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I am making a book of fake movie posters. Back the project, get in a poster. The more you give, the bigger a star you become.

I am making a book of fake movie posters. Back the project, get in a poster. The more you give, the bigger a star you become. Read More
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About this project

My name is Jän Strauss (click to see my work) and I want to make an original movie poster for you. If you pledge any amount of money to my project, you will appear in a movie poster. The more support you provide, the more control you will have over your ‘career’ and the more input you will have in the creation of your poster.  

In the end, everyone will get at least a digital copy of their poster. All posters will be featured in a book titled Hollywood: A People’s History, woven into a tapestry of fake reviews, scandals, history and trivia detailing the alternate reality Hollywood in which all of you are the stars. With your help, I will work exclusively on this project from mid-August to January or later.

And so I lay myself before thee, good people of Kickstarter, and ask for your assistance in making my dream a reality. For your generosity you will be immortalized as wayward knights, sleazy cops and janitors with hearts of gold. If you run or are associated with an organization you think might be interested in this, be sure to check out the Group Packages at the end of the rewards column. It would be a blast to do one of those! Shoot me an email at jä and we'll set up a time to discuss it over the phone.

Visit to see examples of my work. Many of the projects featured on my site are twists on existing posters. Those are there only as examples of my technical ability. I will only be creating original posters with this project, such as the one featured below.

My Background

Making these posters has been a passion of mine for the past six years. My goal isn't publicity or money - it is making someone feel special every time they glance at their wall. Everyone likes movies and, on some level, everyone wishes they were in one. I strive to make this dream a kind of quasi-reality – something that I accomplish that by caring a great deal about the visions and dreams of the people I work with.


I will schedule your project on a first funded, first served basis, with top-tier projects taking some manner of precedence. I will release to you a comprehensive schedule within a week of the close of funding. 

Some of you have raised the question 'what happens if the project fails to get fully funded? Can I still get my poster?' The answer is an emphatic yes. If the project fails to get fully funded, I will still make posters for anyone who has pledged their hard-earned dollars to my project. In the event of this worst-case scenario, I will set up an Amazon Payments storefront on my website and email all backers the link near the close of funding. Although I am working hard to achieve my Kickstarter goal, my first and foremost commitment is to all of you. Honestly, I am excited no matter how many posters I get to do. So if you are keen on the idea, go ahead and pledge. You can rest easy knowing you've got an awesome piece of personalized artwork coming your way no matter what.


Once the project becomes fully funded, I will email you a request for an evenly lit picture of yourself and any others that might be in your poster (in .jpg if possible). It would be helpful if the picture included your torso or full body so even if I am only using your face, I can gauge your posture (yes, it makes a difference). Please supply photos in high resolution (~200-300 dpi). So long as the picture wasn’t taken on a disposable camera or pulled off an old facebook album I can probably make it work. 

Have some fun with it! Email pictures and whatever questions you may have to 

Final Thoughts

As much as this is about me taking on a project I find exciting and personally fulfilling, it is also very much about you. Think about what you want to be and I will make it happen for you. Or, better yet, what you want your friend/spouse/kids to be. Whatever it is, we’ll work together to make it a reality. 

If you have any other questions regarding directions, scheduling, or just about anything else, check out the FAQ. If that doesn’t work, shoot me an email at jä


  • If you support me in making my book, I will put you in it. Whether you donate $1 or $1000, you are going to be in an original movie poster showcased in A People's History. No matter how much you donate, upon completion, you will receive a high-resolution digital copy of the poster in which you appear. Once you enter the realm of $25 and above, you will receive a digital copy of the book once it is completed early next year.

    You can request that your individual poster not be featured in the compilation. Hell, you don’t have to appear in anything at all! Feel free to just donate if you like this concept and want to support me.

    The more you donate, the more artistic control you have over how your image will be used and the more perks you will receive. Please look to the donation listings to see descriptions of each giving level. Especially at higher donation levels, this project is a perfect gift for friends and family.

    By the way, for the level of effort, collaboration, and time that will be going into posters at the $150 bracket and above, the pricing is very modest. For some posters, I will probably be making $3-5 per hour of work (although it's hard to complain when you're getting paid to do something you love). Point being: if you want a personalized poster, one that really gets to the core of who you are and what you like, you've come at the right time!

    You won't get anything like this at this price anywhere else. That is, unless you're content going to one of those photo booths at Universal Studios where they drop your face onto Harrison Ford standing on the bridge from Temple of Doom and charge you 50 bucks for the trouble.

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  • - I will do my absolute best to work within the schedule I send to you. I will contact you at the appointed time and collaborate with you as per your donation level. I will always take the initiative to get in touch with you!

    - You will receive a digital copy of your poster as soon as it is completed, and all other materials (if applicable) in short order.

    This is not an exact science, and there will no doubt be delays here and there, but have some faith that I will accommodate everyone’s needs in good time. In the end, everyone will be rewarded handsomely for his or her kind contribution to this most wild of projects.

    Once all is said and done with the individual posters, I will wrap up whatever work is left to be done on the book and send it off via email and snail mail to individuals based on their donations. Expect this to take place in mid-to-late January depending on the volume of posters. With any luck, the projects will together form a beautiful tapestry of a Hollywood where anyone can be a star, or something cloying like that. Seriously, I hope you guys bring the pain with some hilarious ideas and make this as good a time as I think it will be!

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  • I plan to spend the next six+ months pursuing this as a full-time endeavor. My $10,000 donation goal represents the minimum amount of money I will need to be able to sustain myself while working on this significant undertaking. Based on prior experience, I've estimated that six months is approximately the amount of time I will need to complete what I expect to be 125+ projects of varying complexity. It could be more, it could be less - some posters will take a few hours, others will take a day, still others multiple days.

    Hollywood: A People's History will be a deadpan look at an alternate Hollywood where all of you are the stars, peppered with fake history, trivia, scandals, and reviews. By way of the book, my long term goal is to develop a portfolio that will allow me to create posters and other promotional materials for low budget/independent filmmakers on a part-time basis. My mom is a documentary filmmaker and the idea of helping people like her to make engaging and professional posters on a budget is really exciting for me. I also hope to self-publish the book.

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  • Making these posters has been a passion of mine since I was in high school. I love movies and this is a sweet way to express that love. Over time, I began producing posters with increasing originality. Where I once was beholden to the designs of other artists, I began making the posters work for me. Eventually, this progressed into making entirely original posters. It has become a personal art-form that I absolutely adore. And here I am.

    Now, there are plenty of Photoshop wizards out there who can do better technical work than I can. What makes what I do different from a photoshopped picture/poster that you might see elsewhere online is that my work is entirely centered around the person for whom it is created. I view my role as a kind of conduit to help you realize your film dreams. What would you want to be in? Who would you want to be? What kind of actor would you be? These are all questions that I have a blast exploring. Some of the most fun stuff in the poster is the tagline and the review quotes. It's little details like those that truly make the poster your own. For me, it's all about having fun and exploring this fantasy of yours in an organic way.

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  • If you are keen on any of the following add-ons, tack the following amounts onto your donation level and let me know in your photo email.

    - $15 – I will write a fake review for your movie – can be anything from extremely positive to blisteringly negative. The reviews will be drafted in newspaper style and will likely end up in the book.

    - $25 – Tabloid cover or page about your acting career, straight from the pages of my imaginary flagship rag ‘KEEN Magazine’.

    At donation levels of $75 and above, you will receive printed copies of your poster. Otherwise, you will receive a digital copy. Once the project is funded, I will update my site with a storefront that will allow you to easily order prints of your poster, copies of the book, and to commission other projects should you so desire. This will keep the donations from getting too complicated.

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  • There isn't, so don't sweat it.

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  • This project is specifically geared towards original movie posters. If you are interested in other work, even real posters or covers for projects you are making, feel free get in touch with me through my website ( I do everything from book covers to t-shirts to movie posters, real and fake. Commissioned works outside the realm of this project will likely have to wait. This project and its donors will remain my priority over all other work until the book and every last poster is complete.

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  • Should the worst happen and this project fail to get fully funded, I will absolutely honor pricing commitments to anyone who has pledged to the project. Meaning, I'll reach out to you and if you still want me to make you a poster, I will do it for the price you specified. Payments will be routed through an Amazon Payments storefront on my website Look for more information as we near the close of funding.

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Support this project

  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    Thank you so much! You will be featured in a fake movie poster in the book along with some of your fellow kickstarters.

    You might end up fighting zombies or working as a bouncer for a shady club owner.

    Your face will likely be included in the visions of $25 and $50 donors.

    You will receive a digital copy of the poster in which you appear upon completion.

    Estimated delivery
    4 backers
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    A $75.00 donation will lift you above the fray and grant you a personalized poster. You get all of the above as well as the ability to specify the title and the plot of your film (no length restriction here - let your imagination run wild and I'll make it work). This option ensures that you and your +1 will appear in a poster together without the accompaniment of other Kickstarters. You will also receive a signed 11x17 copy of your poster upon completion.

    Estimated delivery
    10 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $150 or more About $150 USD

    The beating heart of this project. With a $150 donation or above, we will discuss your project at length via a communication medium of your choice, I will email you a few drafts as I work, and you will play an active role in the process of creating your poster. Did I mention you get to bring along up to four of your friends? You will receive a gloss-printed 16x24 copy of your poster signed and numbered by me upon completion as well as a limited-edition gift signifying your importance in this project (not to mention digital copies of the book and your poster). If you want me to make a gift for someone, are really keen to have a specific poster, or want to support the main goal of this project, then you are in the right place.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 9 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    For $250, you get everything from the $150 giving level plus the character limit is bumped up to 8 (including you). If you have a big family or want to bring a second group of friends along for the ride, you've made the right call.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 1 backer
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    You have my undivided attention. There is no height to which your idea cannot soar, no limit to the number of friends and family who can tag along. Together we will make this dream a reality. You will receive a gloss-printed 24x36 print signed and numbered by me as well as five 11x17 copies, a special limited edition gift and a signed hard-copy of the book. As a sign of my enduring gratitude, you will be mentioned as a 'producer' at the front of the book. Maybe you want a poster of everyone in your office or maybe you just like having the best. Either way, if you drop $500 on my work, you get what you pay for.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Group Packages: If you represent a student group, a sports team or a community organization - even a family, really - then look no further. I can make you as many original posters as you want. The idea here is to work closely with your group to create a world where none of you get out of bed for less than $10 million and a serious back-end deal. Packages start at $1000, where you get 5 separate, original posters (each printed at 24x36; there are different variations here and it all depends on what you want). Every additional poster is $125. Within reason, there is no maximum. If you want me to do sixty posters, I'll spend a few months working closely with your members to create something truly spectacular for your group. Hell, if you just represent yourself and want to confuse everyone who comes over to your house with a dozen posters featuring you in different film eras, I am completely there. Whatever your situation, if you are interested, contact me at so we can work out the details before you pledge. Thanks!

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers

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