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Car keys, house keys, lock keys.. Why not hold them together by titanium? Switch out your cheap key ring with a quality titanium one.
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More backers and labels

Posted by TypeBus (Creator)

It seems like adding a video has helped bring more attention and backers to this project.  We are still in the process of getting more pictures and video together to update what is posted.  Hopefully we can get onto the popular projects page.

We have been coming up with several different designs for labeling the key rings.  We are leaning toward a tag styled sticker that wraps around the key ring and adheres to itself.  The tag will likely be clear and simple, stating that it is a "Titanium Key Ring" on a plain background.  We want to keep the clutter down and prefer simple and bold too flashy and complex.


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    1. TypeBus 3-time creator on

      Those are all good suggestions!

    2. Jason Campbell on

      i love the video, it makes me confident that my keys can survive a volcanic eruption and a being caught in a tectonic plate shift at the same time.

    3. Duncan on

      maybe you could just stamp a small 'Ti' somewhere on the ring?