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Our truck needs a little love to start bringing delicious eats to the Seattle area, and elbow grease can only get you so far! Read more

Seattle, WA Food
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This project was successfully funded on December 7, 2012.

Our truck needs a little love to start bringing delicious eats to the Seattle area, and elbow grease can only get you so far!

Seattle, WA Food
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About this project

Who are we?

We’re your new friends, Venessa and James. We own How Pickle Got Out Of A Jam, a new food truck servin’ up seasonally inspired, locally sourced eats to the Seattle area.

We love where we live, and all it has to offer. We’re surrounded by mountains that produce amazing wild berries and mushrooms, rivers and the Pacific ocean teaming with fresh fish, and local farms and artisans who provide the highest quality produce and meats.

 With all of this as our inspiration, we like to think of our food as the Pacific Northwest served up curbside. We believe this creates a unique experience for the diner--it's pretty much straight from the farm to your lunchbox. Plus, who doesn't love pickles and jam?!

Our motto is "Seasonal. Local. Professionally Homemade." And for good reason:

  • Seasonal. Because we focus on ingredients that are fresh, and available at the peak of deliciousness. 
  • Local. We believe it's important to know where your food comes from, know the people that made it, and support small business. We've built relationships with farms and merchants from our area, who we trust to provide us with the highest quality products possible.
  • Professionally Homemade. We cut every carrot, pack every jar of pickles, and form every fish cake by hand...we have no plans to change that. We love food--bordering on obsession--and anything less just wouldn't be up to our standards.

Now, meet Alan...

Alan, at her old home in Bow-Edison
Alan, at her old home in Bow-Edison

Why a food truck?

The truck scene is growing in Seattle, and we want to be a part of it. Working from a restaurant on wheels, is exactly that...A RESTAURANT ON WHEELS! The start up cost and overhead are much lower than running a brick and mortar. Plus we have the ability to go where our customers are. This is really important to us, because our goal is to build a lasting relationship with the communities we serve. 

We're still looking for the best spots to park, and right now the spots at the top of our list are neighborhoods we feel are under-represented, such as Fremont, Wallingford, Interbay, and Ballard. With input from supporters, we can make this a truly refreshing place to grab lunch.


Biscuits with Kumquat Marmalade
Biscuits with Kumquat Marmalade
Snap Pea Pickles
Snap Pea Pickles

Our menu is dictated by the seasons, and as such will rotate often. There is definitely a core group of items we will serve regularly, but they will get seasonal tweaks. Venessa is a veteran pastry chef, so there will also be a plethora of yummy baked goods to slather with jam or preserves. Below is a sampling of what our menu might look like if you were to stop by the truck this coming Winter season: 

  • Fish Croquettes - smoked salmon or pacific cod
  • Kale salad with fresh apples and candied nuts
  • Baby greens with bacon and roasted beets, topped with a deep fried poached egg
  • A soup for those whose true love is veggies, such as Pumpkin-Green Apple or Curried French Lentil
  • A soup for meat lovers: Italian Wedding with homemade sausage, or White Bean and Merguez sausage
  • Buttermilk Skillet Cakes, buttery scones, or light as air biscuits with jam
  • Jams--Italian Plum with Rosemary and Lime, Lemony Nectarine, and Blackberry with Fennel Pollen
  • Pickles--our famous Maple Bourbon Carrots, Yellow beans with Basil, and briny Sugar Snap peas

Main dishes come paired with a pickle, and of course dessert gets a healthy helping of jam, but if you need more (you will), you can also order them as a side.

Why we need your support

We’ve done a lot as far as getting the truck ready, but we still need to outfit it with:

  • Propane tanks and cages for cooking
  • A ventilation hood and fire suppression
  • Plumbing and electrical systems
  • Graphics
  • New weather stripping and door handles that actually open the doors
  • Jars and lids for our canned goodness

If we raise beyond our goal we will

  • Work to incorporate solar panels into our truck system. This will greatly reduce the amount of fossil energy we need to run, and what we do use will be recycled wherever possible
  • Purchase carbon offsets
  • Invest in a pressure canner so we can produce larger batches, thus saving more time and money

Why we think you should help fund us

We have the passion and the know-how to make this one of Seattle’s most successful food trucks. Due to our backyard dinner series, social media, catered events, and write ups in the Seattle Met and Seattle Weekly, there are already hundreds of people waiting for us to hit the streets!!

We’ve got a bunch of thank you incentives we'd like to give you for helping, and if there’s something different you’d like, shoot us an email and we’ll work something out. And when people ask us how Pickle got out of that Jam after all, we can tell them it was in part by generous people like you.

Thanks for checking out our project--


Venessa and James

Risks and challenges

With every new business there are obstacles to consider. Seattle's building requirements is not as truck friendly as some other cities, so we'll need to make sure everything is built strictly to code. We have consulted with expert builders, and we've got all our bases covered.

Food trucks depend heavily on foot traffic and weather to survive. We've already built a following, we just need to find the most accessible spots to set up shop. There are already a few mobile food pods that we could become a part of, and we are also planning to serve in a few smaller neighborhoods that are starved for affordable lunch options. We're confident our warm soups and hearty NW fare will live up to the challenge!

Catering is also a way foods trucks make profits, especially in the slower winter months. We've already been booked for a few private parties this Fall, and several weddings next summer. We'd love to cater your event, too, but we need to get the truck finished before we can do that.

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    Dessert's on us! We'll mail you a personalized certificate redeemable at the truck for the dessert of the day, plus a thank you on our donor page.

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    Come have lunch at the truck, on the house! When we get rolling, we'll mail you a personalized certificate good for a menu item of your choice plus soup or salad, and to round out the meal... our homemade pickles. You'll also see a shout out in your name on our donor page.

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    This pledge level is specifically designed for our friends and supporters not lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest. We'll send you a How Pickle Got Out of a Jam printed tea towel, a couple of bumper stickers, a thank you on our donor page, and a virtual hug!

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    Come have lunch on us, and you'll get a little jar of jam to enjoy at home. Plus! You'll get a bumper sticker to show your love for all things in jars, and a shout out on our donor page!

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    Have lunch on us not once but twice, plus a couple bumper stickers. We'll also send you home with a jar of jam or pickles, no sharing required! And of course, a shout out on the donor page!

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    In addition to the love we'll show for you on the donor page, we'll send you a personalized certificate good for 5 meals on us. And when you come for lunch we'll send you home with jam, pickles, bumper stickers and an apron. It's like a hug you can wear, from us to you!

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    Not only are we going to declare our undying love for you, and set you up with all the same stuff as the $250 friends. You get a total of 10 free meals, and we'll let you name a special! We'll work with you to create a special dish that will run in the truck for a month!

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    Shout it from the rooftops! For your incredible generosity, we're going to teach a cooking class so you can stay well fed all the time! We'll teach a cooking class for you and 5 of your best buddies, complete with recipes, lunch, custom aprons, and a shout out on our donor page! This is a great option if you want to make a big splash but can't afford it all by yourself--get your friends in on it and you all reap the benefits!

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    Wow! You're amazing! We're so thankful for your support, we're going to extend you an exclusive invite to our launch party for you +1. Dinner, cocktails featuring homemade ingredients, music, and smiles galore. Plus, we'll send you home with a care package your mom would be proud of--filled with all the homemade goodies listed above--jam, pickles, etc.--and a few exclusive extras.

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    This is the ultimate win-win! Your love will help us finish our truck, and we'll bring you dinner for 12 (within 50 miles of Seattle). We will come cook dinner for you and 11 lucky pals (maybe they want to pitch in to ensure their spot at the table?), complete with all the fixings and trappings that we love best. Pickles, jam, homemade infused liquors--the works. Just be sure to invite people that like to hug, because, well, we're probably going to hug you!

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