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Rule kingdoms, build cities, fight epic battles and control magic in a new first person and strategy RPG, set in an open fantasy world.
Rule kingdoms, build cities, fight epic battles and control magic in a new first person and strategy RPG, set in an open fantasy world.
952 backers pledged $36,785 to help bring this project to life.

Our roadmap and a bonus for reaching 30K

Posted by Larkon Studio Inc. (Creator)

Hi everyone,

With less than 48 hours left, we're closer to the 35K than ever. We've made so much progress in our campaign that we want to reward all of our backers with Krassus, the warrior hero, for bringing us through the 30K.

Speaking of Krassus, we've gathered enough funds to include motion tracked animations for combat moves and character behavior. These motion tracked animations will be included in one of our Early Access versions.

In the meantime, here's the new king's throne room.

Also, here's our planned road map for CivCraft, from top to bottom

  • Early Access with our current map and several locations to explore
  • More maps unlocked and the ability to travel to distant lands
  • Siege weapons and an enemy faction
  • Unique spells and items, more locations to explore and lore related quests
  • Espionage mechanism, more maps and a new faction with espionage quests
  • Stealth mechanism, wall climbing and unique stealth skills
  • Dark forests, new locations, factions, spells and content
  • Tech tree and spell research, including building and soldier upgrade
  • Character customization, expressions and new clothes
  • Arch-Mage and unique combat moves, including Arch-Mage types
  • Special lore quests and the beginning of the main story
  • More features and updates, depending on requests made by you

Our road map include exact dates and assets for our development team and most of the features have been acquired or tested. The first Early Access version will be distributed in October and we'll post each new road map item as an update every two weeks. We estimate that we'll finish the Beta at the beginning of 2016, and the rest will be history :-)

Since we didn't reach the multiplayer and console version stretch goals, we estimate that they will be included at the Beta, along with support for modding. Since Unity5 engine supports multiple platforms, we're planning to add support for consoles as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we are moving towards 35K goal. In the last few days our community came forward and brought us to the 30K and now we're closer than ever. Thank you for your support in these last few days. CivCraft is going to be awesome!


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    1. Garret Yates on

      Wow! I've been looking forward to this game for such a long time, and i pledged the 20$ for the early access, and I'm super pumped! Game looks really ambitious, with a concept I've been dreaming of for years. I also read the patch notes on the Arch Mages, and i think it'd be a blast to play as a green wizard. Thanks for creating my dream game, Larkon Studios, and good luck on these last hours of the campaign!

    2. Leodavinci on

      It is still upwards trending to 34-35 k... The recent updates make a difference, nice show off!

    3. Zwarteziel on

      Thanks for this update. I have to say: the stuff you plan for the early access build and the future is astounding. I really look forward to playing this.

    4. Missing avatar

      Frederick on

      @Larkon Studio - Oh and I love the throne room by the way. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Frederick on

      @Larkon Studio - Thank you for the update and for Krassus. I can't wait to play the game in it's pre-alpha state and watch it grow from there. :)

    6. Larkon Studio Inc. 2-time creator on

      Sorry, I meant Waresheep :-)

    7. Larkon Studio Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hi Pocket Chocolate, our team and technology grew since the start of our Kickstarter campaign and we're reaching towards the "unofficial" 35K stretch goal. This stretch goal will allow us to add the Arch-Mage and Level 1 immersion with some cutbacks from the 50K goal. You can check some of the new spells and graphics in our previous updates.

      Hi Josh, as Weresheep said, we're planning a PayPal account to reach more stretch goals. It won't include the same tiers and the prices will be fair to our KS backers, but it will help us develop more features while allowing more players to play them.

    8. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      They said they would open a PayPal way of funding ... (and I found the 35k goal - was just too dumb to see it).

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh shadrick on

      If you don't hit the goal I recommend that you make a website & still take donations/work towards goals until end of beta. I know Star Citizen & Kingdom Come: Deliverance have had a lot of financial success that way, and after people start getting their hands on the beta they may want to support development/optional features from stretch goals more then just their KS pledges

    10. Pocket Chocolate on

      Thanks for keeping us posted. I think you will hit that 35k goal!!

    11. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      I might have missed something ... but what is the 35k stretch goal? The next one according to the main page is at 50k ...