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Rule kingdoms, build cities, fight epic battles and control magic in a new first person and strategy RPG, set in an open fantasy world.
Rule kingdoms, build cities, fight epic battles and control magic in a new first person and strategy RPG, set in an open fantasy world.
952 backers pledged $36,785 to help bring this project to life.

Arch-Mage, dark forests, and the final countdown

Posted by Larkon Studio Inc. (Creator)

Hi everyone,

The final countdown of our campaign is starting, and we can't stress how excited we are. We've reached two streatch goals, gathered a community, received tons of suggestions and we are making our way towards the 35K stretch goal! We want to thank you all again for your pledge.

In the meantime, we've developed some of the Arch-Mage pack, which will be available for the 35K stretch goal. This pack isn't just an addition of spells, but rather a concept of its own.

(Please wait for the animated GIF)

The Arch Mage pack adds a whole new mechanism to CivCraft's magic abilities. This package allows you to develop one of the three mage types, to the point that you can destroy entire armies.

The Arch Mage pack introduces the Green Mage, who can summon monsters, heal soldiers in battle and create his/her own Golem army out of rocks or iron.

Another class is the blue mage, who can shield entire cities against siege weapons, harness the power of gravity to stop armies at their tracks, or quickly teleport between key locations.

The most destructive class is the Red Mage. This class is the least versatile but the most powerful one, as a red mage can light entire fields on fire, summon meteorites and destroy a battalion with a single spell.

An Arch-Mage is not easy to master, as you will need special minerals, buildings and spell books to level yourself or your heroes. However, a high level Arch Mage can be more dangerous than the army that follows him. We noticed that unlike conventional RPG games, you'll face entire armies and will have to use your best spells and tactics. The destructive power of an ancient spell wielder is a most welcomed feature in CivCraft.

And we even added some new environments

Another recent addition to CivCraft are the dark forest environments. These dark places are filled with strange creatures, deadly plants and ancient secrets. You'll have to work your way to the heart of these dark places and to get rid of the menacing forces, so that a dark forest will become hospitable. Once a dark forest has been cleared, you may establish cities and trade routes through these areas.

Since these additions are a part of our 35K stretch goal, we're very close to achieving these features and hope we can reach a third stretch goal. In the meantime, we're preparing our feature road-map and some more information about the voting system and Early Access.

And so now is the time to spread the word and to tell your friends about CivCraft.

And again, thank you for your pledge, you are awesome!

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    1. Sam Murray on

      How long would that take to regenerate? How is mana increased or is it purely based on level? I've always liked the idea of using spells with longer duration to increase regen, and the more mana expelled in the spell increases your total (seen it used in a few MMO's).

      Also for the blue mage, could you elaborate more on what they can do? Are they able to teleport units for example, or just themselves?

      Sorry for being a pest! Just anxious to get my hands on the game!

    2. Larkon Studio Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hi Sam, using epic spells requires a large amount of mana. You can either regenerate your mana over time or use a special resource (RiftStone) to regenerate mana faster. You'll have to decide when to use your strongest spells, since they're reserved for those special occasions where a fireball isn't enough.

      Golems and creatures that are raised by a green mage are either permanent or time based. There's also a "Soul Keeper Jar", where you can store or summon a Golem through that magic item. Golems are very powerful and have plenty of hit points. The iron Golems are even more dangerous, and gives the green mage an army to use at his will. The downside is that the green mage doesn't have the same destructive spells that the red mage has.

      Thanks Dusk Shadow.

    3. Dusk Shadow

      Man I wish there was a dark elf like race to paly. I would build my city in the dark forest. I AM SO STOKED!! I canceled my pledge for another Kickstarter game, just so I can focus on this games play style and environments when it releases. Truly this looks the coolest. COME ON FOLKS SUPPORT THIS MORE !Lol

    4. Sam Murray on

      If we can destroy entire platoons of enemies via spells, what would the cost be for this? I'd imagine doing this once essentially renders your "mana" or whatever resource you use for your game to 0, forcing your vulnerable character out of the fight?

      If this is the type of force a red mage can muster, what affects would the golems have in comparison for the green mage?