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Coyote Campus and Bad Sound take embark on an adventure around the country performing, making friends and spreading good vibes

  • Coyote Campus and Bad Sound are two young, hardworking bands out of New York. This August the two plan to head out on a tour of the east coast starting up in Upstate New York and working their way down to Roanoke VA. They plan on spreading their music to everywhere they play and expanding their fan bases through new relationships and relentless live performance.
  • Coyote Campus is an Indie-Pop band consisting of Sean McVerry on lead vocals, piano and guitar, Brendon Caroselli on drums, Dean Torrey on bass, Jonathan Sacca on guitar, Andrew Russell on trumpet, and Andrew Cowie on sax and clarinet. Their eclectic sound ranges from influences such as Camera Obscura and Spoon all the way back to Cole Porter and George Gershwin. Their flushed out arrangements paired with an energetic live show make them a band worth checking out.
  • Video: 
  • Bad Sound is a pop band based out of Utica, NY. Consisting of 

Zeno Pittarelli- Guitar and Vocals
Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie- Drums, Synths, Guitar 
Connor Benincassa-  Guitar, and Vocals 
Nicole Rahn- Flute, Vocals
Zack Marsh- Bass

Each member contributes to the writing of the group creating a truly unique and unified sound. The combination of sophisticated arrangements along with the flawless live execution creates the product that is Bad Sound.

Peep this:

  • All we want to do is bring our music out of the suburban context and have people all over get to hear it. We are honest, hardworking musicians and with a bit of support can create something really special! Believe in independent music! 


Coyote Campus/Bad Sound

Tour Dates:

8/10************************* Ithaca, NY

8/11************************* Rochester, NY

8/12************************* Utica, NY

8/13************************* Boston, MA

8/14************************* Providence, RI

8/15************************* Hamden, CT

8/16************************* New York. NY

8/17************************* Philadelphia, PA

8/18************************* Baltimore, MD

8/19************************* Roanoke, VA

8/20************************* Columbus, OH

8/21************************* Cleveland or Akron, OH

8/22************************* Buffalo, NY

W'ell see you out there!


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