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Rule kingdoms, build cities, fight epic battles and control magic in a new first person and strategy RPG, set in an open fantasy world.
Rule kingdoms, build cities, fight epic battles and control magic in a new first person and strategy RPG, set in an open fantasy world.
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Laying Siege!

Posted by Larkon Studio Inc. (Creator)

Hi Gamers,

Today is the second day of our Kickstarter campaign, and we are thrilled with the results! We received 50% of our initial goal in the first day, and are looking forward for the days to come.

In the meanwhile, we've put together a presentation of our new siege weapons, which will be available after our initial goal. These tools of war are a must, since no army has captured a city without them… at least until our Arch-Mage pack will arrive

 So here is the siege weapon tools


Your most basic tool of war is the Ballista. This is a small but deadly machine, since it has the ability to target groups of soldiers and fire huge arrows to take out multiple targets. A single arrow from a Ballista can pass through several opponents and can dislodge a tree or damage a building. This small war machine is very portable and can be used on the open battlefield, as well as for city attacks.


The catapult is larger and takes more time to deploy, but is much more effective against walls. A single shot from this monstrosity can scatter an entire battalion, as it does aerial damage and bounces through the field. You can chose to shoot fire shots, scatter shots, or the large stones that will damage walls and structures

Battering ram

In CivCraft, after capturing a city, you may find that destroying half of a city's walls and buildings in the process was not a good economic decision... This is where this cheap but effective tool come in handy. The battering ram can knock gates and allow your army to barge into a city straight through the front door. This is an excellent siege tactic as long as the battery ram can actually reach the gate and break the door, as the enemy will not sit idly by and just watch.

Siege Tower

The siege tower is even better than the battery ram, but slower and more expensive. This moving armored building will slowly be dragged through the field by your soldiers onto the enemy walls. Once the siege tower has reached the walls, your troops will be able to go up through the tower and directly into the walls. Beware though, as you will have to fight your way on the narrow passageway to reach the city


No good siege is more epic than with the Trebuchet, as the Trebuchet is bigger and shoots faster, with more accuracy and larger shots. The Trebuchet is a more expensive variant of the catapult and cannot be moved after it was deployed. However, once deployed, it can hurl massive projectiles at a city or an army. you can load a Trebuchet with scatter shots, fire shots and single massive shots, as well as the choice between shooting stone projectiles or iron projectiles.

All the siege weapons can be boarded and some can be moved during the battle. Your best way to use them is with an army, since they usually require several men to deploy and operate. These siege weapons can be built in your workshop or bought from merchants. They can be transported through carriages to the war and can be used in open battle or in sieges.

As we are at the start of our campaign, we are very excited about CivCraft and our potential achievements!

Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned for our next update

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    1. Larkon Studio Inc. 2-time creator on

      Don't worry, this is what the Kickstarter (special edition) is for

    2. D-Boy

      I am a bit disappointed (only a bit, mind you) that you can't toss a cow with your catapult. :P