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Originally titled "Running Start," Sarah is the best alarm clock app to get your morning started- and is nothing like traditional one.

Sarah will differ from other alarm clocks by the nature of the alarm: She won'tt just play music, or some annoying tone, she will find pertinent information and speak it to you as your wakeup call.
For example, I am a student who uses public transit to get to school. So my morning wakeup with Sarah would be:
Weather. Its always good to know what the day ahead will bring weather-wise, so you can dress appropriately and be ready.
Emails- Reading the sender's name and subject, I know what I have ahead.
Google Nextbus- Telling me when the next bus will arrive so that I can take my time with breakfast, or run out the door quickly.
News- The headlines from your local paper, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NPR- whoever you want!

All of this information will be spoken to you by the app!

And when its all done, Sarah will even start up your music for you if you want.

Sarah's Strength lies in her customizability. No matter what a person does, there is information they need upon waking- and Sarah will deliver. 

Sarah is currently nearing completion with Appubator, an App developer in the Chapel Hill NC area. Funds raised through Kickstarter will be used for the marketing and promotion of Sarah.

Thank you for your support!


  • Well I'm glad you asked about X. But without knowing what X is, I can't say!
    Feel free to ask about your specific websites, and I will look into it!

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  • Sarah has been under development for over a year, and the programmer is very confident of its release soon. I can't be more specific than that at this time, but I will give an update the second the app goes to Apple and the Android Market for approval.

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  • Absolutely! A lot of apps fail because of insufficient traffic. The funds raised here will be used to promote the app, increase traffic, and hopefully make this app catch on. After release will be the most important time to have money for marketing.

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  • You can, and you should. But if your really love this idea, why not both? Buy the app for yourself, and give the code from Kickstarter to a friend to help spread the word!
    Plus, giving the support here will help fund the marketing efforts sooner- versus a slower cash flow, and less word getting out, this is much better!

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  • The radio will give you weather, music, news, etc. But only at a specific time, a specific station. This app on the other hand is completely customizable. Plus, you get the added benefit of it reading emails and customized public transit notifications.

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