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Add professional background sound to your table top role-playing game.
Add professional background sound to your table top role-playing game.
Add professional background sound to your table top role-playing game.
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    1. Nathan Lambes on

      Hey Wes!

      I tried to send this as an email though the website, but it wasn't working.

      I was a backer at the $20 level with the first Kickstarter, but I've lost my tracks and they're not showing up on my DriveThruRPG account. Is there any way to get ahold of those tracks again?


    2. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the help Wes!

    3. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      I'm a $90 backer and I've lost everything from this KS in a rather nasty accident that cost me my PC. Is there a facility to re-download the music files I backed for?

    4. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      @Alex, I have broken everything down in update #80. I'm very sorry. I've been juggling a lot and I just dropped all the balls at once. I'm trying hard to clear everything up.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alex Ries

      Wes, I am still confused and bought the Bundle of Holding, because I was a 30$ backer and did not receive Campfire, Swampland, 1930s and several others, I don't know why you write (now twice) that we backers must have ALL sounds. Am I wrong about that? Did I miss some downloads *cringe*

    6. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      @Chris Thanks! Yes, winter is coming.

    7. Chris Waldrip on

      @Wes, I'm loving the tracks I got in the last kickstarted, can't wait for the next release. And I really appreciate the freebie's you've tossed out. Are there any frozen/tundra tracks in the future? This season of D&D Encounters is in the frozen north of Faerun - the Icewind Dales. :-)

    8. Texas Stu on

      I think less than $0.36/MP3 is VERY affordable for the new KS!!

    9. Jay Nunes on

      @Wes, you know only my grandmother can get away with calling me that. :) Keep me posted!

    10. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      LOL not sure why I put Jason and not Jay, still early.

    11. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      :-) Thanks Jason, things will happen soon.

    12. Jay Nunes on

      @Wes, Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted on any new track you create or on any new KS projects (maybe that sound effects app you were hinting at) you plan. Thanks.

    13. Karl Hedstrom

      Finished downloading all of my tracks. I haven't had a chance to listen to all of them yet, but those I have heard have all been great. Thanks!

    14. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      Cool, thanks!

    15. Legion on

      Total Victory!
      I also just bought Jurassic Forest from your site.
      So thanks for that one too.

    16. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      @Legion Glad you like it! You should have 216 tacks all together. That's 108 MP3 and 108 Flac. You should also have 8 pdf files. :-) Thanks for being a backer.

    17. Legion on

      Just finished downloading all the magic.
      Wicked work, Wes!
      Question: I backed for all the tracks; how many should I have? There's so much awesome here; I want to make sure I've got it all.
      Thanks much.

    18. Philip D'Hollander on

      No links yet. I'll contact Wes to send me a link :-)

    19. Pep, Local Drunk of Valoria on

      I just downloaded the Playroom from RPGnow and I'll tell you this, I am getting really freaked out here listening to this alone at work, lol.

    20. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for your kind words.

    21. Thomas Krømke on

      I must join this expression of gratitude.
      Exelent stuff of high quality. And a professional campaign on all levels. Im going to follow and buy your future sound releases on Drivethrurpg.

      Thank you. Im very pleased :)

    22. Pep, Local Drunk of Valoria on

      @Wes - I got all the second batch of downloads and again, they are excellent. Thank you so much for doing this. I absolutely love them all. You have been very professional throughout the whole campaign. I wish you much luck in any future projects. Cheers!
      PS Halloween's gonna so awesome this year with some of the new tracks you made. *evil grin*

    23. Philip D'Hollander on

      No sign of the download links/mail yet. Should I start getting worried? (I thought the last update said that everything would be out by Friday night or something)

    24. Jay Nunes on

      @Wes, I'm so impressed by the quality of this work. You did a amazing job and faster than expected. You really have created the new gold standard for Kickstarter. I can't wait for your next project.

    25. Eric Espiritu on

      I'm having fun listening to the tracks Cult ceremony reminds me of the chanting monks in Monty Python and the holy grail. Man I had a laugh at that. They where different. I'm going to have to put in some cultists in my game now. When I can eventually use it with a strait face. This is Great. Keep It Up!

    26. Brent Lloyd

      Got'em All!

      I like that added touch of the album artwork in iTunes. Looks and works great.

      My only request would have been for better sorting. They are all sorted by the package name, it would be easier to find certain tracks if they were sorted by genre and environments. I know I can go through and do this myself and I probably will.

      Thanks Wes!

    27. Missing avatar

      JWN on

      A shout-out to the audio merchants who contributed their custom tracks. Great karma, guys!

    28. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      The best thing to do is to create a playlist on your computer and then transfer it over to your mobile device.

    29. Clinton Macgowan

      Got my links - honestly forgot how many mp3s were on offer for the full package. Great work Wes.

      Anyone got any tips for sorting these on an ipad or android device for easy sort and play during game?

    30. Nergal, Medicus Pestilenciae de Valoria on

      Patiently tapping my foot - the waiting game is killing me....

    31. Joseph Prozinski

      Wes, Got it! Thanks for the update.

    32. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      @Joseph Prozinski I'm going to send you a new set with the missing track. The custom that where giving to the backers are Alchemist Lab, Great Kingdom Hall, and Disaster Building. @Tim Those are great ideas, and yea I still taking ideas. I'll have more on this soon.

    33. Tim The Enchanterer on

      Wes , thanks for the files, they are great stuff!

      Are you still collecting ideas for new mp3s?
      I "need" something like the 'creature cavern, but more like a cave/cavern at a shoreline/coast with waves breaking on the cave walls and cliffs outside.

      second: a Daytime-Down-at-the-Docks-mp3

      third: a shipyard with saws, hammering, aching rope from cranes, some shouts from the Foreman, etc..

      another one would be messy...: a 'bloody hour' from a sailing ship, with lashes from a whip, cries of agony and pain, etc

      The Fields: a flight fom a predator in , lets say two meter high elefant grass or a corn field, with creepy cracks of twigs and some different types of howls and screams of unknown origins. panting, coughing, etc..

      guess what type of campaign I'm running ;-)

    34. Joseph Prozinski

      Also, I don't remember which ones they were, but which tracks are the ones contributed by the Audio Merchant Level backers?

    35. Joseph Prozinski

      Outstanding, just one issue. I've downloaded every thing and it looks like you missed uploading the flak file for 24-Underwater_World.

    36. Jonathan Sullivan on

      Listened to "Zombie Mall" tonight; love the dark humor in the PA announcements!

    37. Eric Espiritu on

      Can't wait for mine. Next week my players will be in for a real treat.

    38. Steven V

      Downloaded all of mine, listened to a few min of each. Quite happy and sure I'll be able to put them to good use.

    39. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      Emails are still going out. There are just a lot to process. When all of them have been send, I'll do an update.

    40. Jay Nunes on

      @Wes, Are emais still going out? I know there were some server delays but I didn't want to miss mine. Thanks.

    41. DWM Kickstarter on

      I have all mine downloaded. Many many thanks, and great job!!!

    42. William James Cuffe on

      I cannot get over how incredibly well run this Kickstarter has been! Wes has shown a level of professionalism that every Kickstarter should be trying to live up to. Thank you, Wes!

    43. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      Thanks. Yeah, I cut down rumble on a lot of them.

    44. Missing avatar

      JWN on

      Wow. I had completely forgotten just how many tracks were upcoming! I'm nowhere near through all of them, but skipping a little back and forth, these sound really good (and lighter on the rumbling drone than the first batch), so thumbs up.

    45. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      @Jay, I'm up loading tracks to the server now. I'm also waiting on an ok for one of the custom tracks promised to backers. As soon as I get that, I will start sending out emails. Hopefully first thing tomorrow morning. There will be a new project coming, but first, a couple of days off. :-)

    46. Jay Nunes on

      @Wes, I can't wait for more Old West stuff. Do you think you'll have emails going out later today? Also, what is next for Platemail Games? Is there another KS in the near future? Maybe sound effects?

    47. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      @John You'll be getting a saloon with the next batch and there are plans for more Old West stuff.

    48. John Henry Reiher, Jr on

      Thanks Wes for all your hard work creating these soundscapes! Have you considered doing an Old West soundscape, things like a saloon, high noon, Native American attack, and other cliches?

    49. Wes Otis 10-time creator on

      I have 1 more mp3 to finish up so I should be send everything out starting at the end of this week.

    50. Skwarciak on

      I haven't checked in here for a while. Is there anything new about when we get the "Wizards Tower" and/or any of the Add-On packs?

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