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Give me one subject and I'll write you a story about it! Help me raise money for my book!

Let Me Tell Your Story! Say what?

This is how it works:

$10 You give me ONE thing and I’ll write a unique summary of a story involving that one thing. Your summary will come on a story card decorated with cut outs, stickers, stamps and more. (Almost like a scrapbook page) 

$18 - I will send a copy to you & one copy to a friend, coworker, teacher, celebrity, boyfriend, grandma, youtuber, crush etc as long as you have an address I will send it.

Why are you doing this?

I’m an author. I love writing. (DUH!) I’m working on publishing a few stories, but I have to pay for an editor…(Not everything in life is free). The $200 dollars will cover my editing cost and anything more goes to marketing/advertising.

What happens if I have to write over 1,000 letters? I will be over the moon happy. I’ll probably do a victory dance around my house. Seriously, I will write every one of letters.

Why should you donate?

1.     You’ll be helping me publish my book.

2.     You’ll receive something awesome in the mail

3.      Everyone loves receiving things in the mail.

4.     A story about a topic you picked

5.     You’ll be helping me? Did I already say that?

Once I complete my Kickstarter you will receive a survey to give me your story page idea and addresses. 

Shipping is included, so don’t you worry about that!

About me:

My name is Ellie Grace. I currently live in Northern Virginia. I’m a 20 year old, self-published author of eight books. Earlier this year I won an award at the London Book Festival for my book, The High School Stories. For more information check out my website


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    Every dollar helps. You will receive a postcard about one of my books.

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    Give me ONE subject and I will write a summary of a unique story about it. Fully decorated and mailed to you. WHO DOESN'T LOVE RECEIVING PACKAGES IN THE MAIL?! ESPECIALLY A SPECIAL STORY FOR YOU!! (you'll also receive the postcard.)

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    BECAUSE YOU HAVE FRIENDS! I will take your subject and make a story card for YOU & one for a friend, family member, coworker, lover, who ever (as long as you have an address) & BOTH of you get a postcard.

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    THE BIG TIMERS! I will write you subject story summary, decorate it and send one to YOU & a friend, family member, coworker, lover, etc ANDDDD! You'll get a random story card made from another person's subject... as well as the postcard.

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