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Car keys, house keys, lock keys.. Why not hold them together by titanium? Switch out your cheap key ring with a quality titanium one.
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Saltwater results and muriatic acid test

The results of the saltwater test was quite clear today.  The hardware store key ring was rusted quite heavily while the Titanium key ring was not.  We decided to move on to the next test, a soak in muriatic acid.

The muriatic acid, commonly called hydrochloric acid, used was at about 30% concentration.  A small container was filled and both key rings dropped into it.  The Titanium key ring had not reacted much, if at all when dropped into the acid.  The hardware store key ring immediately started to react with the acid.  It was difficult to see what was going on in the container due to the amount of bubbles created from the reaction to the hardware store key ring.  The acid was dumped out and a picture was taken of the rings to note any damage.  The outer coating on the hardware store key ring was thinning and peeling.  Fresh acid had been poured into the container and the rings dropped in again.

The results were very clear when the key rings were removed from the container and rinsed off.  The Titanium key ring did not look very damaged at all.  The hardware store key ring had suffered heavy damage.  Most of the outer coating had been thinned down and eaten away.  Very little of the outer coating had remained at the end of the acid test.  In the side by side comparison photo you can see that the Titanium key ring remains quite well in tact while the hardware store key ring has suffered further damage.  The uploaded video on this update is from the second time dropping the key rings in the acid, the videos from dropping them in the first time were of lower quality.

We still need to incorporate all of this footage into the project homepage video.  We also need to get some footage of the Titanium key ring in use with keys.  We will be sure to get going with these soon.

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    1. Creator TypeBus on January 29, 2012

      We could try and figure something to see how much it takes to make the key rings bend.

    2. Creator Kevin C. Jones on January 28, 2012

      Can you do a stress test? How much till it bends?