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A customizable robo lamp with 2 LED light sources, one RGB controlled by mobile and a clear one controlled by touch!
A customizable robo lamp with 2 LED light sources, one RGB controlled by mobile and a clear one controlled by touch!
6,148 backers pledged $1,327,559 to help bring this project to life.

Body Update 2

Posted by Radu & Andrew (Creator)

Hello backers,

The mold for the back half of the body is repaired. It was tested today and worked correctly! 

Just small finishes that will be done on the fly are needed! 

Now, our focus is on the front side. You'll see it in the second set of pictures, there is still some work and finishes to be done, but, at least, it went forward and part of the work is done.

Thank you,

Radu & Andrew



The ones that didn't make it:)
The ones that didn't make it:)





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    1. Missing avatar

      Beauchamp Fontaine on

      I paid for this more than TWO YEARS AGO! I wanted to have it as a Christmas gift for my son, and now you guys have gone radio silent for five months. What is going on? PLEASE update us -- even if it is to confirm that we should never expect a thing from you, which would be really lousy.

    2. 游智強 on

      Did i be cheated?

    3. 游智強 on

      Your last comment is you will start shipping soon. Please send an update and a realistic shipping date.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gary Rolfes on

      Your last comment is you will start shipping soon. Please send an update and a realistic shipping date.

    5. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Clarance please mail the new address to if you haven't already!

    6. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Ewin sorry for that! We will be able to start shipping soon, if you need another address change, please mail the new address to

    7. Erwin Roossien on

      By the time we receive this product I've moved 2 times and became a parent.. You guys really need someone to time management this project. Because this is getting ridiculous �.

    8. Clarence Tang on

      I too am moving house. How do I make sure that my shipping address is updated?

    9. Leslie Jordan

      Radu & Andrew, I am sure you have a completion and delivery date in mind. Please post this so we backers can feel more confident in the long delayed project. Thank you.

    10. Christopher Blake on

      Shipping updates? Please?

    11. Philip Glorioso on

      I see others have expressed a lot of the frustration I also feel regarding this project. The delay has brought some additional concerns as I have moved since completing the survey. I've sent a few messages to confirm the change of address, but there is no formal methodology to enter my new address with the survey / fulfillment provider so I'm sort of anxious about that as well. I had an issue with another project I backed and the thing ended up lost. I was fortunate that the project team was sympathetic and reshipped my order.
      As we are now a full 12 months from scheduled fulfillment would it be a good idea to have your fulfillment agents re-verify shipping data before posting them to the backers? I'd hate to deal with another shipping mishap when that happens- and yes, I'm an incurable optimist and I believe the product will eventually ship.

    12. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      I have recently moved house (and country). Will there be an email to confirm shipping address when the products is ready (heh!) to be shipped? Thank you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Natasha on

      Yes I'm trolling. I had forgotten I backed this, and have recently started paying attention again. Since then I've been watching it play out like a Lynchian movie where you really don't know what's going on, but never expect the payoff to ever happen.

      I've gotten my money's worth reading some of the comments. This is Kickstarter. Nothing's guaranteed.

      At this point, I'm mostly just laughing at myself for backing a.... lamp.

    14. Missing avatar

      Gary Rolfes on

      The next update needs to include an estimate on when you actually expect to start shipping

    15. Carolyn Zuppann on

      Any progress being made? Revised estimated date they'll be ready? Thanks.

    16. Sarah Hale on

      Are there any new updates on this product... ?

    17. peter szitarity on

      Almost another month has passed and no update on the front changes that needed to be made.

    18. Thah Mann on

      @Daniel write regarding address changes.
      And good luck in Thailand :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Campion on

      I'm moving from the US to Thailand and need to update my shipping address. Can you tell me how to do this? Also, since there's been such a long delay, will you cover the additional shipping charges?

    20. Niki Smith on

      Really happy the time is going into making the perfect parts. Looking forward to the final product. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      What I like on the updates is that you can really have a look inside the 'kitchen' of how the Lampster is being made.
      Every step how the Lampster comes together.
      If the whole production would have been flawless, that would not be so exciting.
      To see the photo's and read about the difficulties on the way, that gives extra bonding with the Lampster. Other backers call this frustrations and scamming, but the more the backers loose themselve in anger and evilness, the more bonding with the Lampster.
      It is like in a relation between two people, as long as the couple fight then there is a bond. From the moment that there is no fighting anymore that is when the emotional bond is gone and the relation is really over.

      In summary, overall there is a good bonding among backers with the Lampster and thus the greater the joy when the Lampster arrives on our doorsteps.

    22. Kim Cheung on

      Hi Radu & Andrew,
      Honestly, I've more or less given up on getting the lampster at this point. You guys are now officially a year behind the fulfillment period and have not been willing to commit to a hard delivery date. I keep on seeing delays and blame being cast on to different situations. As tough as it is to deliver a product, it should not be this difficult if you ran a competent business.

      Can you please let us know how to get a refund? I no longer have confidence that you will deliver this product to me.

      I appreciate that you are a start up, however, as someone that also helps run a business; I know that when I take money from a client to retain my services, the buck stops with me. At some given point, there are no excuses in the world that will justify a lack of delivery to my client.

      Your handling of this kickstarter is the one reason I have not made any additional pledges; which is additionally disappointing because I told many friends about your product and roped them in with me.


    23. Andrew

      I guess that means that the creators no longer have to ship anything to Natasha. She just said on record that they fulfilled her pledge reward.

    24. The Silencer on

      Don't feed the trolls. ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      Ramiro & Janette on

      Natasha has a Lampster? Or, is that a prank to stir up comments?

    26. Missing avatar

      Natasha on

      Thanks so much for my Lampster! Looks great in my living room - awesome result guys xxx

    27. Misha Ketslah

      While i'm really sad that it takes so long and I assume would take more time.
      I am really happy and greatful that you continue working on it and btw you really improved on updates.
      Thanks you guys very much, you are doing hard work there! <3

    28. Rob Jansen on

      @Nicolas, I understand what you are saying and agree with you. Your statement however about people getting a bitter is uncalled for. Time and time again this project is delayed, in some cases for things that they should have thought off prior to starting the campain. Maybe these guys just had a good idea and aren't very good at the rest of the stuff.
      I don't believe it is a scam, otherwise why keep posting updates and respond to comments. Why just run away with the money. I just believe they are not very good at the whole product development cycle. Let's hope they'll learn from it.
      At some point I'm sure I will receive my lamp. Before that happens I'm sure people will complain and you should let them. Using a crowdfunding platform does not mean you can just do anyting you want.

    29. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      I'm confused about all the complaining about the long delivery time by backers. Crowdfunding has the beauty of distributing the financial risk of a start up company amongst many individuals. In doing so the individuals who risk their money on projects are offered a small return on their investment, this case a lamp. Many people who have claim to have great ideas and have limited experience in the delivery of the products/service turn to crowdfunding. They are likely to choose crowdfunding because they may not have to get backing from a single/few major investor investors. From a business point of view, it is much easier to have to answer the a single/few people rather than thousands, so the creator increases their risk of delivering. It is much easier to negotiate an understanding with a single/few investors than thousands.

      Yes the delays are less not ideal. There is a reason for this and I feel like it is being explained. Testing and product development takes time, especially when plans change such as the head no longer being manufactured from recycled tractor headlights. I feel as though Radu and Andrew are not in a position to provide a firm delivery date for these lamps based on how far outside the original delivery date they are. Perhaps it would be best to provide a list of what is done and what needs to be completed, and let the backers see this list.

      Is this a scam? Perhaps, perhaps not. This isn't the first time it has happened in crowdfunding nor will it be the last. This is part of the risk an individual accepts in backing crowdfunding projects. As a backing individual it is up to you to make an informed decision if you're willing to risk your money on an ideal. Once you hit pledge, you've accepted the risk, scam or delays.

      The average backing was $215 per person. If you're going to become bitter over losing that amount of money in something that was a risk to begin with, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate your investment to crowdfunding.

      Radu and Andrew, could you please provide a summary of (perhaps in an update):
      How many people you have in your team
      Where these lamps are being made
      How many suppliers are you dealing with to provide the materials
      What has been completed for the lamp and what still needs to be done
      How much of the investment is left (from Kickstarter and Indegogo)

    30. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Adam Andersson the body is from 4mm to 5mm in thickness. That's a lot. We will post a video with a body drop/test so people can see if it holds up. It is very durable. We recomanda sand or small pebbles . Sand has more mass per area but it has some dust . we will send reconfirmations. Packaging is ok. we will add also filling on the head area.

    31. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Tim Production is not made in China. And it was not even planned to be made there

    32. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Yaki Baranes no new problems appeared since the last update. Update explains that a part of them are solved.

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam Andersson on

      Thanks for the update, well needed as of the delay we are facing the more updates the better. Reading the comments below there is a lot frustration but no matter, good with updates.

      Looking at the pictures the plastic body looks a little "thin" and not as robust as I could imagine...however I'm not an expert and assume it is a durable material and with sand filling it will last? Are there better options than sand to fill the body which you would recommend?

      Since the project has such a delay and the orders were placed quite some time ago I wonder if re-sending the confirmation would be of value or if this would cause more confusion and effort than necessary.

      I also agree with @Dennis on careful and solid packaging to avoid damaged product on delivery. Have the packaging part even been started, if not then October-November is likely to be a potential optimistic delivery start but I'm glad to be proven wrong. :)

      Looking forward to next update and more pictures and my 4 lamps (Order #25914)

    34. Tim on

      A year past delivery and still no signs of actual progress. As it says at the top of this page, 6,148 backers pledged $1,327,559 to help bring this project to life. Thats not a small amount of money, especially as production is happening in China.

      As a general comment. 18 months ago I went kickstarter mad and pledged for about 10 projects. 18 months on and 50% of the kickstarter project I've backed are giving the same excuses we are hearing here or have not delivered the product that was promised. It's a shame as I'm sure there are some great products out there that will never see the light of day due to peoples reluctance to pledge after experiences such as this.

      All I can say is it better be a bloody good lamp!!!!!

    35. Samion 2nd on

      I can't really understand backers who write stuff like:"This is not Amazon don't expect to get project you backed" this is really nonesesnse people. Yes- some delays or changes from the original projects are understandable, but Kicksatrater was not founded for scamming and for people to be OK with being scammed. Years of anticipation for a Lamp (!!) after we all gave our good money is just not fare and not what this site and platform is all about. It seems to me there is no real production or willingness to send anything to anybody and that problems are always pop up when it seems we start seeing the end. I hope to get mine soon and get it over with.

    36. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Thomas Masty there is a company taking care of all this process. I totally understand the frustration. And its on both sides. We also are hurt by this delay.

    37. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Johnny Ishibashi @peter szitarity I understand your upset but lets explain again. Half is totally fixed. The molds were almost ready and tested. Had issues with neck area and holding the sand. So they were tested. After that the neck was fixed and now One of the halves is ready (like final). The rest i will not comment. This update show actually progress. The fact that is a harder to perceive visually the progress, it doesn't means its not there. As regarding "the scamming", why even bother if yo are convinced about that. If we posted an update that some problems are solved and we are moving forward is scamming? Some backers complained that even a small update is important and should give them when progress is reached. Hope your opinion will change when you will receive it.

    38. Missing avatar

      Thomas Masty on

      I appreciate the update but it seems you guys have put the cart before the horse at times. You might want to hire a consultant to get your ducks in line as this project could go global if delivered in the near future. Most of us thought the body was done when you were painting and apparently hiring staff. So I hope you can appreciate the frustration of your backers. In the past you have promised numerous delivery windows. Where do we stand now? Still the summer of 2017 as you said a while ago? Good luck and I am praying you make this work.

    39. Johnny Ishibashi on

      Let's face it. These scammers have NO intention to ship anything, these lampsters should have arrived ages ago and still the scammers are saying "when it's ready", meaning Whenever it's ready IF it ever gets ready. They just took our money easier than taking candy away from kids.

    40. Rominio on

      the best news is:"Depending on the number of Lampsters, painting each one by hand, might delay shipping for some!" This was the ONLY risk of the original campaign and this step hasn't even started yet... there will NEVER be a final Lampster.

    41. Missing avatar

      Dennis Stachel on

      Thank you for this update. I hope progress goes well. I am also afraid your carrier like DHL will smash it to pieces, thus, a very careful packaging has to be tested in advance.

      I expect the Lampster to mass-ship in the early weeks of autumn.

    42. peter szitarity on

      Your organization has no real clue what you're doing or you're scammers. It looks like you're working on one component at a time you have no real work flow you show us painting of the finish product and just plain rubbish videos when you should be working on the product. You do another float on another fundme site and you're stil posting production issues. And it's almost a year over delivery date. I call shenanigans.

    43. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Joshua Tulberg yes, at the beginning when we were researching. It is not possible as the blow cant reach the hands. You can only do more simple shapes. Also the plastic it cant be recycled there and it is much more elastic and we didn't needed that. If it woudnt had the hand outside of the body that tech could probably be applied.

    44. Aaron Kirscht on

      Congrats on your one-year-late anniversary!

    45. Joshua Tulberg on

      Did you guys consider rotary molding or blow-molding for this part?

    46. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Christalla Demetriades you did not fill the survey or you cant find the survey you have filled?

    47. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Rich Van Meter also at the large types of molds you cant see the final result easy. For exemple there are months of work and you cant actually test it to see what the product looks like as you can inject on the mold when you are close to the end.

    48. Radu & Andrew Creator on

      @Rich Van Meter The mold it self has a production time of around 4 to 5 months plus a couple of weeks for tests. The problem was that the manufacturer of the mold delayed it and even after the delay it was not made properly and had to be repaired. We mover the mold to a different manufacturer. From this came also the neck issue.

    49. Rich Van Meter on

      I'm not a production specialist and I'm glad to have updates. With that out of the way, there are dozens of projects funded, proofed and produced each year with multiple, intricately injection-molded pieces. Why is something has relatively simple as a large body with internal structural needs taking years? Hire a college design engineering intern for a week and get all of that squared away so that production can start.

    50. Christalla Demetriades on

      Whilst it does seem to be taking you a remarkably long time to produce a lamp, which is, after all, a bit of funky fun.. I remain excited to see the finished product and relieved I don't have to tidy my desk to accommodate it just yet.. I've lost the email you sent a while back asking us to give our colour and style preferences.. will you be resending it? If not, please can you post a link to where I can place my specific order please...good luck with front mould..