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In space, nobody can hear you scheme...
In space, nobody can hear you scheme...
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July Update

Posted by Alex White (Creator)

We are delivered!

By now, I hope that everyone has their printed copies (or for those few people who live in remote places, the means to get them!). I know that there was one delivery glitch which is in the process of being sorted out; if you haven't received anything yet and think you should have, please get in touch with me, and we can get it sorted out!

Working on the stretch goal

I haven't forgotten the stretch goal of six additional adventures. I've got five and a half adventures written up, and very soon I'm going to be ready for a couple of editing passes to make sure that everything adds up properly and that I don't have any spelling, grammar or maths mistakes. All being well I hope that I should be able to get this out to you as a PDF in August (as long as I don't run into problems in getting my cover done). I'll try to give an update in early August about where we are.

Continuing to work on the next phase

My colleague and friend who has been immersed in the cyberpunk settings for twenty plus years is continuing to feed me good stuff for the 'Adventures in the Underbelly' supplement which is underway. 

I ran an adventure to playtest some of the elements last month; some things worked pretty well, others I could see where tweaks would be needed. At some point I'll be using my forthcoming email newsletter to see if anyone would like to help with playtesting those cybernetics rules. 

Onward! And good gaming!

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