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Update #24

C needs your help!


Hey everybody! C is very, very close to being in the top tier of G-TECH's creativity contest and in consideration for the top prize. If you haven't already, please help give us one last push and click this link, share with your friends, and give us a 5-star rating. Any prize we win would be a significant boost to getting our next project off the ground.

Thanks so much for your time & support!

Update #23

C could be G-TECH's "Best Short Film"


Hey, everyone!

C has been entered into G-TECH's "Driven Creativity" competition. If we win top prize, we'll get $5,000 to put into our next film project. But we need your help to win! Finalists will be chosen by view-count and their rating score.

All you need to do is follow the link below, and give us a 5-star rating. Then please share the link with your friends to get the word out! Every view helps.

Thank you all again for the generous support you've given us over the last two years. We couldn't have done any of this without you.

- Derek & Otto

Update #22

Shipping Rewards!


Hey Everyone!

By now most of you should have figured out your digital downloads and are waiting for more goodies to arrive in the mail. Well, fear not, packages are on their way!

The USB sticks have been loaded.

Our images printed.

And everything packaged! 

We decided to send things out in several rounds (the poor clerks at the post office can only handle so much) so the first batch went out this afternoon and the last should be out by the end of the week. 

In other news, we will be releasing the movie with subtitles soon (Spanish and German to start) so if there is any particular language you would like us to include, let us know! Finally, since a lot of people have requested them, we've made some C-shirts! You can buy one here, while supplies last.

Update #21

We Broke Dropbox!

It turns out sending around 1.5GB of information to 1,200+ people is really difficult!

So we are going to go back to the first plan. If you did not receive our original email, and could not find it in your spam filters, and did not get a chance to download the movie before Dropbox went down, please message us and we will resend you your link.

If you had trouble downloading from ganxy (which is where the original link goes) and your link is now expired we'll send you a new link. 

Thanks for your patience!

Update #20


Hi Everyone!

We sent out emails with download links last night and have heard they are getting caught in spam filters. If you haven't gotten the link please check your spam filter, and if it is lost, please private message us and we'll get you a new link. 

Once again, we're really sorry this has taken so long and become so complicated, we'd hoped doing it this way would be easier!

In other news, we're in the middle of loading all of the USB sticks and as soon as those are done we will be mailing out all of the rewards for $25 - $100 (the vhs tapes might take a little longer).

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    483 backers

    Digital HD download of the film

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    252 backers digital download of educational mini-series "Beyond the Infinite," complete episode

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    85 backers theme song download, official soundtrack download, and "Encrypted Ship's Log" (see update #4 for details)

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    129 backers "C" postcard and “Beyond the Infinite” star map

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    174 backers USB stick edition of the film, with bonus features!

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    41 backers material from the archives, including but not limited to: signed ship plans, vintage “Beyond the Infinite” poster and high-quality photographs.

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    15 backers your name integrated into on-screen crew roster, and VHS hardcopy of "Beyond the Infinite"

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    3 backers a personal in-world video message from the crew of the ship and a skype conversation with Derek and Otto (find out anything about "C" that you want to know!)

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    6 backers an original Smartgun, Ground Crew Certification and Associate Producer Credit

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    0 backers an original Weldgun and Operator certification and Executive Producer Credit

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    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)


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