      Sadly this won't make even close to its initial goal, but I thought I should pick the lowest tier and show my support for u guys. Best of luck. :)

    13. Shigeya Murai on

      絶対このまま終わって欲しくない!VRで観てみたい。Dai-Shogun World の火は消えない。

    14. Mobin Mobeen on

      @AWESOME JAPAN Thank for explaining. I wanted to back it at $60 because i wanted blu-ray version of this film. But seeing the length is short and i will just stick with $25.

      Also if this didn't make to goal then try again. I just found out about this just 4 day ago. It just need more media expose so try to promo this more before starting again. And need to clear up some confusing. Most people haven't got VR yet so maybe that why it is slow.

      In mind when i see the word movie i was expecting it to be around 20-30 mins longer. Because mostly that when i back at blu-ray level.

    15. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      A full length movie it is surely not, as it is a reenactment from a scene from the first episode of the TV series. Of course, we would like to make as long a film as possible, but we have been up front with how long the work will be at the funding level.

      It is a ground-breaking medium, filmed using a 360 degree perspective in VR, but it is still most recognizable and accessible by referring to it as a movie. If you have the definitive word though, we are all ears!

    16. Mobin Mobeen on

      @AWESOME JAPAN So it is promo for movie? I mean one minute are use for teaser trailer so this what this is? I never seen any movie for a minute because that is too short to be called movie.

    17. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      We hear you there. But giant robots and fun should go hand in hand!

      For a little perspective on this, check out the Mr. Sasahara's interview on Anime News Network at http://goo.gl/pF811l and Update #10 at https://goo.gl/30Z97K

      Thanks for your feedback!

    18. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      I sure hope this "movie" doesn't become one big sex joke. Really putting an emphasis on everybody being a virgin..

    19. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      @Mobin Mobeen

      Thanks for the questions!
      1) The movie is one minute in length.
      2) Yes, you can still watch on a regular computer.

      We will add your questions to the FAQ. Thanks again!

    20. Mobin Mobeen on

      Hi, I just have 2 question. That is not in FAQ

      1) What is running Length of this animated movie?
      2) I don't have VR or owned any of them since i am only planning to get PSVR. Can still able to watch this movie on my computer just like normal movie?

      Thank you

    21. Kazuya Sasahara on

      @Inochi Nagi
      Thank you for your comment and thanks for checking out the Dai-Shogun TV series.
      It gives me courage to know there are others who feel the same as me.
      Thank you for your support!

    22. Kazuya Sasahara on

      @Robert Silva
      Thanks for the question! Sorry for the late reply. Did Awesome Japanrespond to everything?

    23. Nayru

      Best of luck with the campaign! This project looks great! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

      You could definitely use more exposure in social media overall, though, because it's clear you're not getting the attention you deserve. I wouldn't even know about the existence of this campaign if Iga-sama didn't mention you in the last Bloodstained campaign update.

    24. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      @Teofilo Hurtado Thank you for the question.

      Should we receive more requests and support from people like you, it may be possible to make the model data compatible with Blender. However, at this point it will be difficult to incorporate it into the project.

      Please keep sharing the project to make this happen!

    25. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Wish this was getting more attention it looks great :)

    26. Motoko11 on

      I really hope this succeeds! And never give up! This looks really good! ^_^

    27. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      @Teofilo Hurtado
      We will check this as soon as possible and add your question to our FAQ.

      Thank you all very much for your comments and your support so far. We make sure to translate and forward all your suggestions and questions to Kazuya Sasahara directly so please do not hesitate to show your support both here and on social media.

    28. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      We just added a FAQ about it. Thanks Robert!

      3D stereoscopic data for the 360° animation will be produced. However, because the data is so large, it will depend on the device how well it will perform. To play properly, H265 encoding will be required.

      As of this point we can confirm stereoscopic availability for Gear VR, Oculus and Vive. For other devices that do not support that encoding, a non-stereoscopic version will be available.

    29. Robert Silva on

      Will it be stereoscopic 360

    30. Kazuya Sasahara on

      To understand your advice is difficult in my English, but I understood that you consider this project.
      Thank you!

    31. Teofilo Hurtado

      @Kazuya Sasahara: I wish you success! (And I hope your head isn't hurting too much...)
      I've got one question about the character/mecha/background models: the files are made for Maya, but I wonder if Blender can open them. Could you check it, please? Many 3d amateur designers use Blender (because it's free), so perhaps they would be interested if the files are compatible. Thank you very much!

    32. Teofilo Hurtado

      @Awesome Japan: There's a thread on the Muv-Luv forums:

    33. Kazuya Sasahara on

      @Sithu YY
      Thanks for your comment.
      I also want to show to you, but at first I have to do other works!
      Stay tuned.
      Sorry, my English is poor.

      The Best in The World!!!

    34. Kazuya Sasahara on

      @Sithu YY
      Thanks for your comment.
      I also want to show to you, but I have to do other works!

      The Best in The World!!!

    35. Kazuya Sasahara on

      Hello, I am Kazuya Sasahara.
      I will answer everyone's question as much as possible.
      Thanks a lot!!

    36. Kristal Mora on

      Other great places to promote is CartoonBrew and Animation Magazine! I'll be sure to spread the word out on social media :)

    37. Gorchnik von Uberstein on

      The fact that this doesn't have more backers or comments is a damn shame. This looks absolutely glorious.

    38. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      @Inochi Nagi
      Thank you very much for your support! We we let Mr. Kazuya know of you kind words. We still have quite a bit to go before we reach our funding goal, so please spread the word to all your friends and on social media if you can!

    39. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      @Robert Silva
      The main goal of this Kickstarter is to fund the one minute 360 movie. When our goal is reached we will set a stretch goal to gather funds to complete the film. Concerning whether the movie will be stereoscopic, we will check with Mr. Kazuya and post an answer in the FAQ.

    40. Missing avatar

      Inochi Nagi on

      I came to this kickstarter page after clicking a link provided by Igarashi-san in an e-mail update for his Bloodstained project, not knowing what to expect. As soon as I saw it was for Dai Shogun, since I was already a fan of the anime series, I pledged $5 immediately (with hope to pledge much more if I can finally get the job I've been hoping to get this month). Then I saw the video and I have to say that it was the greatest kickstarter video I have ever seen (sorry Iga-san!). This is exactly what I have wanted since I watched Toy Story back in the 90s as a kid, and all of the mainstream CG films since then, which left me remarkably unsatisfied. The world needs this! The CG film world has remained a massively untapped frontier for far too long! Sasahara-san, you are my new hero. I just hope I can see this come to a theater near me one day, too.

    41. Robert Silva on

      Hello. Is this Kickstarter to complete the film. Or to create one minute of 360 video. Or both? Also will the 360 video be stereoscopic?

    42. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      Thank you very much for the suggestion! We are planning to do all we can to promote this project, and your comments are certainly helpful. If there is any suggestions like that in future, please let us know! And also, if you could please share this project on whatever social media you are using, that will be awesome!

    43. Missing avatar

      outlaw4188 on

      @Creator Ok awesome by the way I was trying to think of any more anime news websites that can help you guys out and I ended up coming up with a few here are the names of the websites (MyAnimeList) (Otaku Review) (Goboiano) (Anime Herald) (Fandom Post) (Otaku USA) (The OASG) and here are the names of three big Youtubers that might be willing to help you guys out by mention your project on their YouTube channels each one of these YouTubers makes videos daily and they also get hundreds of thousands of views each day so yeah that could be a lot of people coming to your guises project so first is Mystia Cronexia Second The Anime Man and third but not least Lost Pause all three of these YouTubers are super nice and cool guys I really think if you reach out to them they would be willing to help especially Lost Pause because the guy that runs the channels name is Noble and he owns a Oculus Rift so I'm sure he would be super interested in this movie plus all three of these YouTubers love sexy anime women so if you tell them about the sexy anime girls that are in your movie then they will probably fall in love with your movie idea instantly and I think all three of them have business emails strictly for companies who want to do business with them I would suggest using those emails.

    44. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      @Sithu YY
      Thank you for the comment. We are planning to show those pics in the future updates, so stay tuned!

    45. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      Thank you for the suggestion! Actually, we've sent our story to both of them and guys at the Anime News Network covered our project on their news section since the teaser stage. Big thank you to them. We hope they will do more articles in the future, so look forward to it!
      Link to the article:

    46. Missing avatar

      outlaw4188 on

      Hay Kazuya Sasahara I have a suggestion in order to get more people to donate to your Kickstarter over here in America we have two big anime new websites called AnimeNewsNetwork and Crunchyroll thousands of people visit these websites everyday I really think that you should try to get in contact with them and ask them to do a news story about your Kickstarter project and have them featured it on their websites they might even ask you to do a interview I know that they are really nice people over at those websites and I'm sure if you just ask they would be happy to help you out because we need to get as many people as possible to know about this Kickstarter project let me know if you think this is a good idea.

    47. Sithu WT on

      @creator, very excited for the project! Do you have like picture of your team and your office vr works to show? Although its nice to see what the final production looks like, we like to see the pre production too!