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After years together, David and Kate's sex life is in the dumps. So one day, they decide to either have sex that night, or break up.

Hello, and welcome to the official Kickstarter page for the upcoming short film, We're Having Sex. We shot the film on July 28th and 29th, but we still have a ways to go before we cross the finish line! We'd love to tell you a little about this project, and why we need YOUR help to finish it!


We're Having Sex is the story of David and Kate, a young couple who suddenly find that their love life isn't just anemic, it's non-existent. So one morning they decide to raise the stakes: They'll have sex that night, or they'll break up.

Inspired by similarly character-driven films like Your Sister's Sister, Weekend, A Woman Under the Influence, and Two Lovers, our film examines the cause behind most breakups. It's rarely something as dramatic as infidelity or as tragic as abuse - rather, most relationships end because the people involved, even if they love each other very much, simply grow apart.


Writer & Director Michael Callahan graduated last year from the University of Southern California with an MFA in Film Production. His previous films Kiddo and Trivial similarly dramatize interpersonal relationships in isolated settings. (Kiddo takes place in a diner; Trivial takes place in an Irish pub; We're Having Sex takes place in a house.)

Michael is incredibly, ridiculously grateful to have an amazing cast and crew who have volunteered their time, skill and passion to help bring We're Having Sex to life. The crew includes producer and fellow USC MFA student Emily Ferenbach, cinematographer Ashley Barron, production designer Christina Brenton, costume designer Monica Chamberlain, and editor Nicholas Wenger. Our team is rounded out by our fantastic actors, Brandon Bales and Hannah Pearl Utt.


Why are we doing a Kickstarter campaign if we've already shot the film? We were able to get through production on the money Michael saved up over the last nine months, but we still have a ways to go! Getting through production is, as Winston Churchill would say, merely "the end of the beginning." There's so much left to do. And that's why we need your help: We need money for finishing funds!

What on earth are finishing funds?

Money for sound design, color correction, promotional materials for festivals (posters, postcards), and festival submission fees. Did you know that the average festival submission fee is about $50? Submitting a film to twenty festivals can cost over $1,000! And we intend to submit to many more than just twenty - there are thousands of festivals around the world! 

Why are festivals important? Festivals = exposure for our film = amazing opportunities for our cast and crew! A great festival run can have a huge impact on filmmakers' careers.

We can't do this without you.

Can't say it much simpler than that, really. We've got large ambitions for this little film, and the only way it has a chance of making it to big festivals and big audiences is with your help. No amount is too small (or too big!), and we've got some fun, personalized rewards for those of you who decide to donate.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. We really, truly appreciate it.


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    An internet hug, a digital download of the film, and a "Thank You" in the credits!

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    You've earned yourself a personalized poem, written by the director himself! You choose the topic and he'll do the rest. PLUS a digital download of the film and a "Thank You" in the credits!

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    Do you enjoy poems, but prefer them read to you on camera? You're in luck! The director will perform a dramatized reading of your personalized poem and send you the video to cherish / laugh at forever. You choose the topic, and he'll do the rest! PLUS a digital download of the film and a "Thank You" in the credits!

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    Do you like freshly baked cookies? What a coincidence - we do too! The director's mom will personally bake you a dozen of her famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and mail them directly to your door! Enjoy a cookie while watching your digital download of the film and subsequent "Special Thanks" in the credits!

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    You just got yourself a coffee date with the director! You can ask him anything you want about this film, filmmaking in general, or… well, pretty much anything that comes to your mind. AND he'll buy your coffee! If you live within 50 miles of Los Angeles or Pleasanton, California (the director's hometown!) the date will be in person. Otherwise, you'll meet via the magic of Skype! (You'll also receive a digital download of the film and a "Special Thanks" in the credits!)

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    You must love movie screenings, because that's what you've just earned! If the film appears in a theatre / festival near you and the director attends, you will be his +1 for the screening! After the screening, the director will treat you to a beverage of your choice and talk about absolutely anything you'd like. (Travel and accommodations not included!) PLUS you'll get a digital download of the film and a "Special Thanks" in the credits!

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    Wow. We're speechless. And just to show how speechless we are, we're giving you EVERY REWARD listed below, plus a limited release poster signed by the director.

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    Have your people call our people, because you're officially this film's Executive Producer. In addition to receiving that title in the film's credits, you'll get ALL previous rewards as well. That's right, all of 'em!

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