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Car keys, house keys, lock keys.. Why not hold them together by titanium? Switch out your cheap key ring with a quality titanium one.
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Posted by TypeBus (Creator)

We took some footage for our comparison between a Titanium split key ring and a hardware store's split key ring.  We still have to add the proper labels about what's happening in the video.  The Titanium one is the flatter looking one on the left of the video.  The hardware store one is shinier and slightly larger in diameter.

The video starts off with an acetylene torch (no oxygen), but the flame was a bit too small for illustrative purposes.  We then use a propane torch to further heat both rings.  The Titanium one started to develop the rainbow-blue-purple looking color almost immediately after heating with the propane torch.  The hardware store one got discolored just a small bit.

Seeing that the propane torch wasn't enough, we decided to get an oxygen-acetylene torch.  We did not use this torch to the full potential, as it would have destroyed both split rings very easily.  We just wanted to illustrate that the threshold of the hardware store one was lower than the Titanium one.  There are some pictures illustrating this in the video.

Both rings were then wire brushed to see what kind of permanent damage had been done.  The Titanium one cleaned up well, but suffered some deterioration.  The hardware store one didn't clean up as well and had a lot more damage done.  The last picture of the set illustrates the differences between the two key rings pretty clearly.

These rings are now going to be immersed in saline water and left out in the weather.  You'll have to wait a bit for these results, but hopefully the differences will be noticeable within a few days.


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