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A cheese club for the people: flexible participation, a voice in selections, & knowing you are helping the community get great cheese.

Introducing Cyril's Community Supported Cheese Club!

Farmers do it. Winemakers sort of do it. Cyril’s is ready to get in the game- we’re starting a different kind of cheese club.

How does it work?

Each month Cyril’s will post a description of the cheese we plan to bring in for our cheese club. Signing up for that month’s membership means you agree to purchase one pound of the cheese and pick up the cheese on or after the specified arrival date at Cyril’s. If Cyril’s gets enough folks to sign up before the date we need to place our order for the cheese- the club is ON for the month.

Note: If we don’t get enough people, you are never charged and we simply try again the following month with a new cheese.

We will host a club members only event on the cheese pick up date where cheesemonger and Cyril’s co-owner Sasha Davies will share information about the cheese, serving recommendations, pairings and possibly recipes for working with your pound purchase. You’ll get a taste of the cheese, and we will offer samples of pairings. In the spirit of keeping our club members happy, at each club pick-up we will have attendees cast their vote for future selections. Your voices will be heard!! 

If you can’t make the pick up party- not to worry- your cheese will be safely tucked away at Cyril’s and available for pick up anytime we are open.

What’s different about our club?

  • You can opt in on a monthly basis so there’s no long-term commitment.
  • You know what the cheese is going to be before you spend your hard-earned bucks.
  • Members have a voice in the cheese selection.
  • Price will vary from month to month depending on the cheese selected.

February 2013

Cheese Selection: L’Amuse Gouda, a two-year old Dutch gouda that tastes like salted caramel, butterscotch and cheese rolled into one.

Pick Up Party Date & Time: February 21, 2013 at 6:30pm

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Small shop. Big cheese.
I'm going to reveal one of the most common plights of a small cheese shop in just two words: big wheels.

Some of the most delicious cheeses are made in big wheels- and when I say big I mean anywhere from thirty to ninety pounds. Small cheese shops take a long time to sell through that kind of poundage. New small shops take even longer.

Of course there are ways to purchase portions of these larger wheels-- some distributors will cut them down for you (but the number of these are dwindling due to a more stringent and slightly frightening food safety environment), and there are cheesemakers who chop the wheels up themselves and sell halves or quarters in vacuum sealed packaging.

The challenge with both of these options is that inevitably the quality of the cheese is compromised- even if only a bit- and remember that a quarter or half of some of these is still a substantial amount of cheese so a cheese shop that goes with either of these routes is working with a large quantity of product that is every so slightly handicapped.

So what's a cheesemonger to do? Keep trying. Which is exactly what I'm doing with our Community Supported Cheese Club at Cyril's. The goal is to get enough people to commit to a buying some of a big wheel that I can confidently bring it in, knowing that I will get to sell the majority of it from a freshly cut wheel.

Why use Kickstarter? Because we want to operate this club with maximum transparency. If we hit our goal- everyone gets access to a wonderfully fresh cheese that we all might otherwise not get to experience in this way. If we don't hit our goal- everyone walks. No harm, no foul.

This is a grand experiment. We are thrilled that tools exist on the internet that make this kind of experiment relatively easy for a new, small cheese shop like us. Thank you to the creative minds behind Kickstarter and to all of you who consider participating.


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    Come to the pick up party, taste and learn about the cheese and see if our cheese club is something you want to try next month. Supporting the Cyril's cheese club at this level also earns you a vote for the next cheese we will feature. Of course- if you fall in flavor love with the l'Amuse Gouda- you will also have the option to purchase some cheese at the event.

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    A hulking one pound wedge of gloriously aged L'Amuse Gouda plus access to the club pick-up party where we'll discuss (and try) pairings, serving suggestions, etc.

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