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Stunning T-shirts, made with brilliant images, from 5 Magnum Photographers

Stunning T-shirts, made with brilliant images, from 5 Magnum Photographers Read More
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Thank you for all the feedback - particularly from those of you that would like to submit images to A big part of this project is inviting new quality photographers. We are laying out hundreds of Magnum Images now and the website will look brilliant.  

Laying out these images gave us an Idea - Open up pledges to include Your Images. This is a Kickstarter only offer and amazing value. Any profit will go directly towards building and is a terrific way for you to support us.

£24 All over print with your image. (Upload and layout instructions will be posted when the project completes)


5 of the worlds best photographers, 5 images voted to Kickstarter = The first Shirts will make, with your help. We believe great photography can be worn and not only makes a better looking T-shirt but also adds an artistic story to your wardrobe.

These original Images, the names behind them, the way the full frame images have worked so well - laid out as a T-shirt. It has all been incredibly exciting. We are giddy to hear your feedback and just so madly excited about seeing these images being worn. 

© Magnum Photos
© Magnum Photos

We know some of you will want these T-shirts really quickly and have planned to make sure we can get at least 100 sets shipped in June or at latest the first week in July. Look out for the Early Bird Pledge if you want our fastest service.

OUR Vision

We want great imagery being worn and discussed by a new audience. This summer the website will go live with more Magnum Images - then we will open the project up to other quality photographers. Maybe YOU?!

This is the first batch and with images chosen by many of you on our facebook page. The future viability of depends on this Kickstart and we look forward to you all being involved!

Bruce Gilden 

“I'm known for taking pictures very close, and the older I get, the closer I get.”

Bruce Gilden, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and has received numerous awards, including the European Award for Photography, three National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, and a Japan Foundation fellowship. Gilden joined Magnum in 1998.

Bruce Gilden's curiosity about strong characters and individual peculiarities has been present from the beginning of his career. This image of two men walking into the sea was taken on Coney Island; a favourite location for Bruce.

We appreciate this T-shirt for its tenderness and subtlety. It provides the story you can wear without shouting. We also can’t wait to see this shirt being worn in an new environment – Take these two old men with you, wherever you are heading!

Martin Parr 

“With photography, I like to create fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society's natural prejudice and giving this a twist.”

 The British born photojournalist Martin Parr, has been one of the most celebrated and recognizable artists of our time. Martin examines national characteristics and international phenomena. He enables us to see things that have seemed familiar to us in a completely new way. 

Not only are these gnashers given a new lease of life by Martin, but we have never seen a T-shirt quite like it! – The photo shoot went wild for this one as have everybody who sees it. Bringing art to a new audience used to be a big deal, now you just have to put on your Parr! Go on, get out there - SMILE and make the world a better place.

Richard Kalvar 

 “The photograph is completely abstracted from life, yet it looks like life. That is what has always excited me about photography.” 

Richard Kalvar studied English and American literature at Cornell University in the mid sixties. He worked in New York as an assistant to French fashion photographer Jérôme Ducrot. With a camera given to him by Ducrot he discovered his passion for photography. After two years of work in New York he moved to Paris where he founded the VIVA agency. In 1975 he became a member of Magnum Photos. Kalvar's style of taking photographs without warning the subjects creates an organic and stimulating image, which makes him a unique attribute to the Magnum group.

It is hard to surprise the subject in a Self Portrait, but what a great shot: The self-portrait that is not just you, but what defines you - Right? What defines you Mr Kalvar? what props define you - the obvious choice is a Camera, or perhaps some Film? Just like the Jazz club that paints naff musical notes on the sign outside the door ...I mean - There is no way to show the power of music. No way to make light, shadows and frame all come together in a self-portrait...Is there Mr Kalvar???  

Stripes on clothes is nothing new, that is for sure - but that is exactly what we love about this project. These lines and shadows are new and make such a  wearable T-shirt. Kalvar's Legs have the same slimming effect you'd get from a tie. The handrail pulls peoples gaze back to your face. 

 David Alan Harvey

“It's a lot of work living the life that you want to live, but that's what I'm doing.”

David Alan Harvey was born in San Francisco and raised in Virginia. A genuine childhood love story; at the age of 11 David saved up his paper round money for a used Leica Camera! Who would have guessed what good would come from a paper round…

We would adore David’s shot of the Rio beach any time. Is it the colour, the enchanting beauty, the surf, the graceful action? Any time it would be a favourite - but this is it the time, this is the year ....This IS the must have T-shirt of 2014.

Chris Steele-Perkins

“Everything shifts as you move, and different things come into focus at different points of your life, and you try to articulate that. ”

Steele-Perkins joined Magnum in 1979, where he flourished in conceptualizing the developing world into inimitable photography. In the most enthralling of ways Steele-Perkins has captured life in acts both calm and restless. 

This Image of the Japanese defense force walks, no wait, it carries you round the shirt - Holding the gaze of those all around you. Wear this one with swagger!

“These astonishingly beautiful photographs are more moving than can be described.” -Philip Hensher, The Spectator

Because the print is applied after the shirt is constructed the process can leave white crease marks where the shirt is not flat (Underarms for instance). The Samples in the video and photographed are intentionally printed to not disguise the crease marks, we made sure the photographed samples are a worst case print quality. Our production shirts will have less marks than the samples you see photographed here

IF WE RECEIVE £50,000+ IN PLEDGES WE WILL BE ABLE TO PRINT THEN SEW THE T-SHIRT, only leaving the smallest of crease marks.

The garments are produced in Sedex ethically audited facilities and printed in the UK.

We will ask for your size and image choice at the end of the Kickstarter Project. If you pledge for 2, 3, 4 OR 5 T-shirts *but* you more than one of your favourite image - No problem, whatever you want. We will ask you for your sizes and image choice after the project is funded.

Money Goes - To Produce awesome T-shirts, pay royalties, shipping and all that other stuff. Any remaining profit will be re-invested in the project

Rewards, the best deal = buy all 5....£20 per T-shirt & NO Shipping 

• $1 minimum pledge, you're in. We will keep you updated with our progress. With every inch upwards you'll be informed. In hopes of website creations, in order to order a wide variety of Magnum Photography all for your choosing.

• £25 Pledge, One T-Shirt!

•£48 Pledge, Two T-Shirts!

• £67 Pledge, Three T-Shirts!

• £88 Pledge, Four T-Shirts!

• £100 Pledge, only £20 a shirt and you get the full collectors pack of 5 T-shirts.

****Each pledge after the £1 value, receives updates on Photo.Clothing as we progress, and we promise to keep you in our circle just for being our Loyal Kickstarter fan. This includes the Website going live and when we have the opportunity to bring new Photographers in to the project.****

Neck Labels 

As a Kickstarter exclusive we have designed one of a kind neck labels. These neck labels are yet to be finalised but will include a mention of Kickstarter funding and include a print of the photographers signature..
Creative Review talk
Creative Review talk

Risks and challenges

The good news is we know what we are doing and have the technology! If something unforeseen goes wrong it will only be a hiccup, maybe a slight delay shipping or that we just work twice as hard to get the T-shirts delivered to you.

As mentioned, the print process can leave white crease marks, the marks are intentionally worse in the samples you see here than we expect to see in production. If we raise over £50,000 we will be able to sew the garments after printing, which will minimise the crease marks further still.

International shipping includes EU and the USA. Other countries, we may ask more if we need to. Until we know what we are shipping it is hard to be precise. If you are not happy with the shipping quote (We will try hard to make sure you are!) we will refund you.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    Pledge £1 or more About $1.68 USD

    Help us build the gallery of the future! Your support will help realise THANK YOU!

    Get the scoop on the newest images, photographers, possible sizes, and more.

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    YOUR IMAGE printed on a T-shirt as an all-over print. Includes layout of your image and shipping

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    Pledge £67 or more About $112 USD

    3 Shirts = £22.50 Each!
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    Obviously, we will also send you some updates, & we will wonder why you did not pick 4?

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    Pledge £88 or more About $147 USD

    4 Shirts for £88 - Are you kidding me? This is the worst deal here! - you should spend £12 more and get all 5...We are only putting this option in so we don't get a load of questions why you cant buy four shirts. Move on...nothing to see here - Please buy all 5!

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    Pledge £99 or more About $166 USD

    FREE Signed BOOK by one of the Photographers
    5 T-shirts (Your Choice)
    Early delivery!

    Very limited numbers

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  8. Select this reward

    Pledge £100 or more About $168 USD

    EARLY SHIPMENT SPECIAL! All 5 Shirts. We are going to make 100 sets of images ship really, really quick. We want to offer these with a special label only available on these early bird shirt to recognise what you mean to us! You are the Kickers of Kickstart and we LOVE YOU!

    All 5 T-shirts - (you choose the size) Shipped late June.

    ONLY £20 per Shirt

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 3 backers

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