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By Omar Yul Montes de Oca
$0.00 pledged of $11,834 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .


Good for All Concerned

Local folk, local commerce, local jobs.

The convenience of On-Demand Delivery empowers consumers to shop locally without waiting.

Businesses fuel growth through increased sales generated by extending the storefront all the way to the customer's location.

The community benefits from jobs created when delivery opportunities are offered to local couriers.


My name is Omar Montes, husband, father, hard working, independent contractor courier.

Over the past three years as a Postmates professional, I have personally completed over 15,000 deliveries, proudly maintaining a service rating of no less than 4.8 stars.

However, this story begins ten years ago, back during the crash and great depression of 2007.

Like many Americans, I too lost a good paying job. It was the start of a downward spiral that would culminate in losing our family home to foreclosure in October, 2010.

My wife, two daughters and I would spend the next five years living in a one-bedroom apartment. During which time, the rent and utilities were paid with $500 cash assistance provided by welfare each month, as I fed my family with $400 in monthly food stamps aid.

Then one day in late December of 2014, I went to Google and typed: "I need a car to drive for Uber".

The first result was an outfit out of San Francisco called Breeze, which offered a brand new Prius to drive for Uber and Lyft.

After registering with the site, the following day I received an e-mail inviting me to attend an orientation in Santa Monica.

I still thought it may be a scam, but literally had nothing to lose, so I rode the bus from Boyle Heights.

In a nutshell, the Breeze deal was pay $200 per week in advance, and they'd give you a brand new Prius so you can make money working as a driver in the new App Economy.

The catch was, fail to pay and they'd shut the car off remotely via satellite.

We paid the first week's $200 with rent money, and on January 2, 2015, true to their word; Breeze handed us the keys to a brand new 2015 Toyota Prius with 22 miles on the odometer and that fresh new car smell.

Thus returning to us, for a total cash outlay of $260, the long lost ability to work and earn a living to feed our family (God bless you Mark Cuban!).

Having been so hungry for work, we pulled 12-18 hour shifts each day, began earning decent money right off the bat, had no further need to renew our family's application for welfare and food stamps; and just like that, we were completely off of public assistance.


Needless to say, we held on to that Breeze Prius for dear life, driving it 60 weeks and paying that $200 religiously to the tune of just over $12,000.00; until purchasing a Prius of our own, and the rest as they say, is history.

Before long, we were in the market for a two-bedroom apartment.

However, prices in Los Angeles were so ridiculous that instead for less money, on Thanksgiving Day of 2015; we rented a spacious two-story, three-bedroom house, located in the beautiful high desert City of Victorville, California.

Where we would soon discover, there was no Delivery On-Demand app with active service coverage in the high desert; and that consequently, we would have an hour and a half commute to work in Los Angeles each day.

As an alternative, since the Postmates app is active in the low desert, we tried working in Palm Springs but found the commute from Victorville was even longer.

Therefore, like 100,000 other Victor Valley residents, we found our only viable option for work was to commute "down-the-hill" into greater Los Angeles.


For obvious reasons, we asked Postmates to consider expanding their service coverage area into the high desert, pointing out that our residents would not only enjoy the convenience of Delivery On-Demand, we would appreciate opportunities to complete jobs and earn money locally too.

Yet the fact remains to this day, residents of the high desert communities continue to lack a Delivery On-Demand app with active service coverage, anywhere in the area.

And therein lies the need fulfilled...

To fill this void is our reason for existence.


Thus in July 2017, we set about the task of building the commerce platform.

The real challenge, in our view, would be to build a better mousetrap.

Naturally, we would approach the task first and foremost, from the perspective of a driver.

One who understands that the customer's need for Delivery On-Demand is the catalyst for the business model.

First order of business, analyze the model and create a value proposition.

Our intention would be to find every possible way based upon established consumer behaviors, to improve the experience.

To build a model wherein customers and partners benefit by paying less, while couriers enjoy a more equitable distribution of delivery fees.

Thus enabling local businesses to expand their geographic footprint, serve a greater population segment and accelerate growth by increasing sales.

And so it was born...

The Promates Post Delivery On-Demand App.

Now delivering from 38 restaurants, with over 100 locations; throughout Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Adelanto.

Today, thanks to the almighty, merciful and gracious Lord, the dream of bringing Delivery On-Demand to the high desert is real.

In strong testament to the fact that we live in the greatest country in the world.

Living proof that in the USA, where there's a will, there's a way!

And though we could never repay this vibrant community for receiving our family with open arms, we sincerely hope its residents will enjoy the convenience of Delivery On-Demand.

And we pray our presence might help to make things a little better for all concerned.

Thanks for reading our story.

Now go make your own.

And May God Bless America!

Risks and challenges


Due to the nature of the Delivery On-Demand business model, wherein customers are willing to pay On-Demand Fees in exchange for the convenience of instant gratification; the risks associated with this project are minimal.

In addition, consider the following:

1. We are ready to launch, with a fully operational order processing and logistics web app; up and running, ready to begin processing and dispatching orders for delivery.

url: https://www.promatespost.com

2. Customers will interact with the web app through an Android smartphone app, which has been completed, published, and is currently available for download by searching PROMATES on Google Play.

url: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

3. A business bank account has been established at the Bank of America. An internet merchant account has been approved, all financial processing and monetary accounting systems are in place, fully operational, 100% up and running at this moment.

Specifically, these financial and accounting systems include:

Customer credit or debit card transaction processing;
Customer order tracking;
Customer account history;
Courier order dispatch;
Courier order tracking;
Courier account history;
Courier payout history;

As well as, a wealth of real time financial metrics and tracking capabilities relating to ongoing partner (restaurants) sales and operations.

As the esteemed reader takes in these lines, the entire system is fully functional, up and running, ready-to-launch.

Able to process a customer order, collect payment, dispatch the order to an active courier, track order progress through delivery; and compensate the courier for completion of delivery, while providing a fully auditable accounting of every transaction to all parties.

Finally, as mentioned above, the nature of the business model itself tends to lower the risk element. Moreover, customers are willing to pay in advance which greatly reduces risk.

Customers pay for a restaurant order and pay On-Demand fees too. However, collecting payment in advance, in effect, creates a job; one that can now be dispatched to an active courier for fulfillment.

In other words, the customer's need for Delivery On-Demand, and subsequent willingness to pay in advance for instant gratification; is the driving force which creates a sound business model, with an inherently low risk.


At present, the main challenges for this project are related to finances and the launching of operations.

Firstly, if you read our story, then you know, I'm just a dad; working from 11am-11pm, sometimes six and even seven days per week, doing whatever it takes to make ends meet.

The fact that we've made it this far without any financial help is truly a miracle. It's only because prior to becoming a courier, I was web developer; and thus, have been able to do all of the development work myself, paying all the hard costs one by one as they arose.

However, I have gone as far as financial ability permits. Since in order to launch the app locally and commence operations, we will incur expenses which on my income, would likely take years to save up and are therefore beyond my reach.

Yet I feel passionately that if we can launch this project, it will be a tremendous success.

Moreover, there is a window of opportunity, to establish a foothold as the only Delivery On-Demand app in the high desert; that will close as soon as any operating app steps in to fill the void.

That app should be PROMATES and since we are ready to launch; I'm reaching out to the kickstarter.com community for help to raise $11,834.95 which will be used to overcome the following operational challenges:

1. Pex Debit Cards - $3,124.95 (pexcard.com);
2. Background Checks - $1,950.00 (intellius.com);
3. Marketing - 4,160.00 (vistaprint.com, facebook.com, google.com);
4. Promotions - $2,600.00;

1. Pex Debit Cards - $3,124.95 (pexcard.com);
For couriers to be able to purchase customer orders at local restaurants, they will be issued Pex Visa Debit Cards; which are useless, until a customer pays for an order, at which time, the necessary funds are transferred to the courier's debit card when the order is dispatched.

There will be a one time setup cost and monthly fee, as well as a minimum required deposit of operating funds to establish the Pex account as follows:

a. Pex Card Setup Fee: $49.95
b. Pex Card Monthly Fee: $75.00 (up to 20 accounts)
c. Pex Card Operating Funds Deposit: $3,000.00

Total Disbursement: $3,124.95

2. Background Checks - $1,950.00 (intellius.com);
It will be necessary to perform background checks on all prospective couriers. This can be both complicated and costly, since there are many different types of background checks available. The most cost effective way is to purchase these reports in bulk to use as needed.

In order to be able to properly screen candidates as they register on the app, with full confidence that every person who is approved for on-boarding to become a customer facing courier will have been thoroughly checked; we will require the ability to run each of the following reports:

a. Identity Verification, Social Security Number Trace, Address History: $4.00 (block of 50 reports);

b. National Criminal Background Search: $20.00 (block of 50 reports);

c. National Sex Offender Search: $5.00 (block of 50 reports);

d. Driver's License DMV Records Search: $10.00 (block of 50 reports);

Total Disbursement: $1,950.00

3. Marketing - 4,160.00 (vistaprint.com, facebook.com, google.com);
To launch the app locally and acquire the initial customer base, marketing activities will focus on reaching prospective customers at their physical location; as well as, on their devices through social media and Google, for a total of 13 weeks.

To target specific high desert homes, neighborhoods and businesses; printed Door Hangers will be distributed to 1,000 homes and/or offices per week.

Additionally, 1,000 printed Post Cards per week, featuring discount Promo Codes, will be distributed to our restaurant partners; so that patrons can "take one" and receive a discount on a future delivery.

Lastly, for a total of 91 days (13 weeks), $10.00 per day will be allocated to boosting one or two daily Facebook posts; as well as, a $10.00 per day Google Adwords buy.

The total costs associated with the initial (13 weeks) marketing campaign are as follows:

a. Printed Large Door Hangers: $1,560.00 ($120.00 per 1,000 - vistaprint.com)

b. Printed Post Cards: $780.00 ($60.00 per 1,000 - vistaprint.com)

c. Boost 91 Facebook Posts: $910.00

d. Google Adwords Buy (91 consecutive Days): $910.00

Total Disbursement: $4,160.00

4. Promotions - $3,900.00;
Promotional giveaways or free food has been proven to be an effective tool to retain existing customers and promote repeated, habitual use of the app.

To be clear, we are not reinventing the wheel here. Before starting this project, I was a Postmates professional courier and this project is based on analysis of the Postmates model which has enjoyed great success.

As a Postmates Courier, I observed firsthand how free food giveaways (i.e. a free burrito at lunch time, or a free bagel during breakfast) literally brought 200 different couriers to the same restaurant in a day; with each one presumably delivering to a different customer.

Since customers always pay the On-Demand Fees, such promotions are an extremely useful way to make them feel comfortable getting into the habit of using the app; as well as, a highly effective method of forging strong partnerships by promoting local restaurants.

Therefore, we have allocated a budget of $200.00 per week, to be used for free food promotions that will run once per week, for a total of 13 weeks.

Total Disbursement: $2,600.00

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