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Youtube channel focused on creators who want to open and run a small game company. Guides and tips from industry insiders.
Youtube channel focused on creators who want to open and run a small game company. Guides and tips from industry insiders.
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Game Business: A how-to Youtube channel



If you ever thought about making your own games and putting them out there, this is a Youtube channel made for you.

Game Business is going to focus on small game companies — how to open, run and make the best of it. It's not an inspirational nor anecdotal channel — we'll talk about the nuts and bolts of how to get funding, distribute your product, price it correctly and all sorts of other game market related subjects. We'll explain the steps and tactics around each topic and reinforce them with real-life examples from different companies/games.

Veteran companies will also have a voice here, sharing their experiences (both successes and failures) and hopefully adding some new tricks up their sleeves.

This Kickstarter project page contains the following topics:

1) The debut: event networking video
2) Stretch goals: building a channel
3) Who am I
4) Money breakdown (my own investments and results)
5) Why should you pay
6) How to help this project

This is an experiment! I need to make sure there in an audience for this game business content — for that reason I wanted to make sure this first video was about something I am an expert on. 

Most of my work life involved events in some way: recording, producing, participating. Besides, I found little content on youtube destined to networking specifically in the gaming industry — I thought that might be the perfect subject!

Yet, if a lot of people get hyped, all of my stretch goals (next section) are about building a full Youtube channel and you, my dear backers, are going to choose which topics are the most interesting to start with.

But before that, let's dive into this first video proposal. I'm expecting a video between 12 and 16 minutes done in about a month after the end of the campaign. Here's a breakdown of the subtopics:

The Different Audiences:
Players, Game Devs, Journalists etc: there are many types of contacts you can make during an expo — being nice is the minimum, but you also need to understand what each of these groups can offer, how the convention is different from their perspectives and learn how not to be overeager and ignore key people just because there's a journalist or a publisher nearby.

Press Kit:
There's a lot of press material you have to prepare before any event. Here you're gonna learn the nuts and bolts of how to prepare your base press/sell page and also how to spend a little extra energy to find and entice the reviewer who's just ideal for your game.

Behaviour and Tactics:
The expectations you set will guide most of your social interactions during a big event. It's important to chose a social role that will make you stick in people's heads for how better the event was because of you — we'll discuss some here, including common traps.

Stage Presentations:
Prizes, indie expos, pitches. There are many reasons why you may end up on the spotlight during an event. Here you're gonna learn how to write both an effective business pitch and a cool narrative presentation. Also, how to practice your speech and control your temper.

If all goes explosively well, this project will sprout into a full Youtube channel with not only one video, but a dozen months of planned content.

As I'm doing this whole project to address a community, it made sense that this same community would chose and help me curate which themes are the most important and which themes should be talked about first.

Some themes will require more research than others — specially because I am quite knowledgeable in some topics and know little about others. So I created a point system depending on how much this project gets backed:

And here is how you add points (therefore adding videos in the pipeline and community decisions):

My timing will depend on research (research time may vary wildly, specially when I include interviews with other companies), but I will try to stay within the 10-20 minute range and around a month of production.

As soon as the campaign is over, I will create a voting tool to distribute the points and open it to my backers (and other few people, like the companies I interview).

Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is Joriam Philipe! I'm 28 y/o a Brazilian game designer currently living in Berlin. At this point I'm the only one involved in this video project — but that's not at all my intention. More cool people will show up.

As I said, I opened my newest game company, Hard Question Studio late-2017. Our current game is called jojojo and it's available worldwide (money breakdown is below).

Before you get anxious: I know my game is a card game, but most of what I'm going to talk about here is going to apply both to digital and tabletop games (and when it doesn't, I'm gonna give both examples).

I had several companies in the past, most related to digital media services (like videos, design etc). My latest company before this whole game gig was called Estudio Pira, a 7 y/o graphic design studio — we even provided services to other game-related companies like the Brazilian Fableware and the German Labourgames.

This is also not my first crowdfunding project (though it's my first Kickstarter). I had a humble success in the Brazilian platform Catarse financing a fantasy book. Please forgive my 2014 baby look.

I worked in many youtube-related projects throughout my career. I used to have a youtube channel about game design (unfortunately all in Portuguese and quite over-energetic) and later on I worked with video strategy consultancy for several companies.

Here's a breakdown of the money I've been making for the past few months. You'll notice it's not a fortune, but also not 'nothing'. If that sustainable approach sounds interesting to you, perhaps this whole project does as well.

Ps. it's terrifying to share money numbers online.

If I'm telling you this content will be free and public online... why should you pay after all?

Because if nobody does, I can't create it right now.

If I had a different financial situation, I'd perhaps embark on this journey on my own — but at this point in my life it would be irresponsible to just spend all those hours of writing and recording without any money perspective. I'm paying my bills, but barely.

You may think: how about Youtube ad money? Well, just by the fact that now Youtube requires you to have 4.000 hours of watched time for you to start getting your first pennies, you can see that this is no easy way — specially because my content will be niche-focused and not general comedy or cat cuteness. This channel could benefit from ads, but it would take at the very least 1 full year.

I want this channel to be open and free to all: everybody gains from that. But if it is to happen, I need a little push (first here, then on Patreon and eventually I could find a sponsor). If you think you can help me out, I may end up creating hours of good advice out of your support.

Again: this is a Kickstarter experiment! Something more or less inspired by TellTale Games episodic structure. But imagine if everybody could play their games for free once they were paid for?

If you're broke and you really can't back this project, that's totally ok! Game Business is here for you just as well! You may be able to really help out with zero cost.

It's simple: tweet it or email it to any game-related institution/person saying:

"Hey, this is a cool game project, did you check it out?"
"Have you seen this game guy? It looks like you'd dig this."
"Oh can you help this indie business project? I'd love that."

To game magazines, game portals, game conventions, streamers, engines, indie studios, big AAA companies — anyone you enjoy and you think they'd like the project.

One tweet from the big folks can guarantee my first video online ;)

You can use the Kickstarter link or this one:

Press images:


During the campaign the folks from Indie Watch said they really like the project and would love to share the content =) So whenever the channel is online, I already have some people to help me reach the 4 corners of the world ;)

I even wrote an article for them:

Risks and challenges

The main risk here is that the episodes are going to take longer than around 1 month to make. I'm quite sure about the first one and most of the "1 point" videos. But the topics I'm not so familiar with are harder to judge.

Worst case scenario, those videos take a little bit longer and I create shorter videos (3-7 min long) on smaller topics to fill in the gap and don't leave the community videoless (in the end it sounds like a good deal for the community).

Another risk is that Youtube changes its policies and starts to force people to pay for content, in which case I'll quickly move my videos to another platform (like Vimeo or whatever really) just to guarantee that they'll always be available.

Apart from that, it seems like a pretty low-risk and humble endeavour. I do have the expertise, equipment and time to make it happen.

Let's make good game business happen :D

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