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     It came to a point where all I looked forward to at the end of a long day was meeting up with my friends, and smoking with them, but some days we we're not all available to hang out, and I started smoking alone and started feeling depression and thats when I realized I'd rather save my marijuana, (at least most of it) until my friends were free and smoke with them.

Other times I was low on cash, or just going thru a badtime, and just could not get ahold of any, they would invite me to smoke, and that maid me feel... From the lack of a better description all fuzzy inside, and always brightened my day, I felt guilty about smokeing there marijuana without nothing to contribute and so I always offered 5 dollars, and they gladly accepted, considering the cost of Marijuana, and I was only going to be there for no more than an hour.So everything kind of worked out.

Now what if this feeling and kinship could be shared with ALL marijuana smokers out there!. 

There are over 20 MILLION marijuana smokers in the US.

It will eventually turn into a BILLION dollar industry!

Iv looked at the app market and there is nothing in the industry like it!

This app will allow the user to make a profile based on there marijuana consumptions/location, meet people based on those consumptions, there willingness to share, and also the need to meet new fun people and exchange story's while smoking at a fast easy rate.

Ex: How much do you smoke a Day?

How many times a day do you usually like to smoke?

How much will you be smokeing in this session?

The user can send what's called a smoke signal and it will automatically invite anyone in the area to smoke! Depending on there search range.

(Both party's must have profiles)

The person being invited can donate an optional  5$ minimum to the host, or 10$ depending on there likeness to the other person, quality of service and location.

(The app host will take 10%-15% of all fees)

There will be search preferences

Ex: Male or Female or Both

Race, Age, Ethnicity (optional)

Type of smoking product seach: Do you prefer to smoke from a bong, cigar, joint, rig , and so on...

 Ex: How Much time do you have for your session?

After the session you can choose to rate the quality of marijuana, and the host anonymously.

The host can show the quality of his, marijuana in his profile. The host can also keep a photographic record of all his meets.

Anyone actively on the app will be expected Ava to smoke! 

(The App will cost a Total of 1.00$ plus tax)

Alternative Names:



The app will be perfect for anyone that only smokes socially, anyone suffering from smokeing depression, or any smoker looking for new SMOKEING BUDDYS!!

I need funds to create a logo, web, scripting, app itself and I am personally working on the interface images.

If I could get some feed back on the project, good or bad it would be really helpful! 

Thank You: Leivi Dominguez

Risks and challenges

The app will be more profitable where marijuana is more expensive.

Ex: marijuana is 2x more expensive in the east coast, giving the user 2x more incentive to purchase the app.
But there's are 5x more marijuana smoker in CA.

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