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ZEN DOG is the story about ONE man's road-trip across the USA and his determination to potentially OFF himself with a coin toss.
ZEN DOG is the story about ONE man's road-trip across the USA and his determination to potentially OFF himself with a coin toss.
330 backers pledged $34,268 to help bring this project to life.

The Great Clock in the Sky

I lost the keys to my time machine this morning, so this late night update will have to do. It's almost 4AM and I've come to the conclusion that I'll never be able to forget my life with Kickstarter. To say this entire process has been strangely unique would be an understatement. It's been a roller coaster ride of nerves and 5-hour energy drinks and I'm just happy that it's nearly over. We still have time on the clock to push this towards our target so I haven't given up hope just yet. If there's anything I learned throughout this entire process it's that ANYTHING is possible, especially when you have a network of supportive backers like you guys. Your shares, pledges, increases in pledges and more shares are pushing this into an actuality when just 2 days ago, it was far from even being a reality. Blows my mind that we raised over $12,000 in just the past 2 days. It's an exciting ride to be a part of and I look forward to transferring that momentum into the production of Zen Dog.  

So... during the past 24 hours, A LOT of people have been increasing their pledge amounts surprisingly. That got me thinking and basically, if every single backer in the sub-$100 range individually increased their pledges to rise up to the $100 ZEN DOG PACKAGE, we would generate nearly $10,000. Then I thought, What if the remaining backers then jumped to the next tier of reward, Zen Dog becomes Zen Wolf, Zen Wolf becomes Zen Bear and so on ... well if that happened, we would surpass our $30,000 goal. There's wiggle room in there and we continue to grow our list of backers as the minutes slip away, but as a failsafe, if you're watching the clock, glued to your seat and you don't want to see this ship sail, increase your pledge. There's no loss here, only gain. Every increase in reward is a win win on both ends. You get awesome stuff and we get to make a movie that gives you back that awesome stuff. And remember...these rewards, this opportunity to be apart of Zen Dog, it's all limited. After the clock stops, you'll never be able to get this kind of access ever again. 

The popular ZEN DOG $100 package contains the following, 

• HD Digital Download of the Movie 

• Random autographed page of one of our working scripts from production 

• Special Thank You credit in the actual Movie 

• Kickstarter Exclusive DVD-NTSC/PAL SD COPY of the Movie 

•  3 x 5 Limited Mini-Poster of the Movie 

• Limited Edition BLU-RAY that will contain special features which may include a behind the scenes documentary, making of documentary, commentary track + more!

• A random post-card mailed from the road while we're shooting keeping you updated on our progress 

• A coin replica from the movie signed by a random someone from our cast or crew

Keep in mind that after the campaign comes to an end, there is no way to change your reward. So choose wisely.  

Thanks everyone for all your continued support! It keeps my engines going! We're almost there! Ya!! Sleep!!