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Rule kingdoms, build cities, fight epic battles and control magic in a new first person and strategy RPG, set in an open fantasy world.
Rule kingdoms, build cities, fight epic battles and control magic in a new first person and strategy RPG, set in an open fantasy world.
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Espionage pack information and bonus

Posted by Larkon Studio Inc. (Creator)

Hi Gamers,

As we've finished the second week of our campaign, we're closer than ever to the Espionage pack. To thank you for bringing us to this stretch goal, we'll give a spy hero to everyone who pledged our campaign up to the moment we have reached the Espionage Pack stretch goal.

But what can you do with a spy hero, you ask? Some have, and we're here to answer

(Please wait for the animated GIF)

In your built tavern, you can recruit heroes. Some heroes are warriors, Mages or Rangers, while others are skilled in the art of stealth. These heroes are proficient in the arts of alchemy, charisma, stealth or intelligence.

Depending on their skills, you can assign a hero to one of the following tasks

  • Espionage (intelligence, charisma)
  • Incite revolutions, persuade a leader or bribe a general (charisma, intelligence)
  • Sabotage (alchemy, stealth)
  • Assassination (stealth, alchemy)

Once a spy has been assigned to a task, he/she will travel to the designated target and try to perform your orders as best as possible. There could be many outcomes depending on your orders, the rival kingdom's awareness, counter espionage and your spy's skills.

Any hero can be sent on an espionage mission, but you should only send a skilled hero, since a failed mission could mean an execution, a hostage to rescue or even a declaration of war.


That's it for today, and don't forget to tell your friends about the espionage pack and the bonus spy hero. We're nearly at the stretch goal and the sooner they pledge, the more rewards they'll get.


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    1. RigidByte

      Sweet! ^_^ Can't wait to play! :O

    2. Larkon Studio Inc. 2-time creator on


    3. Dusk Shadow

      This looks so awesome. IF its as playable and interactive as it seems, it will blow the traditional games of RTS and fb crap outta the water. I AM STOKED!!!! BRING ON THE STEALTHERS!!! ^~~^

    4. Larkon Studio Inc. 2-time creator on


      We'll make more videos and post them

    5. Missing avatar

      Frederick on

      This is awesome! Thank you! :)

    6. Leodavinci on

      city, graphics and surroundings in the second gif look awesome. London style atmosphere, kinda like Dishonored/Thief. Would love to so the ending of the 3rd gif animation... kill? persuasion to sabotage own army !? or a inflating Eastern Bunny ?

      I think it will help the campaign of you add a new video of all released content (summary of gif animations and the 50K content) with the soundtrack. Gives a good summary of all the xtra things this game has to offer