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Originally titled "Running Start," Sarah is the best alarm clock app to get your morning started- and is nothing like traditional one.
93 backers pledged $1,032 to help bring this project to life.

Refund Coming

Posted by Scott Neidich (Creator)

Appubator, the company that was making Sarah and asked me to create this project on Kickstarter, is getting shut down. Sarah has been submitted multiple times to Apple, and keeps getting rejected. For these reasons, this project has failed.

But unlike so many companies we see on the news who fire their leadership and give them enormous bonuses, I am not getting any money out of this.

I have enquired with Amazon Payments how to issue a refund to everyone, and as soon as possible, you will be refunded. Be on the lookout for another update from me in the event I need you to do anything in order to process a refund. I hope to have refunds out by the end of the week, but am not sure yet what is required for the refund process.

The future of the project: I intend to get all files relating to this project from Appubator and upload them to some open source website for anyone who wants to use it. I will post a link when I do.

I truly appreciate all your support, and its a shame that this project did not go as we all hoped it would.




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    1. David Goodrum on

      The refund is the right thing to do. Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Monkeyseee on

      )': looking forward to waking up with sarah for a while now... whatever some other time maybe
      thanks for finally updating even though it was about the end of the project

    3. Missing avatar

      John Bowen on

      Scott...don't worry about returning my $. Thanks for putting closure on this project.

    4. Dave Gilbert on

      Sorry to hear Scott, like others have said though this is just a part of being an entrepreneur. I am curious too as to what the reason it was not successful?

    5. Andy Lundell

      Out of curiosity, did Appubator explain what the problem was?

    6. Missing avatar

      Aron Starosta on

      No worries Scott...for what it is worth, this happens all of the time. In the world of entrepreneurship, sometimes, the dragon wins.

    7. Aonghus Collins on

      Real shame it didn't work out, hopefully Open Sourcing it goes well.