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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, November 14 2015 4:02 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, November 14 2015 4:02 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      Everyone!! Thank you very much!!! A rise of the last miracle must be the expectation value of the "CHUYA-DEN".


      Dear Backers,

    2. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Yeah that was an impressive bump at the end, we got so close!
      I really hope this will be attempted again, the project looks great.

    3. Batch o' Graces

      Whoa...where did this sudden spike come from?! (I swear it was $34000 last week...) The fact that this got THIS close made it even more sadder for me.

      I implore you to try again with the suggestions given to you below about giving backers more incentive to pledge, because I will gladly pledge again and would love to see this project come to life.

    4. Jasmine Clark on

      the fact that this got as much as it did is impressive! i did not expect this to get up to $81,000!! it got a big bump on the last day. i think you should wait a while and then restart the project with the same goal. you could try to get a lot more facebook fans and release lots of previews/wip's/teasers. then eventually, start the same project with the same goal. now that you've done it before, you can learn from this experience and next time the goal will be met!

    5. *That* Amanda on

      I'm sorry to see this project not backed. I'd like to hope that the shikishi and other artwork won't be destroyed and that backers will still have an opportunity to buy those.

    6. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      Hi Everyone. I'm YOSHIKO. Thank you for your pledge and support.
      This project is 24 hours left. A person of who keeps not giving up and supporting "CHUYA-DEN" until the end, please! And We'll cause miracle!

      I continue updating the FB!



    7. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      >>michi isolde
      Thank you very much. I'm very glad that there is like you! But I don't give up yet.The numerical value to appear here is important. And a good future will come over after there Please encourage!!

    8. michi isolde (ismichi) on

      I'm worried the $100K won't be reached in time, so I'll offer advice in the event a relaunch for this project is needed. I'm certain it could reach its goal easily the second time if not the first!

      This project needed a lower pledge goal, such as $50K or $60K. That's about half of what your financing department likely advised to be best for funds, but really: humans are very greedy, especially in the West! We don't want to participate or donate unless we know there's going to be a guaranteed reward--a lower goal would achieve that with ease. If they don't want to risk their time on a project that won't give them something if it doesn't reach its goal, then they won't bother trying to help. There's nothing better than a guaranteed project with such great rewards!!
      Also, you could utilize a rewards tier for every fragment of the goal reached, with some tiers after it's achieved. Some of your rewards are very, very awesome, and I'm certain they could entice people in the earlier Kickstarter stages to donate so they get the option; keeping some "hidden" or mysteriously advertised helps too. You could even include things such as OVAs and omake of varying lengths and types for once the original $100K goal is reached. You guys have a story that is very promising to animation and fantasy fans, and your company has a very friendly vibe that's inviting too. I'm certain you guys can make this a reality!

      I'm really excited for this story, so I'll do my best on my end to help!

    9. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on


    10. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      Hi! Every one! I'm Yoshiyuki Kaneko (YOSHIKO) Thank you for your pledge and support!!
      I'm very glad!! We will make a great anime "CHUYA-DEN" together with you!!
      Please Share, share, share!! And Please add-on original sound track!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Really love the look of this project, would be great if it were able to make it.

    12. Jasmine Clark on

      there's still time, everyone. let's share this project again. a LOT can happen in just a few days. i have seen other projects with a large part of their fundraising done within the last few days. come on, let's make it happen. share, share, share.

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      Sakiko Okutsu on









    14. Jasmine Clark on

      oh okay. well i think they can get this project done too. hope it gets funded!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      @Jasmine Clark
      Art of Making “Santa Company” – A Complete Guide,
      "Go! Samurai"
      To name a few

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Rolek on

      I've just donated $115! I would like to wish the creators, animators & VOs the very best of luck! ^_^

    17. Jasmine Clark on

      what other projects are you talking about?

    18. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      One of the reason why there arent more backers migth be because Awesome Japan has going on a lot of projects. (yes im aware that awesome japan is just the pr department on behalf of xx this or xx that but that is not my point.)
      Perhaps people want to see some completed before pledging to yet another project.
      Thats why im personally wont pledge more than 1 dollar on this project.

    19. Batch o' Graces

      Consider adding more reach-able stretch goals such as publishing manga, pre-production cost estimates or shorter pilot episodes to encourage more backers. $100 000 does seem a little steep as a base goal.

    20. Yuthana Suparatpinyo

      @Yoshiyuki: Thank you so much, so it means that this animation will be has 2 episodes then. I got it now.

    21. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      >>Yuthana Suparatpinyo
      The project goal is for a ten minute pilot episode. If we can get more funding, a 24 minute episode would come after. Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and support!

    22. Yuthana Suparatpinyo

      @Yoshiyuki-san: To be honest, your project is awesome. Though, I had read through your project's description and I got a little bit confused on your goal.

      According to your project goal section.

      Due to my bad english skill, I had comprehended that you mean the animation will be playing around 24 minutes per each chapter, which right now we do not know yet how many chapters will be have. However, if we help you to reach your target in this campaign, you will create the pilot minutes for each chapters (approximately 10 minutes per chapter), then another 14 minutes in each chapter will be funded by other source.

      Am I right or wrong?

    23. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      ≫Emanuel Mineda Carneiro
      Thank you!! I am glad!

    24. Emanuel Mineda Carneiro

      Rooting for this project! Looks really interesting :)

    25. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      Thank you very much!!

    26. Coolsome on

      Were all rooting for you!

    27. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      I thank all backers!!
      When everybody of Backer gives a comment to me, it'll be my encouragement!



    28. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      Thank you!! I'm very glad!!

    29. Aisu on

      The project looks great

    30. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      English and Japanese Manga Add-on is all go!

      If you would like to add on either the English or Japanese version of the Manga Chuya-Den/Gaiden Manga, please pledge and extra $20 if you live in Japan, $25 for the US, and $30 for other locations. Also a message to us of your noble intentions would be very appreciated.

      Thanks for the suggestion Ted!

    31. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      ≫Ted Green
      Wow!! Norio Wakamoto!! I love his voice of "COWBOY BEBOP".
      A reply comes from AWESOME JAPAN about manga version, so please wait a moment.

    32. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on




      Thank you!
      Thank you!!

    33. AWESOME JAPAN 16-time creator on

      Thanks for the support everyone!

      @Ted Greem
      There are no current plans to offer both the Japanese and English mangas, but we can certainly look into it. If it turns into a possibility, we will post it on the updates. Cheers!

    34. Ted Greem on

      I tend to back anime Kickstarters as a rule, but you definitely sold me by having Norio Wakamoto voice the villain and narrate the trailer. Is there a way to get the manga in English and Japanese?

    35. Batch o' Graces

      Agree with coolsome, do some friendly (but aggressive haha) spamming to get this project onto the front page, so we can all enjoy a feature-length film from this team of talent.

    36. Coolsome on

      We should email Kickstarter to see if we can get it to be a staff pick to get more views.


      “If there’s a project you think is exceptional, and think we should highlight for the rest of the Kickstarter community, just let us know in the comments, or email stories@kickstarter.com.”

    37. Missing avatar



    38. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      >>Marius Dagestad
      Oh! Crunchyroll!! Very nice!! Thank you!!

      >>Bright 'Kexu'Chen
      Awesome!! I'm glad.I prepared for most alone while getting cooperation of everybody. I am glad that people of the world hold out a hand to such me fantastically.

      Sorry.My English skill is poor...Thank you.

    39. Batch o' Graces

      Just pledge a fortnight worth of allowances for this. Not exactly sure why, but the amount of passion and detail displayed in the campaign descriptions were astounding and incredibly inspiring, plus I'm really digging the premise and the art style. Hopefully this will get off the ground so I can look forward to my art print. :)

    40. Marius Dagestad on

      Arived from Crunchyroll!
      I had to back this :-D

    41. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      Wow! Thank you coming from FB.I'm glad!!

    42. Bloodi on

      Saw a post about this on FB, looked interesting so I had to back the project.

    43. Yoshiyuki Kaneko on

      I'm YOSHIKO.I'm director of CHUYA-DEN.
      Hi! Every one! Nice to meet you.I'm sorry, Yoshiko himself is not so good at English.Please be nice to each other.

      Awesome! Thank you very much!! Your first comment is very nice!!

      >>Ruben Grest
      Hi! Thank you!! I think you're probably 1st person fan "CHUYA-DEN" in overseas.

    44. Ruben Grest on

      I've been following Yoshiko and Chuyaden for a while now, and I really want to support Yoshiko and the other team members in making this project a reality. Independent anime production and financing has always been hard, but I truely hope this campaign will be successful!

      I recommend everyone to check out the manga about Yoshiko's life, it's a fun read and very insighful: http://anime.chuyaden.com/en/contents/message.html#parentHorizontalTab2|ChildVerticalTab_11

    45. Coolsome on

      Hah first comment. I never heard of this till yesterday when a peace of art popped up on my Twitter Timeline but it looked interesting enough to look into it and I decided it was definitely worth backing.